Lipstick is one of the best beauty items that can make women more charming and attractive. But for every girl, answering what lipstick color is best for me is not an easy thing. Moreover, choosing the wrong lipstick could make you look pale and ill. These tips below will show you how to choose the best lipstick color to match your skin tone.

Ways to find what lipstick color is best for me?

Every skin has its own undertones either yellow or pink. If you own a yellow undertone, your skin will look warmer while pink undertone will make your skin look cooler. Knowing your undertone is helpful for you to figure out what lipstick shade is best for me.

White skin should use warm lipstick colors

Dark colors often stand out on the white skin, so you can use the colors like pink, red or coral. In addition, colors such as coffee, lilac, peach pink also work to lighten the skin.

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Avoid using nude colors for yellow-brown skin

The yellow-brown undertone can bring you a healthy skin. And this skin is suitable for most types of lipstick such as dark tones, light, pink, coral, brown, red … However, the nude tones lipstick can make your face not bright evenly make it look paler and illness.

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Choose warm tones for dark skin

Bright lipstick colors such as pink or orange are not suitable for those who own dark skin. Try choosing brown lipsticks or berry colors and shades. Caramel or brown-red is still a good choice on special occasions.

You should avoid bright colors such as orange because it can make the skin become darker. Dark brown, brown and red tones are a great choice if you have dark skin. You can also choose lipsticks with deep warm colors such as brown, honey, red wine, crimson…

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Tips to choose lipstick best for your skin

1 / Lipstick for white skin

Use rose tones for white people: Dark colors often stand out on white skin, so you need to add colors like pink, apricot or coral. In addition, colors such as coffee, lilac, peach pink also work to lighten the skin. For pale or pink-white skin, choose a lipstick with dark pink or dark red, it will whiten and brighten your face.

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For fair skin tones, you can pick any natural tones and color lipstick that directly matches your skin. Because you will end up with “ghost lips.” Natural lipsticks that have a pink undertone will be most flattering for the light skin. You should choose a cremesheen lipstick, meaning it’s sheer and moisturizing your lips all day. Honeylove is another beautiful pink-undertone neutral in a matte texture option.

2 / Lipstick colors for olive to yellow skin

If your skin has yellow undertones, choose berry color or coral color, pay attention to avoid choosing lipstick with bright colors such as bright red, red orange.

3 / Pink white skin is the easiest choice

This is the easiest skin for choosing lipstick. Owning pink-white skin you can choose whatever lipstick colors and shades that you like without thinking too much. Bright red, light pink, orange or dark pink give you a bright and youthful beauty.

4 / The honey skin tone should choose red wine or peach lipstick colors

Honey cake skin if accompanied by red lipstick wine will make you look more attractive, and pink peach tones will help your honey skin to become more radiant.

How to choose lipstick color by age?

  • Under 20: Do not use bold colors, will lose the youthful appearance, so use lipstick with a stick or a light liquid color, will help you to be more suitable for your age.
  • Over 20: Can use orange, pink combined with colorless lip gloss.
  • Over 30: Bold colors can be the choice for girls of this age. Should choose colors such as red wine, red brown, orange wings … to create a charm for the face.
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At middle age, you should use a lip balm before applying lipstick. The lipstick color should be chosen as pale and should not be used in red.

How to choose lipstick color by lips shape?

1 / Lipstick for thin lips

For girls who have thin lips, please avoid dark lipstick. Because they will make the lips more fragile. Instead, choose a lipstick with light, bright colors such as peach, pink and orange.

  • Should: Peach color, light pink, beige, clear color.
  • Avoid: red, black red, dark purple, glossy brown.

If you have thin lips, it is better to avoid dark colors, bright and clear colors that help your lips feel soft and look more natural. Start the lip contour with a lacing pen close to your original lip color, then fill the entire lips with light pink or coral pink or beige.

2 / Lipstick for full lips

For full lips, the most appropriate lipstick color choices are bright colors such as deep red, magenta, and gold that will help you stand out and be more attractive.

With full lips, you only need a few options. Don’t try to buy lip glosses, instead just apply a small amount of colorless lip gloss between lips to create a similar feeling. When you have natural full lips, you don’t need to use the lip liner, and the pink lipstick looks the best.


Finding the right lipstick color could make your face look more attractive and bright. But for those who have a median to dark skin tone, it could be more hard to find the suitable lipstick. We hope through the solutions we suggest above can help you feel easier in choosing lipstick tone and shades. 


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