How to pick the best nude lipstick?


It is impossible not to mention the nude color lipstick for girls who are always looking for beautiful lipsticks. However, are all nude lipsticks “suitable” for us? BeauUp will show you how to pick the best nude lipstick today.

Journey to find lip color “to life” for girls addicted to nude lip color

Regardless of the season of the year, you can still choose nude for makeup. No matter what your age, nude lipstick can make friends with your lips. However, before listing must-have-lipstick, guess how to get a nude lip color? Can we “blindly choose,” all nude tones?

How to find the best nude lipstick?

To choose a beautiful and suitable lipstick color has never been easy. The fact has been proven, there are many ways for you to choose lipstick like that.

  1. The easiest way is to … go to the cosmetics store and try out all the nude lipsticks you’re trying to get. However, the 21st century is busy, why do that.
  2. The second way you can try is to determine your skin tone. Then, choose a lipstick that is lighter or darker than the skin tone. And so you have a lipstick that suits you. Do not be afraid to try this way, you have a lot of successful people already.
  3. What about choosing a third nude lipstick? Despite being transmitted quite a lot, no experts have confirmed this trick is “difficult”. Choose a nude color that matches your … breast color. Although it sounds “ridiculous”, James Charles tried and filmed clips posted on Youtube. Can see how to choose this lipstick “hegemony” but still worth a try there!

Nude lipsticks you must have in 2019

After choosing the tone tone, learn the nude lipstick that “Gypsy” is rumored to be extremely good quality right away!

#Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color – Unbutton color

No stranger, Fenty Beauty brand from “big sister” Rihanna has covered the fashion world. In the Stunna Lip Paint collection, Unbutton – this latte coffee lipstick has been driving women crazy for a long time. This beautiful lipstick color seems to suit every skin tone so you should quickly buy a “baby” you!

M.A.C Powder Kiss – color 314 Mull it over

On the last days of 2018 as well as early 2019, everywhere we hear about M.A.C Powder Kiss. The spread of Mull it over this nude lipstick color is no longer to mention. Coral pink tone will be extremely suitable for you with pink white skin. The lipstick is also very smooth, and does not make you feel dry lips. However, you should still apply a little lip balm to soften the lips before applying lipstick!

You can choose M.A.C Powder Kiss for early spring city walks or year-end New Year parties. Adding a bit of eyeshadow is perfect.

#Urban Decay Fuel 2.0

If you are a “follower” of nude lipsticks, you definitely cannot ignore Urban Decay Fuel 2.0? The lipstick of Vice Lipstick Cream with nude tone mixed with sweet peach. Choosing Urban Decay Fuel 2.0 for the first day of the year is a perfect choice because the lipstick is extremely accurate, smooth and does not reveal your lips.

This lipstick has the ability to stick to color, aloe essence with jojoba, avocado and vitamin E, vitamin C will definitely make you not regret spending nearly 500,000 VND for this baby.

Bottom line

Come on, beautiful lipstick is available. Suitable lipstick also. What are you waiting for and not pick up the kids for your team?


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