Best selling MAC lipsticks you should try at least once


Owning more than two colors of lipstick before going out is the hobby of every girl. Even if it’s just common colors like nude or red tones, lipstick is still faithful in honoring beauty. Certainly, a beautiful lipstick easily enhances the beauty of women while their skills or time are limited. And for many people, these best-sellers MAC lipstick is always what they desire to get.

Those MAC lipstick bestsellers below also have popular colors like Chanel No.5 and Pond’s Cold Cream. The colors and quality of Mac lipstick won’t stop you from trying one or two colors. You will always aspire to own more.

Top Mac bestseller lipsticks

So whether you are a new lipstick owner or have never experienced a MAC lipstick, here are the best selling lipstick for years and deserve to be owned.

1. MAC Ruby Woo

Most famous stars such as Taylor Swift to Rihanna use MAC Ruby Woo colors as their usual lipstick. The Red Ruby Woo of Mac not only helps whiten teeth but also brightens the skin clearly. This lipstick proved to be suitable for any skin tone girl.

Where to buy Mac Ruby Woo?

Ruby Woo’s MAC is a pretty popular lipstick and is loved by many girls. Therefore, this lipstick has many hand-carried versions. If you can’t distinguish real lipstick and fake lipstick and do not want to spend too much time worrying about quality and price, I recommend you to buy lipstick at big online stores: like Amazon, eBay…

When buying products on the online store, note that you should read clearly the number of previous buyers, see the image review section, especially the 1-star, 2-star rating to see if the shop has any disadvantages, it is reliable or not. This is Mac color lipstick shop Ruby Woo has quite a lot of 5-star buying and evaluation that I think can be trusted.

2. MAC Twig lipstick

Twig has become one of the MAC bestseller lipstick that many Asian girls love. This is not only a mixture of pink and earth colors, but also a slight bit of brown, similar to Mehr, but not pink. Twig is a MAC satin lipstick, has long-lasting strength while moisturizing the lips very well. MAC twig lipstick has a great color for both day and night. So what are you waiting for? Buy it now, here!

3. Mac Diva lipstick

The bestseller of MAC lipstick – Mac Diva is rich in a matte lipstick. The lipstick gives a rating of 9.9 / 10 points for smoothness as well as on wet colors. The lipstick color is still pretty clear and dark after you eat and drink. Diva is not the same as other lipsticks of the Mac family. When brushing the lip spill, the lip color seems to be dark bruised / red wine (more red than brown)

4. MAC Russian Red

Although not as popular as Ruby Woo, Mac Russian Red easily attracts women thanks to the charming redness that is hard to resist.

Russian Red is a richer, deeper and almost non-drying red Mac Macu Woo. Because this is a nutrient-rich lipstick. The color is suitable for light skin and dark hair. Although Russian Red lipstick is not recommended every day, it will definitely become any favorite girl’s lipstick.


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