6 beauty ingredients that will change your life


Let’s take a look at 6 beauty ingredients that are being used by cosmetic brands nowadays. The beauty enthusiasts have recently been telling each other about a fact: skincare should be based on each person’s condition, not the trend. So how to choose for yourself the right beauty ingredients optimal for your skin? The answer is that you must constantly improve your beauty care knowledge for yourself. The 5 ingredients used in these skincare products will guide your confusion when entering the skincare world.

MORINGA OIL (Horseradish/drumstick tree oil)

Like argan oil or jojoba oil, moringa oil is extremely easy to penetrate deep into the skin. Moringa is rich in plant hormones that help stimulate cell growth and fight premature aging. Moringa oil helps soothe red spots, tone the skin, reduce wrinkles, fade scars, and shrink stretch marks. This is really a very versatile oil. Not only suitable for moisturizing facial skin but also used as a hair mask, makeup remover, or as an oil to overcome dry skin condition of the body.

Moringa oil is suitable for all skin types. When applied to the skin daily as a moisturizer, it helps to stabilize the oil production process of oily or mixed skin; Moisturizes and hydrates both dry and normal skin. Moringa oil does not clog pores and is rich in antioxidants, which can be used on sensitive skins.

Product suggestions:

True Moringa body oil reduces redness, damage, dry skin, and signs of aging when used daily.


Catechin a natural phenolic and antioxidant. All catechins are strong antioxidants, protecting cells from free radicals’ attacks. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is a type of catechin found in green and white tea. Today, EGCG is used extensively in skincare and supplements

As you know, EGCG is found in tea, so drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daily will help improve your skin effectively. Moisturizers contain EGCG to help skins become softer and brighter. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to balance oil on the skin if used regularly. Japanese women are famous for their bright and smooth skin because they regularly drink green tea and use it as a beauty treatment every day.


“The rising star in the process of hydration” is a fine word for caffeine. “When applied to the skin, caffeine will significantly enhance skin hydration” – this is the conclusion of the research and development team at Estée Lauder. No one is sure whether drinking caffeine can help beautify the skin or not, but caffeine when used in cosmetics has very good results. Caffeine hydration helps to protect the skin from free radicals (free radicals are a reaction between unstable molecules combined with defective electrons).

If you have dehydrated skin, the following behaviors will not surprise you: dry, rough, and flaky skin on the nose, cheeks, and chin. At this point, you need to supplement yourself with products that help overcome the water shortage of the skin. Thankfully, there are ingredients that can help reduce dehydrated skin and limit skin aging.

In addition to hyaluronic acid products, you can look for caffeine. Dr. Tom Mammone (deputy director of the skincare and pharmaceutical industries at the Global Clinique Research and Development Institute) said caffeine also has the ability to reduce inflammation (redness and swelling) and pigmentation (often due to environmental factors such as pollution and increased sun exposure) on the skin.

Product suggestions: The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5%

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG – the antioxidant eye-care cream that reduces dark circles and puffiness with 5% EGCG extract and caffeine solution.


Blue tansy essential oil is a blue essential oil that contains a calming ingredient called azulene. Blue tansy essential oil reduces the appearance of redness and irritation, while calming the senses with a therapeutic effect. All skin types – including sensitive skin – can benefit from blue tansy essential oil.

The characteristic blue color of Blue tansy essential oil can make you a little afraid when applied to the skin. But only 3 minutes after penetrating the skin, the blue tansy’s blue will gradually disappear. Blue tansy essential oil contains Retinoid to help rejuvenate the skin, prevent aging, and solve acne problems. Blue tansy essential oil has many properties similar to Chamomile chrysanthemum essential oil. Good for relaxing (due to the pleasant plant scent), regulating hormones, and calming anxiety.

Product suggestions: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil: the famous retinoid sleep oil that helps shrink pores, lighten brown spots, and is especially used for sensitive skin.


Mangosteen is a plant commonly found and grown in Southeast Asia. This is a tropical fruit with sweet and sour taste which is extremely nutritious and is loved by many people. Mangosteen is loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while providing very few calories. These nutrients are extremely important for maintaining many body functions. Also, one of the important properties of this fruit is that it is high in antioxidants, namely xanthones. This substance has a healing effect on cells damaged by free radicals and can also slow down the aging process.