Best MAC lipsticks for dark skin 2019


There is a fact that girls who own dark skin always have “headaches” when choosing lipsticks color. The girl who owns white skin can choose every lipstick that she wants. While those who have dark skin tone always feel it hard to choose a suitable lipstick. Choosing a suitable color and tones lipstick could help to brighten your face and bring an attractive look. In this article, we will introduce to you the best MAC Matte Lipstick for dark skin.

1. Orange Red Lipstick

A girl who owns dark skin must choose a lipstick with orange-red or traditional red shade lipstick. These lipstick colors are not too bright but enough to balance your makeup with the skin.

The blending of orange and red is one of the best choices for those who are seeking the best MAC lipsticks for dark skin. And the MAC Lady Danger was born to create a balance between your lips, skin tones and your makeup.

2. Brown Lipstick

Nothing will brighten your skin tone as much as deep brown lipstick from MAC will. For special occasions like weddings or night parties, where you want to make an impression, this should be your must-wear color. And the best MAC lipsticks for dark skin you must try is the MAC Lipstick in Taupe.

3. Mulberry Purples

Not only a delicious fruit Mulberry color also brings a delicious lip color. A raging trend in the runway for a long time, you can wear this best MAC lipstick for dark skin with MAC Rebel lipstick.

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4. Warm & Nudes Lipstick

Stretching off nude lipsticks on darker skin might seem difficult but you can see all the olive-skinned Kardashians and Jenners for inspiration. Avoid light washed out nudes and stick to darker coppery nudes and you will rock that easy glam look to perfection. For the nude and warm shade, you can choose these top MAC lipsticks for dark skin, like MAC Taupe, MAC Pander MeMAC Spirit


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