What color of lipstick is best for brown skin?


For girls who own the brown skin tone, choosing the right lipstick is not an easy thing. In general, the first lipstick shades we could think about right now is always a nude lipstick. The nude shades not only fit with brown and medium skin but also match perfectly with any makeup. And MAC Cosmetics is one of the best suitable that we can suggest for all-girl around the world. As it is not only easy to find (by it famous, of course) but also has a very affordable price. In case you do not know what shades of MAC lipsticks are best for brown skin, let’s see some recommendations from BeauUp Magazines below.

What lipstick is best for brown skin?

Most girls usually get trouble in choosing the right lipstick, not only for ones who own olive skin. To help you more confident and saving time in finding the best suitable lipstick, check that suggestion below.

1. Nude lipstick for medium skin and brown skin

Finding a lipstick color that is best for light brown skin is not an easy task. Nude shades lipsticks can brighten your face, balance your natural skin tones with your makeup style. One more important thing you should not forget when choosing a lipstick that the lipstick color must fit with your skin undertones.

Answering which nude matte lipstick is best for warm skin tone or brown skin never be an easy question.

Nude lipsticks do not make you look flashiness as it is similar to the brown skin tones, whether it be used on a fair or a little more dark-skinned. Some lipsticks that own nude tones such as nude red, orange and brown shades. These nude lipstick are best fit for dark skin as they can help girls look purer, and improve natural beauty in a magical way.

2. Dark shades lipsticks would be best for brown skin

Some girls think that using dark shade lipsticks will make their skin look more terrible. But it’s not. Deep colors have been so popular in lipstick color palettes for dark skin in 2020. The best tones of dark lipsticks for brown skin that highly recommend including ruby red, burgundy, cherry red, … These dark red shades will make your face more attractive and sexier. The lipstick with medium-deep tones combined with warm colors will brighten your face without being dazzled and flashy.

3. Dirty Orange lipsticks

Dirty orange lipstick still remains the trendy shade in 2020. Many cosmetic brands continue to add these tones and shades in their lipstick collection to satisfy their fans. The reality is whenever you research for a MAC lipstick that best combines with dark skin, it’s easy to find some orange color based lipstick blending with red, pink or eventually for nude tones.

Dirty orange is still the perfect lipstick for dark skin, as it can help to brighten your skin tone very well, as well as helping your face look brighter and more attractive. Don’t ignore this lip color whenever you consider a trendy lipstick color.

4. Dark Red lipstick can help to brighten your face

Red lipstick is the must-have lipstick ton for girls. It is not only a traditional lipstick shade that every girl wants to own but also very suitable for dark skin. The medium red tones, not too deep and not too bright like burgundy red, orange-red, brick red, berry red… will make the brown skin look impressive and full of attraction.

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The bottom line

Above are some tips that could help you feel easier in choosing color shades for dark skin. We hope this short information could be helpful for those who own medium and brown skin. Which is your favorite lipstick that makes your skin look brighter and full of attractive? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about which lipstick color is best for brown skin by commenting below.