What to drink to lose weight overnight?


Diet to lose weight is unscientific. Instead, you should drink the following types of water in the evening to make your weight loss process much more effective. For those who wonder what to drink to lose weight overnight perfectly, these listed easy-to-prepare drinks below might help to make good effects on weight control, also maintaining a slim body.

1. Orange juice

Orange is well-known as the richest source of vitamin C. This summer fruit not only helps you lose weight safely and naturally but also a better drink for digestion. Orange reduces the accumulation of toxins thanks to its rich nutrition, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C, potassium, fiber, citric acid carotene, … You only need to drink a glass of orange juice every night, it can make sure your weight will drop quickly, and the skin being plump and much brighter.

2. Papaya

The particular enzyme in the papaya fruit is capable of stimulating skin regeneration while smoothing and healing skin, which is great for people who are trying to get weight loss. As when you go on a diet to lose weight, it’s easy to make your skin look dull. Papaya is rich in vitamins A, E, C that are good for the skin. Mixing papaya with a little fresh milk to make papaya smoothie is not only delicious but also ensures your skin is more beautiful day by day.

3. Tomato

Tomato is famous for daily meals thanks to its impressive beauty uses, as well as the practical benefits that it brings to health. When you’re on a weight loss diet, don’t forget to list tomatoes on the gold list to help the weight loss process come about. Instead of starving yourself in the evening, you can prepare your own tomato juice or tomato smoothies to fill your stomach and speed up your weight loss process.

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4. Honey

Honey is a familiar food known for its many health benefits. Honey contains vitamins B, C, minerals like calcium, zinc, potassium, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial … Honey is used to reduce bad cholesterol, stabilize the heart, treat some intestinal diseases. In addition, honey also reduces feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and helps sleep.

Before sleeping, you should drink a glass of honey water to replenish nutrients for the body, promote the digestive system to work, and help lose weight during sleep. You just need to add 2 tablespoons of honey to a cup of warm water, stir and enjoy.

5. Lemonade

Lemons contain very few calories but are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Drinking lemon water before bed can help your body balance, boost the immune system, and relax the mind. Drinking lemon water before bed also helps reduce belly fat, does not cause weight gain, In addition, this type of water also helps you sleep deeper and better sleep.

Lemonade is also the drink that was the most recommended when girls asked for what to drink to lose weight overnight. You should drink diluted lemon water before going to bed. Can mix lemon, honey and warm water to drink before going to bed. You should not drink lemon juice too sour to avoid affecting the stomach.

6. Pineapple smoothie

Pineapple is a good fruit for weight loss. This fruit is high in fiber, helps you feel full for a long time, to combat cravings at night. Use half a pineapple and about 100ml of water and puree to enjoy.

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7. Ginger tea

Ginger tea has the effect of heating the body, reducing discomfort when you have the flu, a cold. In addition, this beverage also has the effect of extremely effective weight loss. Every night before going to bed, you can drink a glass of warm ginger tea (with honey if you like) to have a slimmer waist.

8. Milk and low-fat dairy products

Instead of dieting in the evening for fast weight loss, you should choose healthy drinks to ensure your weight loss success. Another suggestion is milk and low-fat dairy products. A cup of warm milk before bed not only improves your sleep but also a safe way to lose weight. You can also take evening snacks with low-fat milk and milk products. For example, choose yogurt without sugar with some fruits such as pineapple, grape, watermelon …

The final words 

The last thing you should not forget to pay attention to your dinner. The suitable and enough calories for dinner will also make it easier to lose weight at night. Pay attention to adjust your schedule, the evening must eat before 7PM. Because at night your body works very little, so the metabolism and energy burning is not much. Do not focus too much about what to drink in the morning to lose weight instead of eating healthy and doing exercise more usually. Eating nothing in the evening is not recommended and you should choose one of the above nutritious drinks to make your weight loss more effective and safer. If you have any questions about what to drink to lose weight overnight, please send us a comment below the post.