MAC Taupe Lipstick Review and Swatch


Many girls have the same thought that the Taupe lipstick of MAC will be very dry. In fact, MAC is famous for its super long-lasting Retro Matte collection, super-durable and extremely dry on the lips, and these lipstick made your lips terrible dryness. However, if you love the MAC Lipstick but don’t want a drying lips, so the MAC Matte Lipstick collection could be the best replacement. One ò the famous shade in the MAC Matte Lipstick MAC Taupe. In this article, we will give you full of MAC Taupe Lipstick review, the matte lipstick that owns reddish-brown, the easiest shades that could fit with many skin tones.

Overview about MAC Matte Lipstick Taupe

MAC Taupe Lipstick own a matte finish with reddish-brown undertones. The packaging of this lipstick can make you remember about the MAC Mocha lipstick by the same in a tube shape. But Mocha lipstick has more peachy undertones than reddish while MAC Taupe lipstick owns a gorgeous shade for medium to dusky skin tones.

The MAC Taupe swatch on fair or olive skin tones might be looked more brownish but can be a soft brown tone for Asian girls. If you want to find a nude color for your fair skin tone, you can try MAC Taupe. The brown shades of Taupe won’t wash out color from your face and give that soft polished look to the lips. You can pair this lipstick with medium intensity eye makeup and lots of peachy or earthy-toned blushes.

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The long-lasting of MAC Satin Taupe lipstick

MAC Matte Taupe lipstick can remain on your lips without eating or drinking for more than 4 hours, according to the feedback from MAC customers. This lipstick from MAC Matte Collection will not dry out your lips even if it owns a matte finish. However, you could apply a gloss in case you want a bit of moisture on your lips or add that refreshing look to your face.

Applying MAC Taupe on dark skin

Finding the right nude lipstick shades for black­toned women is not as tough as it may seem. Most nude’s lipstick tones will suit black women and enhance their lips. If you don’t have any ideas, come up with a nude lipstick for the next party. Why don’t you try MAC Taupe on dark skin?

MAC Matte Taupe is a perfect shade that can be worn any day, anytime, anywhere. This brown-based lipstick will make you more attractive and charming at the party. These opaque nudes will change the way you wear lipsticks.

Why don’t you catch up with the trend of giving yourself a MAC Taupe to your collection. So that you can change your style so that you are always new and not boring?

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This Mac Matte Taupe lipstick belongs to the matte line but with a nourishing supplement, it still maintains the soft and smooth when applying on your lips.

Right from the first time applying MAC satin Taupe, you can feel the high quality of texture there is no lip grove or color irregularity. Because it contains many nutrients, lipstick does not cause dry lips or deep lips. The lipstick feels natural, lively and authentic, the same color on the ads palette from this brand. Final words, you can get your affordable Taupe lipstick on Amazon by below.

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If you have fairer skin, brown lipsticks with red and orange undertones such as MAC Taupe lipstick will work best. Because vampy purplish browns can drain you, while nude browns can be too light. is an English Beauty Magazines, in case you are looking for more content about beauty products review, don’t hesitate to visit our Vietnamese site named Yêu Son Môi.


  1. I am looking for a mix of orange and brown lipstick. I wear a medium tan foundation and have dark hair. Can you recommend something?

    • Yes, of course. If you’re looking for an orange mixing with the brown tone, you can choose these lipsticks: 3CE 908 Warm&Sweet, Maybelline Creamy Matte – Clay Crush or Mac Matte Velvet- Teddy. We hope you feel happy with these lipsticks that recommended above.


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