Secrets from Korean Skincare Beauty


Having smooth, flawless skin is everyone’s dream. With today’s pioneering skincare technology, Korean women always make international women admire them. Through this article, you will receive detailed instructions on how Koreans take care of their skin, monitor and apply it daily for optimal results!

1. Korean skin care during the day

1.1. Korean skincare steps

  • Cleanse skin thoroughly by always using makeup remover: Many people think that no makeup or only a cleanser is enough to clean the skin. However, this is an entirely harmful statement because the dirt and sebum can stay deep on the skin, which the cleanser cannot altogether remove. It causes clogged pores as well as increases the risk of hidden acne. Therefore, Koreans always have makeup remover products such as oil, water, or wax to clean the skin as much as possible.
  • Daily Moisturizer: Moisturize or hydrate the skin. It is essential to help the skin be balanced, not peeling, wrinkled, aging, dull, or moldy after makeup. It is impossible not to use cream, jelly, liquid such as lotion, essence, etc., daily for Korean skincare. Besides, each skin type needs to be replenished with appropriate products. Even if you have combination skin, you must use each moisturizer separately for each area of ​​your face.
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  • Never forget sunscreen: Besides removing makeup and moisturizing, Koreans take care of their skin by always use sunscreen even when indoors. This habit prevents UV rays from penetrating to create melanin, avoiding the effects of aging skin, dark spots, and even cancer.

1.2. Korean skin care

Korean skincare steps are famous with the following 10 steps:

  • Step 1: Remove makeup. This is an important step, helping to maximize the effect of the essence in the following steps. How to do it, you use a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover solution and massage in a circular motion over the entire face. Time ranges from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Step 2: Wash your face. Koreans often use facial cleansers with a pH below 7 to remove residual dirt.
  • Step 3: Exfoliate dead cells. To avoid skin damage and still ensure the removal of dead cells, you should only use 1-2 times a week. At the same time, the origin can be used from natural materials.
  • Step 4: Korean skincare always uses toner. After the above steps, the skin is likely to dry out and become sensitive. Therefore, the toner contains mineral water and yeast to replenish trace elements to the skin, helping the skin return to a balanced state.
  • Step 5: Nourish your skin with serum or essence. This is one of the essential Korean standard skincare steps because the unique serum ingredients improve your skin’s problems, such as whitening, wrinkle removal, etc. When using, you add a little essence. Dispense onto the palm, spread evenly, and gently pat onto the face.
  • Step 6: Emulsion, also known as lotion, can penetrate deeply; the main effect is to make the skin moist and smooth.
  • Step 7: Apply the mask. Korean women often use sheet masks containing nutrients to moisturize and brighten the skin, an effervescent clay mask that detoxifies the skin, a Donkey milk mask for moisturizing and whitening.
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  • Step 8: Apply eye cream. The area around the eyes is susceptible, prone to dark circles and wrinkles. Therefore, it needs to be taken care of by specially designed creams with high moisture, fast absorption.
  • Step 9: Apply face cream. In Korean skincare, they pay great attention to skincare products. This step has the effect of hydrating, anti-aging, and locking in moisture.
  • Step 10: Use sunscreen. This is an indispensable step in Korean skincare. Sunscreen is a barrier that protects the skin from the sun.

2. Some mistakes with Korean skin care

2.1. Don’t do it in the right order

Taking care of your skin in the wrong order of steps is counterproductive to skincare and wastes time and wastes the cosmetics you are using. It even makes your skin worse.

2.2. No breaks between steps

Most skincare products take a while to absorb into the skin thoroughly. For the best skin care effect, you need to wait for the nutrients to be absorbed to avoid overload and congestion. In addition to the masking step of about 20 minutes, the remaining steps should wait for at least 3-5 minutes between steps.

2.3. Choosing products that are not suitable for your skin type

Korean skincare is concerned with performing enough steps and focusing on choosing products that are suitable for skin type. Because dry skin, normal skin, or sensitive skin all have their characteristics, the use of inappropriate cosmetics will reduce the effectiveness of skincare.

2.4. Using too many products at once

You only need to use one type of product for each step is enough for the skin. So, please don’t use too many types; it will overload and create a dense layer on the skin.

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2.5. Not keeping hand hygiene when skincare

The palm plays an essential role in the skincare process. However, this is also a place that contains many bacteria and dirt. Therefore, thorough hand hygiene will not affect the skin and help the nutrients not be changed.

Above are Korean skincare methods, very simple and convenient. Let’s consult and implement today to have beautiful and healthy skin as desired. Not only new cosmetics for skincare, but healthy and beautiful skin also depends on sports training, combined with cheap electric treadmills, exercise machines, home exercise bikes, so you don’t miss it!