5 Lip Concealer for dark lips you should try


Lips also have imperfections and to have the perfect makeup, using concealing lips is essential. Here are the most popular lip concealers that were picked by many girls around the world. In this article, we will review Lip Concealer for dark lips with natural ingredients that not only safely but also keep your lips nurture when you use lips colors.

Why you should use lip concealer before makeup?

Lip Concealer is a product that helps to correct lip pigmentation, helps lighten the original lip color. So when applying lipstick, the lipstick color is easier to standard and more beautiful. Most of these products are supplemented with moisturizers, some have additional sun protection, helping to better protect and nourish the skin of the lips.

Of course, this is not a must-have item, but having a concealer stick that can be used on the face, eyes, and lips is convenient, right? There are also some products on the market called lip base or lip primers, but they do not have the effect of concealing but are only used when preparing the lip surface to apply lipstick.

How to choose a lips concealer?

Lip concealer has many forms include stick, tube, jar … Depending on the needs and personal favorite, you can choose accordingly.

  • Jar concealer: Lip concealers in jars are usually thicker in texture than tubes but softer than sticks. The jar is usually heavier than it looks and you only need a small amount each time. Although it is a bit inconvenient if you want to carry it everywhere, if you care about the price and do not need to carry a lot, this is a wise choice.
  • Stick concealer: This is the most popular concealer form. Stick lip concealer is more diverse. The disadvantage of stick concealer is the stick cream is usually thick, so pay attention to the strength of your hand if you apply it directly to the lips to avoid too thick lips.
  • Tube concealer: Tube concealer form is often used for lip concealer products with liquid texture. This type is very suitable for those of you with dry or easily irritated lips. The advantage of this form is that it is very easy to spread and easy to apply on the lips. Even if you are a new user for the first time, you can still use the concealer in tube form easily.
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Benefits of a lips concealer

Some common benefits of lip concealers include:

  • The ability to nourish lips: Many lipsticks or concealers for dark lips have added hyaluronic acid, collagen, vegetable oils, honey or other moisturizing ingredients. If you have dry, dehydrated and sensitive lips, choose two-in-one products – both lip balm and concealer – for the best experience.
  • Sun protection: Lips are often the place we least care about sun protection. But did you know that UV rays also make the skin of the lips dark, dull and aging? If lip concealer also has sun protection, this will be a huge plus.
  • Adhesion: Lip concealer should have good adhesion and the lipstick will not dry out for a long time, this is an important point when choosing this product. Lipstick with good adhesion will further assist in keeping the lipstick layer durable in addition to the ability to support accurate lipstick color.

Which color concealer lipstick is beautiful?

For concealers, the choice of color is very important. Choose a lipstick color that matches your skin tone and lips, as well as your desired makeup look.

Beige – Suitable for those with yellow skin tones (warm undertone)

The beige and light yellow shades are very suitable for yellow skin tones and love natural makeup style in spring or autumn. The shades of this tinted concealer are very diverse and rich, making it easy for you to choose the right product. If you need to cover up the pink/red color on your lips, this is the best choice in dark lipstick or concealer lines.

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Pink – Suitable for people with blue skin tones (cool undertone)

If you have a cool skin tone, pink concealer will be the perfect choice. This color is recommended for those with pale lip color, or those who do not want to cover the natural red pigment of the lips.

Natural color – Suitable for first-time users

If you are using a lip concealer for the first time and have no specific needs other than covering up your real lip color and making it more accurate, a natural color concealer is the best choice. This is suitable for almost any skin tone and lip color. Although the ability to create a lip color effect is not equal to other types, it is very suitable for natural makeup.

White concealer lipstick

White lip concealer is often used in dramatic makeup styles like cosplay. With the purpose of completely covering the lip color so that the special colors are the most accurate colors such as bright red, blue, bright yellow, purple… Therefore, white lipstick is the perfect choice for makeup.

5 Lip Concealer for dark lips you should try

Below are some lip concealer for dark lips you should try one time in your life.

1/ COSCOS Perfect Lip Concealer

  • Form: Type
  • Color: Natural Beige.
  • Moisturizing: Yes (Collagen/Hyaluronic Acid/Ceramide/Squalance/Honey)
  • Sun protection: No
  • Weight: 10g
  • Reference price: 1,320JPY

Liberta’s natural beige concealer – Cosco’s Perfect Lip Concealer is highly appreciated in cosplay makeup with extremely long-lasting color retention. The tip of the cream tube has a diagonal flap design that makes it easy to apply the product directly to the lips and adjust the amount of product taken out easily.

Although the product is widely used in the cosplay community, you can use it for everyday lip makeup. The natural beige color of the product is a bit light, so it will be especially suitable for those with light skin. The great plus point of the product is the diverse lip balm ingredients that are not inferior to any other lip balm.

2. Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In

  • Form: Ingots
  • Color: Baby Pink
  • Moisturizing: Contains Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sun protection: No
  • Weight: 2g
  • Reference price: 624JPY
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Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In has a very smooth lipstick that glides on like a balm with a formula containing hyaluronic acid (HA) to help moisturize dry lips. The pink color of the product helps to moderate the red pigmentation on the lips. Helping to bring out the perfect nude tone for the lips with a light shine to help the lips plump.

3. Rimmel Lip Concealer

  • Form: Ingots
  • Color: Yellow Beige/ Pink Beige
  • Moisturizing: Yes (Macadamia nut oil and vegetable squalane)
  • Sun protection: No
  • Weight: 1.5g
  • Reference price: 990JPY

Rimmel’s concealer product contains moisturizing macadamia nuts and helps to condition lips with two tones to choose from, yellow beige or pink beige. The product design is like a pencil to support direct use on the lips, making it easier to cover the lip line.

4. Kiss Lip Concealer for Women

  • Form: Ingots
  • Color: Natural Beige
  • Moisturizing: Contains Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sunscreen: Yes (SPF12 PA++)
  • Weight: 3.2g
  • Reference price: 880JPY

If your first criteria is sun protection, then Kiss Lip Concealer N is a definite product not to be missed! With SPF12 PA+ sun protection, the product will help protect lips from the harmful effects of UV rays with moisturizing ability from HA. The natural beige color of the product is suitable for almost all skin types and lipstick colors.

5. Wave Corporation COSMAGE Lip Concealer

  • Form: Ingots
  • Color: Pink Nude
  • Moisturizing: Yes (HA / Collagen)
  • Sun protection: No
  • Weight: 3g
  • Reference price: 748JPY

Cosmage Lip Concealer is lightly when applying to the lips. So, those of you with dry lips can also use this product directly without lip balm. The product helps to cover the lip lines, evens out the color, and soothes the lips. The product also helps the lips look healthier thanks to the lovely nude pink color. Especially suitable if you use it with colorless lip gloss to help create a natural pink lip effect.

All lip concealer for dark lips review above is for reference only. Please contact your doctor, pharmacist, or medical professional for specific advice.