How to get bigger lips naturally?


How to get bigger lips is a question of many women. As thick, attractive lips will help most girls look more attracted and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we will reveal you 5 ways to get fuller lips. Let’s find out this issue in the following article.

How to get bigger lips – 5 effective ways

1. Exfoliate the lips

Exfoliating your lips often is the best way to refresh your lips after daily makeup. You can consult some beauty bloggers about the lips exfoliator or use sugar and olive oil or lip brushes to exfoliate lips. This beauty routine helps remove dead skin cells, making lips softer and thicker. The lips exfoliation not only helps make your color lipstick be on the right tone but also makes your lips thicker and stronger.

2. How to make your lips bigger with cinnamon?

For those who are thinking about how to make lips bigger naturally without makeup, rubbing your lips with some cinnamon powder could be the best idea to try. Cinnamon is a gentle irritant, very safe for making lips look thicker. Try sprinkling a few sets of cinnamon on an old toothbrush (no longer in use) and rub it on your lips. You just need to rub gently until your lips look plump.

Making your own lip gloss by mixing some cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Put the ingredients in an old lip balm bottle and use them when you need to fill your lips. A slight stinging sensation is normal, but if your lips feel uncomfortable pain after using cinnamon, you should stop using it immediately and try another method.

3. Drink enough water to moisturize the lips

One of the reasons makes your lips become dry and dull is your body did not get enough water. So the first thing to do to improve your lips is to drink enough 2 liters of water a day. You can drink water, fruit juice, or green tea. Do not drink coffee because it could make you lose water. Drinking water not only helps your lips become plump but also helps you gain stronger and beautiful skin, this is one of the secrets to having pinky, plump lips for most beautiful girls.

4. Lip gloss

To make your lips look fuller, more attractive, try to use lip gloss instead of matte lipstick. Apply a thin, light layer at the center of the lips to help them look plump and full. Combine lip gloss with light pink lip color to give lips a natural pink color or use water-based lipstick under lip gloss. Using lip gloss is also supposed to be the easiest and convenient for a girl in the list of tips on how to make lips look bigger.

There are several types of lip gloss on the market called “lip venom”. These lipsticks contain a mild irritant, which helps to stimulate blood circulation under the lips and makes the lips slightly swollen than usual. These irritants are usually cinnamon, ginger, and mint, which can cause numbness, burning sensation, and stinging, but are safe for your health.

5. Use highlight powder

Add a way to make the lips look fuller than highlighting the middle part. Using a pale, bright yellow is the best option. When the light on will make the lips stand out. It can be used together with the secret to apply lip gloss to double the effect.

6. Makeup and use lip liner

This is the most common way in order to get thick and attractive lips. By a few manipulations with concealer, pencil, lipstick, or lip liner, you were able to fulfill your lips. Many people use a lip liner to create lines that change the size and shape of their lips before applying lipstick. Be sure to make your lip line fit perfectly, so it will not look ugly or unnaturally. To make lips look more attractive, use nude lip liner, which is easy to use on most skin tones.

7. Natural lipstick colors

From experience and shared realities, the colors of dark lipstick, brown, chestnut, and plum color make lips look thinner. So, if you want your lips to look thick, evenly colored, use nude pink lipstick or light lipstick. Red-tinted lipsticks usually not only help the lips look plumper, but they also lighten the entire face and teeth.

8. Concealer

Apply the concealer cream around your mouth to make lips stand out. Concealers should choose a darker tone than skin tone and be applied right in the center of the mouth to create a deep curve for the corners of the mouth.

9. Exercise for lips

Many beauty artists who play the flute have had thicker lips because the muscles of the lips have to work harder. Therefore, you can apply some exercise to the lips, to make the lips thicker. If you practice hard, you can improve your lip’s thickness after 4 weeks. The movements need to be performed regularly and accurately. So, how to naturally get bigger lips by exercise, let’s check some movements as follows:

  • Whistling several times a day, each lasting 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Poke lips then put lips to the left for 5 seconds, then to the right for 5 seconds. Repeat about 10 times, performing each day continuously.
  • Pursed lips and then left for 5 seconds, right for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times, can be done 2 times per day.

10. Use Lips Plumping Enhancer Tool

Using the Lips Plumping Enhancer Tool is currently a hot trend nowadays. You just need to buy a lip filler through an online store Amazon or eBay to do it before bed at home. Do not forget to follow the instructions. But you must be careful to avoid future complications.


Hopefully, the information we shared in this article can help you know how to get fuller lips naturally. And if you still have any questions, please contact BeauUp Magazines through the following information!


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