The best MAC lipsticks for brown skin


Choosing the right lipstick for your skin tones is not an easy task. That’s why we will show you girls a bunch of our favorite Mac nude lipsticks for someone who owns medium Indians skin tones. Below are the 6 best MAC lipstick for brown skin that you should consider for the year-end party.

Top 4 MAC lipstick for brown skin

With MAC lipsticks, it is hard to tell what shade they are without looking at the bottom of them. So the first we want to introduce to you is a shade Twig, a satin finish.

1. MAC Twig Lipstick

MAC Twig owns a satin finish. It looks very pink. It’s probably the pinkest of the MAC nude collection that we’re showing you today. Most of the girls who own brown skin tones are like it because it has a satin finish. It’s still quite pigmented covers up like every Indian girl’s lips color.

2. MAC Creme in your coffee Lipstick

The next best suitable MAC lipstick for brown skin is MAC Creme In Your Coffee. This is a cream-shine finish. It’s still a slightly pinky nude, but you will like the crane chin finishes because they leave a slightly glossy look to the lips. Owning MAC creme in your coffee is one of the perfect nudes for dark skin tone. MAC Creme in your coffee is also a MAC peachy brown lipstick for Indian skin tones.

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3. MAC Whirl Lipstick

The next lipstick that we recommend for you is MAC Whirl. This is a matte finish. MAC released this lipstick a year ago. Now, there is a whole matte collection.

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The nude tone of MAC Whirl lipstick is a lovely matte shade. There are many shades of MAC nude, but MAC Whirl always makes an impression for one who used another nude lipstick before.

This MAC red lipstick for brown skin is pretty comfortable with many skin tones. Whirl is a very subtle neutral brown with warm undertones for a matte but not dry finish. Lipstick color spreads evenly on lips without needing to be applied many times. MAC Whirl lipstick is the most mentioned earth pink lipstick color of MAC today. Every girl of all skin tones loves this harmonious lipstick tone, in which I am an avid follower of the earthy pink color from lipstick mac 626.

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4. MAC Spirit Lipstick

The next nude lipstick is MAC Spirit, a satin finish. It is the best nude lipstick. When applying on your lips, MAC Spirit has a lighter shade and brings a comfortable feeling by its satin finish.

This MAC Spirit will be best mixed with other shades, especially for the red-tone lipstick.

Final words

Above are all MAC nude lipstick that might fit with a girl who owns the brown skin tones. We hope you guys can choose your suitable MAC lipstick shades for brown skin, and do not forget to let us know if you want us to show you another cosmetic product review. Have you own your mac lipstick for brown skin? Please share your thought with us in the comment section below. Thank you and see you in the following article.