7 berry red lipsticks every girl must have in their life


The berry red lipsticks are usually a mix of red and purple tones, maybe adding a little brown or pink as an accent. Therefore, this lipstick colour is often considered “bad”, difficult to use. However, there are still many lipsticks that every girl can use. Typical are seven famous lipsticks below.

1. 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Smoked Rose

There is no need to argue about the girls’ love for 3CE lipsticks anymore. In addition to the luxurious design and affordable price, The 3CE lipsticks also capture every girl’s heart thanks to the unique lipstick colour and skin tone and are suitable for Asian skin tones. 3CE released the Smoked Rose lipstick colour at the end of summer 2017. Perhaps that is why this berry red lipsticks is ideal for the party atmosphere. In particular, the smooth and non-drying lipstick is also a plus point of this 3CE lipstick.

2. MAC Chilli

Spring goes, summer comes and fall, MAC Chilli has always held the No. 1 position in the hearts of girls. Is it because the lipstick colour is too luxurious or because MAC is already a trusted lipstick brand? For what reason, I don’t know, but for MAC Chilli, it can only be because this lipstick is so pretty. The brick-red tone but a little brown, a little orange of MAC Chilli is perfect for girls’ lips.

3. Espoir Youth Vibe Velvet Tinted Lacquer color Pauline Rose

Espoir Moody Bloody berry red, pink and purple lipstick for girls who love glamorous style will surely succeed in “seduction” you. Without reason, this lipstick line was chosen as the latest “vedette” of Espoir.

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The brightest advantage of Espoir Pauline Rose lies in the fact that this lipstick colour is very easy to use. For everyday makeup, you need to brush a layer of lipstick on your lips lightly. And when it comes to makeup that is gorgeous and gorgeous, of course, nothing is more appropriate than Espoir Pauline Rose!

4. The Balm Meet Matt(E) in Dedicated

It can be said that The Balm Meet Matt(E) lipstick line deserves to be known more. Not only has a very “lemon” designed appearance, but this lipstick line is also recognized as a perfect 10 in quality.

In particular, the Dedicated colour introduced by the company is a pure berry red lipsticks. Therefore, when on the lips, the lipstick colour will be inclined to red or purple tones. However, you can rest assured because the purple and red pigments in the lipstick colour are very moderate. No matter what colour you put on, your lips are still pretty, and you’re as adorable as ever!

5. BBIA Lip Ink Tattoo Color Fashion Blood

BBIA Lip Ink Tattoo is the latest line of matte lipsticks that this brand has just launched. Undeniably, with each new lipstick product, BBIA knows how to improve, naturally receiving women’s love and expectations.

Fashion Blood is the unique colour in this lipstick line. While other lipstick colours are heavily leaning towards red, Fashion Blood has a much darker purple pigment. Therefore, this lipstick colour will be suitable for girls who prefer glamorous makeup or lipstick.

6. NYX Suede Matte in Sweet Tooth

Lipsticks with berry red colour always make girls concerned about skin adaptability. This colour makes your teeth more white on the lips, but what if the skin is dull? In that case, the NYX Suede Matte Sweet Tooth colour will be the most suitable choice for you. The red berry tone of this lipstick is very well blended. It does not make the skin dull, and this bright colour tone loses its inherent vitality. What could be better than having such clever lipstick?

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7. Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bar in Red Velvet

Even though it has been around for a long time, this cult two-colour lipstick is still being loved by many girls worldwide. For girls who especially love berry red lipsticks, the Velvet colour will be the choice for you. A combination of crimson and burgundy, this lipstick brings a soft and feminine tone with a touch of glamour. Thanks to the crimson colour as the background, this lipstick colour is also much easier to use.