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ROUGE DIOR Lipstick Swatches & Reviews

Perhaps, every time somebody talks about Dior lipsticks, the Rouge Dior lipstick is always the best super-luxurious lipstick. This high-end lipstick was first introduced by Dior Cosmetics in 1953 and up to now, it has been the most popular lipstick in the world. Let’s check the actual line of Dior Rouge lipstick Swatches with

ROUGE DIOR Lipstick collection, simple but luxurious design

Dior Rouge lipstick impresses with the bold Dior brand design with a unique logo. As soon as you look at the Dior Rouge lipstick, you can feel the elegance, aristocracy separate, unmistakable with other lipstick lines.

The lipstick case is made of metal with a harmonious combination of two stylish black – silver and perfect cut to every detail, on the lip is engraved with the words dior look extremely oysters. Although the design is not picky, I think her perfect simplicity is enough to please any passionate fan. In addition to the traditional black case, in 2018, Dior launched the Dior Rouge Ultra Rouge (semi-matte) line with a similar design but replaced by a beautiful red cover. However, this article I will only mention the Dior Rouge Addict lipstick.

Experience the quality and color of Dior Rouge lipstick

Dior Rouge has two lipsticks, Matte and Satin. In which, the Satin lipstick collection owns a very smooth texture, not too thick or heavy. While Matte gives perfect matte finish without causing lips dryness and lips contour. In addition, lipstick has many lip balm that will help lips become smooth.

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Each lipstick line has different scents, aromatic fragrance, gentle, but this line smells much lighter than Dior Diorific lipstick range. This smell will disappear when you put lipstick on your lips for about 5 minutes. So if you hate the smell of cosmetics, you won’t be uncomfortable either.

Lipstick Colors

Experience the actual lip color layer is about 5-6 hours, after that time, the lips still retain the natural pink color, just a few miles away, the lips will be radiantly beautiful.

When we eat, drink or wear a mask, they are less likely to stick out, maybe that’s why they last so long. The manufacturer announced the color fast in 16 hours, this is an advertisement only because of the fact that the high-end matte lipstick of other brands only lasts for 4-5 hours.

Rouge Dior lipstick has the ability to color super standard, vivid colors and smooth smooth when applied to the lips, up pretty quickly just one layer is enough, quite economical, compared to expensive price.


The new color is fresher, after 30 minutes the oxidation changes to a slightly darker color than the original, but compared to many other lipsticks, they still remain in the beautiful color form for a long time.

Dior Rouge lipstick color palette

Admittedly, in the high-end lipstick line, Dior is the boss in multiple colors. Only the new Rouge Dior lipstick line has been improved with a complementary palette of up to 41 satin and 16 matte colors. With a variety of lipstick shades, from nude, red, purple, orange, bright pink, peach pink … Dior Rouge can please even the most difficult girls. Above are the most beautiful colors of this lipstick line.

Dior Rouge lipstick 028 – Bright Coral Pink

The Dior Rouge lipstick 028 is a pink-orange color with a hint of coral. This lipstick is quite fresh and lovely, helping your girlfriend more radiant when used daily. If you want to use lipstick daily when going to school or work, this will be a reasonable choice because it is quite gentle, not too dazzling. Besides, lipstick is also very religious, suitable for many different skin tones. However, since this is a satin lipstick, it does not have a good color grip and will drift away when eating.

Dior 634 Strong matte – Hot Red

Orange-red lipstick always represents youthfulness, dynamism, and 634 Strong matte lipstick is no exception. Bright red tones with orange will surely suit every skin tone, every style, all ages can be satisfied with this pretty lipstick. Just apply lipstick Dior Rouge Extreme Matte – 634 to the lips, the girls will feel much younger and more attractive.

Dior 642 Ready – Brown Coral

642 Ready lipstick has pink lipstick with orange color, creating a very interesting and impressive coral color. Fresh lipstick will help your face become much brighter. This lipstick is also suitable for natural makeup, adding a bit of blush. However, lipstick is only for girls with medium to white skin tone, not suitable for dark skin

Dior 643 – Stand Out

Fresh orange mischievous, breaking the way lipstick 643 helps girls stand out. Just hit the orange completely, then a while later turn into red oranges. This color is quite individual, light skin to white, and dresses a little style. This is a matte lipstick, so although it won’t last long, your lips will be smooth and soft. However, not everyone fits in with this bright orange so when using, choose the right makeup style.

Dior 644 Sydney – Intense dark red

This is a very attractive deep reddish brown color, very suitable for use in autumn and winter. Dior Rouge Blossom 644 lipstick not only adds maturity to his girlfriend, but also creates a mysterious, luxurious look. When wearing makeup with a matte foundation and smoky eyes, this lipstick color will add a charm to girls. The lipstick color is also very respectful, not picky but old-fashioned, Dior Rouge Blossom 644 lipstick is suitable for girls over the age of 25 because of the maturity and maturity of this lipstick.

Dior 652 Euphoric matte – bright coral

This is a beautiful peach orange, she is always in the top hot colors of the lipstick collection dior. The lipstick is not pale, not purple but looks like a brilliant rose petal. When using pink lipstick, girls will become much more feminine and sweet. Use this lipstick in combination with eye makeup with tones to increase the tone. Matte lipstick is also a plus point for this lip color with great smoothness.

Dior Rouge lipstick 743 – intense raspberry red

The crimson lip color is one of the most trendy and popular lipstick colors in the Dior Rouge Collection. A lipstick that looks like a raspberry will help your lips become full of charm without having to make up. The charm of this lipstick will make girls stand out and be more luxurious than ever. Cool lipstick will suit girls with cool undertone and bright white skin. However, I think the crimson color of Dior Rouge 743 lipstick is suitable for women over 30.

Dior 844 Trafalgar – orange red

Orange-red lipstick is one of the hottest colors today. With 844 Trafalgar will make any lipstick fan fascinated at first sight. The combination of red and orange makes the balance more harmonious, highlighting the youthfulness and modernity of the girls (because red will minimize the eye-catching of orange, and orange will increase the brilliance again. brilliant for red). Dior rouge Dior lipstick collection is also suitable for all skin tones and helps to enhance the beauty of the face.

Dior 999 Lipstick Matte – Bright Red

Rouge Dior Lipstick in 999 is the right choice for those who want to have 2 in 1 lipstick: both lip balms and matte finish. The neutralization of Dior Addict Extreme and Diorific bring a good color grip without drying out the lips. Rouge Dior Lipstick 999 is soft, not too much glossy but still make your appearance look more attractive.

Referring to Rouge Dior lipstick, it is impossible not to mention the powerful red lipstick that trendy ladies want is Dior Ultra Rouge 999. With brilliant pure red tone you will become more attractive and extremely attractive when on this lip color. The Dior Rouge Dior matte lipstick in 999 is suitable for white girls, pink white but if you have soaked skin that likes to change the way, she is still a great choice.

Final thoughts

Dior’s lipstick always has strange attractions, that’s why own a Dior cosmetics is the wished of many girl. Dior Rouge lipstick has a high-class design, wonderful soft lipstick and a large color palette that could suit many skin tones. We hope this Rouge Dior lipstick review article could help you know more about this collection before choosing one.

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