[Review & Swatches] 3CE Daffodil lipstick​ – (Red soil)


Not only standing out by the beautiful eye-catching packaging design, but the quality of the matte finish also make this 3CE lipstick completely popular with every girl who loves Korea make up style.

The 3CE Daffodil is a cream lipstick came out with a trendy shade – Red soil. This lipstick color is very easy to combine with any makeup and outfit style. On the other hand, the 3ce velvet lip tint daffodil review promises to be the hottest hit lipstick at the end of 2019 Fall – Winter.

About the color

It is impossible to not fall in love with 3ce velvet lip tint daffodil which is the perfect combination of red and earth lipstick. Other colors such as Private, Best Ever look quite luxurious and attractive, while Daffodil brings quite sweet and gentle appearance from packaging to cream matte finish color.

3ce velvet lip tint swatches daffodil

Moderating and loving, the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil own the red tone but not too red. It is the lipstick every girl should choose. The highlight of this lipstick color is also suited for any skin tone, especially suitable for the cold season. The feminine lipstick is like that but actually quite suitable for dark-skinned girls and loves earth pink lipstick but worry about there so much red in lipstick finish.

3ce daffodil swatch on lips

The color of red soil, 3ce velvet lip tint #daffodil lipstick when applying to lips will make you look much more prominent and whitening the skin than earth pink lipstick. 3ce Velvet Lip Tint #daffodil is a lipstick that could wear to the party, especially outdoor parties or picnics outside. However, the 3ce velvet lipstick daffodil is not really suitable for night party because this color will not make you too prominent.

About Design – Packaging

Compact packaging lipstick, convenient design with a long, solid hand-holding body, a design that mimics the skin color according to lipstick color. The impression of this 3ce velvet lip tint (daffodil) is the luxurious packaging and easy to carry around everywhere.

The lipstick comes in a paper box of red-colored, on the side, the information printed in Korean about the origin, brand, website to easily check genuine lipstick. The body has a bar code for user easy to check.

The Daffodil 3ce lipstick packaging and barcode

If you want to check the origin of lipstick, you should also check the barcode and anti-counterfeit stamps, 7 colors reflective (square stamps) and affixed at the corner of the paper box. On the lipstick body when first used, there are still seals like all previous 3CE products.


Truly this 3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil lipstick has completely stolen my heart. If I have to evaluate this 3ce velvet lip tint daffodil review on a 10-point scale, I temporarily evaluate it as follows:

  • Lip color: 9.9
  • Lipstick: 9
  • Design: 8
  • Price: 9

3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil reddish brown suitable for all skin colors, many different makeup, from active outfit or party girls, even trendy girls should also try this baby right away.


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