Best selling MAC lipsticks with the red shade


MAC lipsticks can be found in every makeup bag of every girl everywhere. There are shades for every skin tone and a recipe for every lip. MAC has shown an entire thought of perfect color deposits that make them both an easy and difficult brand to shop in. The number of choices and the beauty of the MAC bestseller lipstick can make it difficult to not just take each color that grabs your eyes. But today, we will help you by the top best seller of MAC lipsticks.

1. MAC Chili

Yes, the first in our top mac bestseller lipstick belong to the MAC Chili lipstick. Let’s find out why this lipstick is so popular.

Although Ruby Woo still maintains its position as the “most famous red lipstick in the world. Now, many Asian lipsticks lovers are addicted to the shades of Chili. In terms of popularity, Chili cannot match Ruby Woo but at the present time, when Ruby Woo has become so familiar, every girl on the world already owns it, Chili is the “new star”.

In reality, MAC Chili lipstick is being tagged more and more on Instagram, being mentioned constantly by cosmetic shops and always on the list of most asked. Then Chili lipstick quickly becomes one of the MAC lipstick bestsellers.

2. MAC Velvet Teddy – Nude shade that can whitening every skin tone

MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick owns the pinkish brown, nude but not flabby. If you have a white skin tone this is the best suitable color that can whiten your teeth and your skin.

MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick will match with the smoky eye makeup style. Combine with the accent is in the eyes, the nude lip color will attract the eyes into the eyes. You can also use this to apply makeup daily, a simple, puffy, pink, and eye-catching background and Velvet Velvet for lips, and there is also an attractive natural makeup.

The texture of this lipstick when applying on the lips very pleasant, easy to swatches, not like the Retro Matte line. MAC Velvet Teddy is also softly on the lips, extremely creamy, a completely different nuance with regular lipstick! Not causing any dry lips!

3. MAC A Little Tamed – Best soft & smooth

MAC A Little Tamed Powder Kiss brings neutral pink tones suitable for everyday used. This lipstick is also one of the best selling MAC lipsticks because of its smoothy and so comfortable no matter how many layers you applying.

Belong to the best seller of mac lipstick, the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick will never cause dryness lips. When applied, the lipstick still has a light gloss like satin but it will become more and more long-lasting lipstick. If you want the color slightly, try to absorb it lightly with paper.

4. MAC Ruby Woo

MAC Ruby Woo is the legendary lipstick of MAC and also the best selling mac lipsticks in the US. This super-cool red lipstick is suitable for everyone, every skin tone, and all ages.

The bright red, sexy, outstanding but not too much glow.

MAC Ruby Woo is really a MAC bestseller lipstick with a red shade. It’s true that it’s easy to dry your lips so remember to use lip balm and applying it on your lips little by little.

5. MAC Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a new lipstick that has just been added to the basic lipstick line by MAC last year. With the deep warm reddish-brown, ultra-western luxury, accompanied by easy-to-use satin lipstick, Marrakesh has quickly become a “new star” which was hunted by Asian beauty bloggers throughout the years.

If you are looking for another strange red of the best seller of MAC lipstick, don’t forget to try these ones.


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