Top 10 Best Selling Chanel Lipsticks Of All Time


Looking back on the 100-year development journey of the most loved lip colors. The lipstick has a marked development path. At each stage, women have their own makeup trends to change and assert their own personality. On the train back in time to discover the coolest lipstick shades of a decade, we hopes you will find a modern lipstick color that lurks the charm of the time.

1. 1920S

The era of the 1920s, also known as the flapper era, refers to young women with a liberal style and not bound by any standards. The typical makeup trend of this period is bold and sharp. In which, silver screen star Clara Bow is considered a prominent beauty icon. The deep red lipstick that Clara Bow “promoted” has since become the color of the lipstick representing a generation at that time.

2. 1930S

In the 1930s, sales of lipstick increased significantly, leading to a trend of bold makeup than a decade ago. Light tones including red, orange and pink shades are the choice of women.

3. 1940S

World War 2 made the world situation more unstable. However, the beauty industry of women is still growing steadily. During this period, women started to participate in work that was previously only available to men. The image of Roise the Riverter with red lips and muscular arms is said to be a common icon of women throughout the 1940s. Therefore, to show a strong and active personality, they often use red lipstick, bright orange and red tones and shades.

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4. 1950S

Marilyn Monroe – the beauty wall of this period once said diamond was a woman’s soulmate and a crimson color like wine had such an important place. Vibrant red-orange shades, like Clé de Peau Beauté’s 103 Legend red lipstick today, are a strong tribute to the 1950’s color trend.

5. 1960S

As a dramatic departure, the 1960s saw a wave of unfamiliar lipstick colors with soothing pastel tones. Inspired by the beauty of the Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton models, makeup trends of this period emphasize personality. In which, sharp eyes become the centerpiece and lips are usually gentle and delicate with pink and peach colors.

6. 1970S

The 1970s focused on lip gloss colors that gave women a trendy look. Coral pink in this period is also the choice of women to become sweet and full of feminism.

7. 1980S

Getting rid of the concept of beauty “less is more”, women in the 1980s always changed boldly. In order to stand out, they often put on elaborate make-up without missing any details on their face and focus on a pink lips. The chic and trendy pinks of this period can be found in Love Me Later CoverGirl’s Exhibitionist Lipstick color.

8. 1990S

By the late 1990s, names like Demi Mooroe and Naomi Campbell became the eternal beauty symbols of women. With the influence of stars, women of this era will show power in deep, reddish-brown lips with moderate gloss. This lipstick color can be found in Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in Blackmail.

9. 2000S

Under the guidance of Britney, Christina, Jessica and other pop princesses, this period preferred bright pink shades. The combination of smoky eye color and lip gloss is the perfect pair to create the style of women in the early 2000s. To own this gentle yet stylish makeup style, you can refer to the color. Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé Azalea.

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10. 2010S

Even if you do not keep up with Kardashians, you may have partly influenced the makeup trend of “Super Round 3”. In particular, the nude lip gloss was “promoted” and became the tone that shaped the beauty of women in this period.