What color of lipstick is best for brown skin?


Lipstick has long been a weapon that every girl must possess because of the ability to change appearance with just 3 seconds. So have you known how to choose the lipstick color to suit your skin color already? Do you know what shades of mac lipstick is best for brown skin in 2019? Let’s take a look at BeauUp Magazines to make a list of these hot skin tones!

What lipstick is best for brown skin?

1. Nude lipstick for medium skin and brown skin

For girls who considering about what lipstick color is best for light brown skin so nude colors and shades would be the first to considers. The shade of every nude lipsticks always makes girls feel satisfied and in loved with the delicate and luxurious beauty that this lipstick brings.

Which nude matte lipstick is best for warm skin tone brown skin?

Nude lip colors are usually not too picky because it is often similar to brown skin color, whether it is fair or a little more dark-skinned, nude lipstick can still “squeeze” with that. The nude tone suitable for girls with dark skin will be red, orange and brown shades. These nude tones lipstick are best fit for dark skin as it can help you look more pure, highlighting the inherent natural beauty in a magical way.

When choosing nude lipstick color, do not forget to look for reputable and safe cosmetic brands to bring a color nude lipstick that suits you, and also has good nutrition to exalted. The plumping and natural allure of your lips most effectively.

2. Dark shades lipsticks would be best for brown skin

Not many women still think that dark lipstick will darken their dark skin. But it’s not. Deep colors have been so popular in lipstick color palette for dark skin in 2019. The best tones for dark lipsticks such as orange, orange-pink, baby pink, nude pink … will make your face sexier, the lipstick with medium-deep tones combined with warm colors will make your face look radiant, without being dazzled and flashy.

3. Orange soil or Earth orange lipstick

Earth orange is still the trendy colors of the years 2019. As many cosmetic brands continue to launch orange lipstick to satisfy their beauty fans. For example, when a fangirl girlfriend of US cosmetics type a search result like MAC lipstick with dark skin, it’s easy to find a burnt orange color blend of red, orange and brown, or earth orange assembly with MAC lipstick with other perfect dark skin.

Earth orange if you choose the right colors will be the perfect color for dark skin because she has the ability to turn on your skin tone very well, helping your face look brighter and more radiant. Don’t ignore this lip color for your lipstick collection.

4. Dark red lipstick makes your face more bright

Red lipstick is the must-have lipstick tones for women. It’s not the lipstick that every girl wants to own, but it’s also very suitable for the dark skin. Medium red tones, not too deep and not too bright like plum red, orange-red, brick red, berry red, plum red … will make you look impressive and full of charm. Just avoid your “bright red”, the medium red colors will help flatter your skin unexpectedly. Do not hesitate to ignore the lip color for dark skin to make your skin uniform and salty, more loving than this.

The bottom line

Above are 4 lip color shades for dark skin that have been popular in recent times. Hopefully, it will be helpful for girls with honey-moon skin in choosing a lipstick that suits you. How about you? How do you think about this lipstick colors for dark skin above? Would you agree with us? Don’t forget to share your thought about which lipstick color is best for brown skin below the posts.


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