Top 5 MAC lipsticks cult favorites you should have in your life


Top 5 MAC lipstick cult-favorite shades that should be in your beauty arsenal 

For every girl, lipstick is a powerful weapon as Coco Chanel said before, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack”. Choosing the right lipstick can totally transform our mood and make you feel a little bolder and sexier.

MAC has become the most popular and cult favorite in the word lipstick. MAC is known for its cult-favorite, best-selling bullets that have made top of trends. So if you’re looking for a MAC lipstick cult-favorite shades that work on a variety of skin tones. Don’t forget these top 5 MAC lipstick we suggest below.

1. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is a MAC lipstick cult-favorite shade that sold four times a minute in the world. Probably because this iconic rich red shade looks amazing on every skin tone!

This MAC bullet holds the brand’s best-seller lipstick. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick owns a red with a blue undertone, but it still looks wonderful on every skin tone, light, warm, cool or dark skin. The popular stars like Rihanna and Taylor Swift are said to be huge fans of Ruby Woo lipstick.

MAC Ruby Woo owns a saturated shade with a velvety matte finish. The shade is so popular. If this red tone is too intense for you, trying to press it into your lips with a fingertip could make a toned-down, but still stained-like finish.

2. MAC Lipstick in Twig

MAC lipstick is not an expensive beauty product despite its high-end quality and most popular star choice. But if you want to try a MAC lipstick with a lower price you can choose a mini MAC lipstick. This mini size of MAC still owns the best quality as a full size. So, you can even get a taste of the cult-status shades without spending too much on your beauty products.

MAC Twig lipstick is one of the top 5 MAC lipstick cult favorite colors that every beauty blogger is supposed to use. The soft pink with a hint of brown is beloved for being so feminine, but not overly sweet pink shade. The infusion of brown gives it just the right amount of edge and makes it especially pretty on warm skin tones.

3. MAC Lady Danger – Best MAC lipstick for olive skin

Olive skin tones have a lot of gold, yellow and green undertones. So, that can make you look radiant especially when pairing with orange tones. If you own an olive skin tone, try this ultimate coral red. The bold shade that makes a statement in a creamy matte finish that could work for both day or nightwear.

4. MAC Diva – Best lipstick for dark skin

Finding the right lipstick for dark skin is not an easy mission. All the colors and shades that look right in the packaging are not quite right on your lips. Because it usually comes down to undertones. The best red for dark skin is intense and deep with blue undertones that will make your lips stand out against your skin. And MAC Diva is one of those reds that was made for dark skin tones. It’s more of a burgundy or any blood red shades lipsticks.

MAC Diva owns a creamy matte finish that made you a precise look. You can use this MAC lipstick cult favorite color with lip liner to make your lips more full and sexier.

5. MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Mull it Over

Mull It Over is one of the best-sellers of the MAC Powder Kiss line. It has a dirty peach shade – a muted coral with warm beige undertones that will make every girl when applying on most skin tones. 


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