The Best Skin Care Routine for Men 2021


Almost all guys think that they just need to clean their face at the end of the day with a little water and a dry towel is enough to have clean skin. But if everything is so simple, why are there so many skincare products out there? Every person has different skin types, leading to diversification of skincare. Face’s skincare is also quite simple, with just a few more steps, and you will see an improvement with your skin. If you have dull skin with blackheads, and sebum daily, improve your lazy habit by following this effective facial skin care routine for men at home.

What is a good men’s skin care routine look like?

1. Know your skin type

The first step you need to do before starting your men’s skin care routine is to determine your skin type. And the most simple way to test your skin type is using a towel. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and dry with a clean towel. After 5 minutes, use a paper towel to test and observe. If the paper is dry, it means you have dry to sensitive skin. If you have oily skin, you can see the towel with oily. And if the paper is wet, you have combination skin. Once you know your skin type, the next step is to choose the right product.

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2. Choose the Right Facial Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Washing your face with a cleanser will remove the dust that remains on the pores, those dust particles are tiny bacteria that accumulate on the skin leading to acne. Never use any kind of body soap to wash your face, because even if you are a man, your facial skin is still more sensitive than the body. The ingredients in bath soap can make your facial skin become dry, dehydrated, allergic, and flaky.

First, determine the right cleanser according to your skin type (oily, dry, acne, sensitive, or combination). Because each skin type will have the best suitable cleanser to support your skin condition. For example, if you have oily skin, use cleansers for oily skin. Especially for sensitive skin, it is necessary to pay more attention, giving priority to using products with natural ingredients that will be good for your skin.

3. Wash your face twice daily

Wash your face more than twice a day will make your skin dry. Because the skin has a natural moisturizer, washing your face more than twice a day will remove the essential oils on the skin. If you want to wash your face during the day, just use cool or warm water. Here are some tips for taking care of your skin:

  • Do not use hot water, it will dry your skin.
  • Use a towel to gently dry your face instead of rubbing it.

4. Do not forget exfoliating your face

Our skin renews every day, so exfoliation is essential to contribute to a healthy glow, clear pores, promote new cell renewal and stimulate collagen production. You should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week, do not over-exfoliate and using harmful exfoliating ingredients such as strong chemicals, heavy scrubs will make your facial skin become eroded leading to more sensitive, easy acne, more oily skin.

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The best skin care routine for Men 2021

1. Tighten pores with toners

Using toners is one of the important steps in every man’s skin care routine. Unlike women’s skin, men’s skin is often subjected to damage from razors, dust, stimulants such as alcohol, beer, and tobacco, which also easily made aging skin. Especially in middle age, the skin will have many wrinkles and darkening.

2. Moisturizer daily

Every man should own any moisturizer, thanks to its features, your skin will be deeply moisturized to prevent dryness, peeling, and cracking, and also protect from external environmental factors. However, if you are the type of person who is less interested in beauty and skincare, choosing a suitable moisturizer to change your skincare routine is really not that simple at all, right?

Because the skin of men and women has the same aging process, if we do not take good care of it, the skin is also damaged by factors such as UV rays, dust, pollution, … The skin is rough and shows signs of aging rapidly.

3. Use anti-aging serums to protect facial skin from aging

The serum is a liquid skincare product, contains microscopic skincare molecules, helping to penetrate and nurture skincare from deep below the skin. Thanks to that, you can see the effect that the serum brings after only a short time of use.
For example, if you have acne problems or need anti-aging for men, using serum is the must-have step should add to your facial men’s skin care routine to get the most effective results.

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Recommend product:
Some best serums should consider adding to men’s skin care routine including Some By Mi Acne Serum AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days 50ml, Innisfree Orchid Enriched Essence 50ml anti-aging essence. These are essences with special natural ingredients, non-irritating, safe for facial skin.

This step is done before using lotion, you just take enough amount of serum to apply on the face and neck, gently massage so that the serum is easily absorbed into the skin. Combine using cream and serum twice a day in the morning and evening for the highest effect.

4. Protect your skin daily with sunscreen

Gentlemen are often neglectful about protecting their skin. They are too lazy to apply sunscreen because they think that a little tan will make them more manly. But in a long time, it will lead to the risk of skin problems, and also makes the skin dark and dull.

Use sunscreen every time you go out in the morning is a must-have step in every men skin care routine. Use organic and safe products for men’s skin such as Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk Sunscreen 65ml, Vichy Capital Idéal Soleil Sunscreen SPF50 50ml.

Final though

The skin care routine for men above will bring a lot of significant results to your skin after only about three weeks. Have a good men skincare routine do not make you’re facial become strong, glowing, but also help your get rid of other skin problem such as acne, hyperpigmentation… How about you? What is your skincare routine recently including? Share it with us in the comment below!