MAC Marrakesh 646 – Best Shades of Matte Lipstick


The divine brick red MAC Marrakesh is the best shade to consider for one who loves the hotness of MAC Chili, the lipstick most suitable for Asian skin. For girls who love MAC Lipstick cannot miss the Marrakesh color. Let’s see more reviews and swatches of this lipstick shade below.

MAC Marrakesh 646 – Best Matte Version

Famous as the hottest drugstore brand in the world, MAC owns a wide range of cosmetic products that are loved by women around the world. Referring to this American cosmetic brand, it must be said that the quality comes at an affordable price, which is pleasing to all makeup enthusiasts. MAC lipstick is extremely hot and hits, it has all the colors that women are looking for. Every new collection, every new limited edition released is rapidly becoming an instant trend. MAC is promoted by many makeup artists, many famous beauty bloggers around the world. One of the most legendary MAC lipstick lines is the Matte Lipstick collection. Marrakesh MAC lipstick is the best brick red lips color, promising to capture all women’s hearts.

MAC Marrakesh is the most mentioned MAC color ever. The red color paints the perfect beauty for the lips. MAC 646 was voted by the prestigious Beauty Award as the best beauty product. Although launched for a while, this MAC Matte lipstick in 646 Marrakesh is always a hot lipstick for every girl.

RED Brick – MAC 646 Marrakesh is loved by all girls

Red-brown Marrakesh lipstick colors are the most popular recently. Those who are in love with MAC Chili lipstick but want a more brown version should consider Marrakesh MAC. This shade is suitable for any skin tone, with makeup or not, it’s still beautiful and attractive.

MAC Marrakesh and MAC Chili lipstick and MAC 316 Devoted to Chili

Mac Chili, Marrakesh and Devoted to Chili are made up of three shades of red, brown, and orange, but these 3 lipstick versions from MAC bring 3 different vibes. While the color Chili 602 and Devoted To Chili 316 are basically the same and differ in the matte and powder finish, the Marrakesh lipstick creates its own charm with a smooth matte finish.

Advantages of MAC 416 Marrakesh: excellent matte, long-lasting color

If you’re looking for ultra-matte, super-smooth lipstick, MAC Marrakesh is obviously the best choice at this time. If you love matte lipsticks, your wishlist will have this name first anyway. This ultra-matte lipstick doesn’t dry out or irritate the lips. The plus point of the MAC 646 lipstick has a vanilla scent.

Using MAC lipstick Marrakesh you won’t be afraid of fading lips color at the end of the day. Even the most difficult tests, this lipstick can still pass well, whether it is drinking water or wiping with a tissue.

The black bullet design has become the signature of MAC lipstick. Originally the brand’s early warriors, Marrakesh MAC took this classic shape to conquer the world. The lipstick has a glossy shell, a silver border, a lovely compact shape with a pointed bullet in the cap. This lipstick still has a clear MAC logo on the body.

Where to buy Marrakesh lipstick?

Now you can easily buy a Mac lipstick on the original store or online store such as Amazon.