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Hottest orange lipstick colors for summer

Orange lipstick is always the best idea for a summer look. Although we know that lipsticks come in various colors, we should try the new shades to get a new appearance. So, how to choose orange lipstick that suits your skin tone? This article will show you the best best orange lipstick color for summer.

Top trendy orange lipstick colors for summer

EM Cosmetics – Faded Clementine Infinite Lip Cloud

After a long absence, Michelle Phan, the influential Beauty Blogger, has returned with the excellent Infinite Lip Clouds lipstick. And the Faded Clementine is the hottest shade that you should not miss. The Infinite Lip Clouds in Faded Clementine is the best-selling shade in Em Cosmetics latest collection. Faded Clementine’s orange color is like a tangerine peel mixed with a bit of brown.

This orange lipstick shade is special and has never been seen in any lipstick before. In particular, the matte but velvety lipstick of Infinite Lip Clouds makes the experience of applying lipstick even better. If you want to own medium orange lips, not too bright but still modern and attractive, then this lipstick is really for you. For darker skin tones, this lipstick shade shows an earthy orange.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick Out Loud

Smashbox’s Always On is a liquid lipstick with a matte texture that is long-lasting, non-slip, and water-resistant for up to 8 hours. Moreover, despite the long-lasting color, Always On will not dry the lips or reveal dry and chapped lips thanks to Smashbox Primer Oil’s ingredient that moisturizes the lips. Smashbox’s Always Out Loud has stunning orange lipstick you can miss in summer. The bright orange lipstick shade is the best choice for those who need a long-lasting but do not make your lips dry all day long.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Orange County

NYX Orange Country is a pure orange shade that can give you a youthful and attractive outlooking, whatever your skin tone. The NYX Liquid Suede’s creamy texture is not too dry and can apply easily to the lips. However, it will be greasy on the lips because it is still a matte lipstick. 

The relatively long and soft brush lipstick’s head will be suitable for those with full lips that apply matte lipstick because it is easier to contour the lips. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick – Mama 

ColourPop is a new low-cost cosmetic brand quite famous in the beauty world. The Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick is the best-selling product from this brand. And the Colurpop in Mama shade seems to be the most dominant orange lipstick of this Matte line. Compared to the Ultra Satin lipstick line, Ultra Matte has a drier texture but is very suitable for girls who love matte lipsticks and vibrant colors. 

Mama is a red-orange color (burning orange) that is not too deep, not too bright, and trendy. This lipstick shade can be suitable for all tones, from normal to dark skin tones. The brush head is small and very sturdy, so you can easily create the desired lip line.

355 Shaker – Orange Lipstick Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink

Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink has trendy shades, flattering, and easy-to-use lipstick colors that match all skin tones. The long-lasting matte cream formula can last up to 16 hours and remain color throughout the day. The Orange Lipstick Maybelline – 355 Shaker is one of the best-selling lipstick shades with earthy and vibrant tones that bring a charming and sexy outlooking. 

Orange Lipstick MAC So Chaud

MAC So Chaud lipstick is one of the favorite orange lipstick that has the most mentioned in the Matte collection thanks to its super seductive red-orange tone, which is suitable for many women worldwide. Having this lipstick in hand, even without makeup, she still stands out in the crowd.

MAC So Chaud orange-red is a powerful lipstick color, suitable for modern makeup trends. That’s why, despite being released for a long time, this lipstick is still on the Top of the most searched lipsticks with large annual consumption. 

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