Top 3 Korean 3CE Mist you should have in your makeup bags


Ability to make the makeup look more glossy and smooth on the skin, the 3CE mist is reviewed as one of the best choices that you should try to own the spotless and youthful skin, especially 3CE Aqua Mist review. In today’s article, BeauUp will show you the top famous 3CE mist that you should consider in your skincare routine and daily makeup to get strong and youthful skin.

1. 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist Review

Introduce 3ce Fresh Aqua Mist

3CE Korean Mineral Mist is an option for girls who want to own a mineral mist after makeup to help skin plump, smooth, flawless by the excellent moisturizing water effect with the ability to control oil slightly. The 3CE Aqua mist makes the skin more balanced without oiling as well as does not make the skin feel too dry which brings the makeup to feel not smooth.

3ce fresh aqua mist mini contains 30ml is very easy to put in the makeup bags

The product is designed to contain a lot of minerals and extracts from the aloe leaf, bamboo to help moisturize and keep makeup stable.

3ce fresh aqua mist full size 80ml enough for up to 2-month use.
3ce fresh aqua mist mini with 30ml in use

The 3CE Fresh aqua mist mini is completely different from the mineral water spray that soothes the skin in French, Russian, etc. so you can find out before buying to suit the skin and makeup style.

Uses and ingredients of Korean 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist

The 3CE facial mist helps soothe skin and reduces the symptoms of irritated redness due to weather or acne. Although being one of the famous 3CE facial mist lines, 3CE Aqua Mist review as not the first choice as its fragrance is not recommended for the skin is irritated.

Unlike French, Russian mineral spray products, which only contain pure minerals, Korean 3CE aqua mist reviews that also contain many nutrients and very good moisturizing ability. This also makes the 3CE mineral spray perform better for the task of keeping the makeup durable. However, the downside is that it does not alkaline the skin really well and balances skin pH like pure mineral sprays.

The product is designed to contain a lot of minerals and extracts from the aloe leaf, bamboo to help retain moisture significantly, softening the skin and keeping the makeup layer smoother and smoother.

2. 3CE Make Up Fixer Mist Review

Overview about 3CE Makeup Fixer Mist

3CE mist collection is designed in black and white tones.

The 3CE Makeup Fixer mist has a beautiful design and is also quite luxurious. The first impression of this 3CE facial mist is that the spray feels fine, moderate is not too strong, it causes discomfort, bone formation, and good range. So you should spray it 2 times to cover all the face. The feeling after spraying 3CE fixer mist is also cool, but its ability to control oil is quite low. Although the skin feels softer and moisturized, you will still feel a little bit quite oily. The price of a 3CE makeup fixer mist is about $32UDS, a bit expensive for just 1-month use.

Uses of 3CE Makeup Fixer Mist

The 3CE makeup fixer mist is used to moisturize and soften the skin, minimizing the dryness of the foundation. Increased durability for the substrate. You can also use after makeup, keeping the makeup in a state of anti-sweat and sebum, which strengthen the foundation. Soothes skin and relieves the feeling of makeup, keeping makeup fresh. It can also fix makeup quickly, add moisture and enhance makeup adhesion.

3. Korean cosmetics 3CE Honey Water Mist Review

Still loyal to the minimalistic design, Korean Cosmetics 3CE Honey Water Mist has a transparent plastic bottle with the brand name and product information printed directly on the packaging. The most advantage is that the design of Korean Cosmetics 3CE Honey Water Mist is relatively compact so you can take it anywhere you want to go.

The Korean Cosmetics 3CE Honey Water Mist is extracted from two main ingredients, aloe vera and bamboo. So this mineral spray completes its mission well as moisturizing and chronic skincare. The ingredients used in Korean Cosmetics 3CE Honey Water Mist are all-natural ingredients that are safe for the skin, so even those with sensitive skin can use it. The price of a 100ml Korean Cosmetics 3CE Honey Water Mist is about 30$. This price is a bit high so you need to consider it.


The 3CE facial mist was known for the ability of smoothes the skin, create an instant fresh feeling when water droplets stick to the skin. What do you think about the 3CE Aqua mist review today? Do not forget to leave a comment under this review and share your thoughts!


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