Review 3CE Maison Kitsune Collection (Updated 2021)


The 3CE – a famous Korean brand has just launched the Maison Kitsune Collection which includes lipsticks, eyes blushes, and accessories. This is a special product line in cooperation with the French fashion brand. This lovely collection rapidly catches most girls’ hearts. Let’s see more clearly about this beautiful collection in this article.

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Already a tradition, 3CE launches at least one special cosmetic collection in cooperation with another brand every year. To re-appointment, this Korean brand recently shook hands with fashion brand Maison Kitsune to launch an extremely attractive collection from shape to quality. This collection now includes matte cream lipstick, pencil lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, makeup brush, mirrors, tote bags, cosmetic bags … with extremely eye-catching designs printed lovely fox pictures.

1. 3CE Maison Kitsune Velvet Lip Tint

The 3CE Velvet Lip Tint lipstick line has been very popular during the past 2017. And with this collection, 3CE velvet lip tint kitsune continues to add 5 new lipstick colors promising to make the girls stand out.

2. 3CE Maison Kitsune Velvet Lip Crayon

If you are not very skilled at brushing lipsticks and love the convenience, these pencil lipsticks are made for you. Velvet Lip Crayon pencil lipstick includes 3 bright colors that are suitable for brushing in the spring and summer. The lipstick quality is also rated as the best in the 3CE lipstick and pencil line ever.

3. 3CE Maison Kitsune Multi Color Palette

In all Korean cosmetic brands, 3CE blushes and eye color are always more appreciated than others. Because of the diversity of tones and fine chalks, girls can fit it with more makeup style. The 3CE Maison Kitsune multi-color palette has two versions: Warming Wear (peach-brown-light orange) and Freezing Step (peach-orange). The two tones of these blushes are suitable for the natural, sweet makeup style.

4. 3CE Maison Kitsune Eye Switch

The eye makeup trend is returning and there are no signs of hypothermia. 3CE seized and created liquid eyeshadow, shaped like a creamy lipstick. The advantage of liquid eye emulsion is its long-lasting grip, the “wet” sparkle is also much superior to the powder form.


The 3CE Maison Kitsune collection was sold mainly in authentic stores in Korean. So it’s very hard to buy it if you are in another country. In case you want some, do not forget to find well known commercial online stores such as Amazon or eBay. We hope you can find the best lovely accessories for yourself.