MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick [Review & Swatches]


In October 2017, the famous cosmetics brand – MAC – launched a new line of lipstick named MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick, which made women in the world extremely excited. Being advertised by MAC, this collection of MAC lipstick was promised to bring the softened lips, totally different from the previous version MAC Retro Matte. The Powder Kiss lipstick Mac is smooth like silk. Let’s find out more about this MAC Powder Kiss review in today’s topic.

About MAC Brand and MAC Lipstick Powder Kiss Collection

About MAC Brand

MAC has long been famous in the beauty world thanks to the quality products and especially specialized in lipsticks. As a fan of MAC, every girl surely owns one of the famous MAC lipsticks before, such as MAC Ruby Woo, Chili, Lady Danger, etc. MAC headquarters is located in New York and has more than hundreds of stores in different countries around the world nowadays. You can easily buy MAC products easily from their store at every major shopping center.

mac collection
MAC lipstick is one of the must-have cosmetic items every girl should have

MAC Powder Kiss launch date

These collections released MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in October 2018.

Packaging, design of the MAC Powder Kiss lipsticks

The MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick collection still retains the internationally famous bullet design. Instead of the usual glossy, shiny outer shell, Powder Kiss MAC wore a sexy, glossy black packaging.

MAC Powder Kiss review all shades of this collection

A lipstick weighs 4.5 grams, so it can take a long time to run out of this lipstick! The lip tip is designed to be diagonal, making it more convenient when the lips are sharp.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick all shades

For one who starts to research MAC Powder Kiss sometimes will confuse about the shades and colors of this collection. So, MAC Powder Kiss how many shades are there?

MAC Powder Kiss includes 16 tones with a fairly wide color range, ranging from nude gamut with all colors beige, pink to bright colors, easy to use such as pink, red, orange. Of 16 grams, there are more than 10 grams suitable for Asian skin, showing that MAC is really a priority for beauty believers here.

1. MAC Powder Kiss lipstick Best of me – Beige Milk

This is probably the most difficult-to-wear lipstick color in the whole MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick shades. The MAC Powder Kiss lipstick Best of me is very difficult to wear alone and without any makeup. This MAC Matte Powder Kiss color Best of Me is often used to mix with other colors to create a new lipstick color or when using lip liquid to create a smokey ombre effect.

2. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Influentially It – Nude orange

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Influentially It is described as a beige nude with a hint of warm color. The MAC Powder Kiss Influentially on the lips is not too clear, revealing the lips after a few minutes of applying lipstick. Although the lipstick is very soft, it will cause dry lips after about 2 to 3 hours of use.

3. MAC Powder Kiss Impulsive – Warm Brown

MAC Impulsive Powder Kiss Lipstick is a mild warm brown with warm undertones. Lip color on lips is soft, thin, slightly shiny and takes about 1 hour for the lipstick to become more matte. This MAC impulsive powder kiss lipstick is very suitable for European and American makeup and remembers to click on the eyes of the girl!

4. MAC Powder Kiss Sweet No Sugar – Light peach

MAC Powder Kiss Sweet No Sugar Lipstick owns a light peach color with warm undertones. The color up of the lipstick is not too good and it reveals the lip groove quite clearly when applying lipstick. The lipstick color lasts about 2 hours, although soft, it reveals obvious lip defects.

5. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Tweedy – Peach orange nude

The MAC Powder Kiss lipstick My Tweedy has deep orange peach tones with warm undertones and orange color. These nude lip colors will be more suitable for girls who have makeup and click on eye makeup.

6. MAC Powder Kiss Scattered Petals – Pink Powder

The MAC Scattered Petals Powder Kiss lipstick owns the pastel pink shades just like the name of falling petals – Scattered Petals. This lipstick has warm undertones but not shining too much on the lips. It takes several times to apply lipstick to make the color appear clear. The lipstick color also tends to slip off and settle on the lip groove.

7. MAC Powder Kiss Sultriness lipstick – Light nude pink

MAC Powder Kiss lipstick Sultriness is a seductive pale pink color. The lipstick color becomes noticeable after one sweep and can be stacked to achieve the desired color. With nude colors, you should still apply makeup so as not to tarnish your skin tone.

8. MAC Powder Kiss Mull It Over: coral pink (dirty peach)

The MAC powder kiss lipstick 314 Mull it over is probably the must-have lipstick that you should consider when planning to grab one MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick! MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Mull it over owns a deep coral tone, very suitable for Asian skin.

9. MAC Powder Kiss Devoted To Chili: warm red brick

MAC Powder Kiss lipstick – Devoted to chili is one of the company’s best-selling lipsticks thanks to the standard color, soft and light lips like the ad agency. Using red-brick lipstick will make your skin and teeth look whiter, this lipstick color can also transform from seductive with a lip-to-sweet brush with a lip-brush!

10. MAC Powder Kiss lipstick A Little Tamed – Neutral soil pink

MAC A Little Tamed Powder Kiss has a neutral pink tone suitable for daily in case you do not know what color to wear outside today. The lipstick is so silky smooth so you can easily stack in many layers without fear of making heavy lips!

11. MAC Powder Kiss Lasting Passion color – Bright red

MAC Powder Kiss Lasting Passion has a cool red tone that brings out skin tones and teeth, giving her glamorous confidence when wearing this strong lipstick color.

12. MAC Powder Kiss Style Shocked: pure orange-red

MAC Powder Kiss Style Shocked has a lipstick that is no different from its name – pure orange-red shocking. Lip color will make you energetic and attract all eyes.

13. MAC Powder Kiss Fall In Love – bright pink

MAC Powder Kiss Fall In Love is a bright pink like petals, which will make people “Fall In Love” with this color.

14. MAC Powder Kiss Shocking Revelation – Cool Red

MAC cosmetic Powder Kiss Shocking Revelation owns a cool red shade suitable for use in winter, which will make them more charming and mysterious!

15. MAC Powder Kiss Burning Love – Wine Red

MAC Burning Love Powder Kiss is the most impressive and attractive lipstick color in the entire MAC Powder Kiss collection. The deep red color of Powder Kiss lipstick MAC Burning Love will make you the focus of autumn and winter this year.

16. MAC Powder Kiss Mandarin O – Coral Pink

MAC Powder Kiss Mandarin O is a young, sweet coral pink tone. This lip color will make young girls a few years older when wearing it everyday! However, the downside to the brightly colored lipstick is that it is quite a powder so you should pay attention to exfoliate thoroughly before using lipstick.

MAC Powder Kiss lipstick new shades 2019

In the palette of MAC Powder Kiss lipstick shades, 5 colors are expected to be “hot” and “suitable” for Asian girls are 316 Devoted To Chili (earth red), 314 Mull It Over (pink nude ), 308 Mandarin O (coral pink), 301 A Little Tamed (pink rose petals) and 305 Burning Love (purple plum). These colors are also in the new MAC Powder Kiss lipstick collection updated last year.

The final words

MAC Powder Kiss launch date will officially hit shelves in the US and many other countries today, October 2. Are you going to buy yourself the best powder kiss MAC products? And what color will you choose? Feel free to leave a comment below. We are here to help you get the right MAC Powder Kiss Moisture matte.


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