MAC Sin vs Diva Lipstick, which is best for you?


MAC Sin vs Diva lipstick is two best-selling dark red lipsticks of MAC Matte Collection. Both of these lipsticks own the dark red with a matte finish that could long-lasting up to 24 hours without eating or drinking. The Mac Matte Lipstick has a matte finish and a bit of nourishment, so it could make your lips soft all day, without bringing any dryness. So what’s especially in MAC lipstick Sin vs Diva, and which is the best suit for your skin and hair tones? Let’s find out through this article.

About the MAC Matte Lipstick Collection

Mac Matte Lipstick is a lipstick collection that brings a huge amount of revenue for Mac. This thing is enough to confirm that the quality of Mac Matte Lipstick is so impressive. This matte collection was also appreciated highly by beauty bloggers more than the Mac Retro Matte line, even though the new Mac Retro Matte is the classic Mac lipstick.

Mac Retro Matte lipstick is super-class, that has the ability to stick to the extreme color. But it has almost no balm, making lips dry and with those who are lazy to care for the lips, the Retro Matte of MAC will bring the bad experience. The Mac Matte Lipstick collection is different, it is still matte, but has a bit of nourishment that will not make your lips too dry. So for those who love matte lipstick, but are afraid of dry lips, you can consider using Mac Matte Lipstick instead of Retro Matte.

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MAC Matte Lipstick Colors

The collection of Mac Matte Lipstick has 18 tone colors, divided into different warm and dark tones. In which no less than a tone is classified as a classic, almost always “sold out”. If you want to know which colors are available, please see more detailed in the picture below.

MAC Lipstick Sin vs Diva Review & Swatches

MAC Diva lipstick

If you go to the cosmetics shop and ask to buy a dark red or cherry lipstick, there’s high chances you will get the same answer: MAC Diva. This is one of the deepest red lip colors but also the most “iconic” of MAC. Lipstick Diva MAC is a standard wine-red color combination of red and purple with matte lipstick but does not cause dry lips. This is the indispensable lipstick color of the cool and mysterious girls.

Mac Matte Diva is made up of red and purple tones so the color is a bit deep but very fancy as you look at it. However, not everyone is willing to use this dark lipstick shade. It is suitable for girls who are seeking a personality style, beautiful but noble. Mac Matte Diva enhances skin tone relatively, suitable for all skin colors, even blacks like Africans can still use Mac Matte Diva is strong enough to “burden” your lips to stand out.

MAC Sin Lipstick

Mac Matte Sin is a plump red tone, looks very stylish, suitable for all skin tones and girls all over the world. Any Mac Matte Sin color is “balanced”, black skin is no exception. However, the appearance that the Sin MAC brings is a little bit strong personality, not the color for a girl who loves gentle or lovely style. As this dark red shade brings your lips a bit deep, like vampire’s lips. However, a lot of professional models love the color of Mac Matte Sin, Matte Sin to make their faces more depth, stronger and more luxurious.

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MAC Lipstick Sin vs Diva swatches

In the Mac Matte lipstick color palette, most of the people can not distinguish between the color sin vs diva MAC and also the Cherry one. All 3 tones are of deep red color, of which the Diva color is more orange, Sin is darker and Charred Red is a bit lighter.

Mac Matte Charred Red is not picky, fair skin, white teeth, can be used on all occasions, deep color has depth, makes brushing very pretty. Compared to Sin, most girls prefer to use this plum color.

MAC Sin vs Diva on Indian skin

In conclusion, you can easily find the buyer review about these two famous MAC lipstick by drop by Amazon store through our link below. Do not forget about sharing your thoughts about these dark shades of lipstick.


In the end, if you love the dark cherry lipstick that still owns a little pink and lightly. So MAC Diva could be a better choice. In case you love the vampire lips, or own medium to dark skin, then MAC Sin lipstick can make you look more attractive and fancy. How’s it? What do you think about MAC Sin vs Diva lipsticks? Do not forget to share your ideas by commenting below.



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