13 effective anti-aging tips you should know


The worry of any girl is wrinkled. It makes you look older than your real ages. At any age, the skin will face many problems including acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma, wrinkle…and these problems lead to aging skin. So how to know if your skin shows signs of skin aging? Is there a way to fight skin aging that is both safe and highly effective? This article will answer all of your questions with 13 anti-aging tips.

Signs of aging skin

Many people notice changes in their skin but still do not know if it is due to aging skin or not. Here are the symptoms and causes of aging on the skin that you can refer to:

  • Dry, rough skin: This is said to be the most visible sign. Due to dehydration and the lack of oil in the skin, the skin becomes dry and rough. Moreover, the amount of oil sweated is not enough to prevent dirt from the environment from sticking to the skin, causing them to stick and absorb deep inside. In the process of washing the face, the cleanser is not able to clean away that sebum layer, over time they accumulate on the skin, forming layers of dead skin, rough and peeling out.
  • Large pores:  There are many reasons that lead to large and easily visible pores. However, the most common is due to aging skin. At this time, the amount of hormones in the body is reduced quite a lot, making the production of collagen to protect and regenerate the skin is no longer as strong as before. The skin is not nourished, the skin membrane is thinner, making the pores appear more transparent.
  • Wrinkles appear on the skin:  The older you get, the more wrinkles appear. This is also proof of the phenomenon of skin aging. When aging, the skin lacks nutrients, the skin is no longer as smooth and shiny as before. From the age of 30, the elasticity of the skin also becomes less, so wrinkles are more likely to appear on the face.
  • Dark and rough skin: Sebum, dust is not washed, accumulates on the skin for a long time, creating dead cells. When not exfoliating regularly, they will change skin pigmentation, the skin will become dark and rugged.
  • Age spots appear on the skin:  Age spots or freckles are also visible signs that your skin is in the aging time. This is explained by hormonal changes in the body due to age. There are also effects from pollution, sunlight, and the natural environment.
  • Sagging skin: Similar to the appearance of wrinkled skin, sagging skin is also caused by insufficient collagen to make the skin stretch. You can completely see these signs when observing your skin in the mirror.
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13 effective anti-aging tips

With the pollution of the natural environment, the cause of facial aging today is not simply due to age. However, you can still overcome the above signs with the following simple anti-aging ways:

1. Anti-aging by protecting your skin with sunscreen

The environment is getting hot day by day, the ozone layer is no longer able to block all UV rays from reaching the earth and of course, we will be directly affected by these harmful rays. This leads to increased skin problems. When going out, only using a mask or protective equipment, you still cannot avoid exposure to the sun. Your skin will be attacked by harmful ultraviolet rays. Over time, they affect skin pigmentation, darken skin, and the risk of premature aging is unavoidable.

Therefore, experts recommend that you use sunscreen to protect your skin, even though you actually feel it’s not too sunny. This is said to be the most basic step to protect the skin from premature aging that everyone needs to take.

2. Always remember to remove makeup every night is also an anti-aging method

Whether you use sunscreen, lotion, or makeup, at the end of the day, before going to bed, you also need to remove makeup. This is a skin cleansing step not to be missed if you want healthy, anti-aging skin. Because face wash products are not enough to remove all the dirt that has adhered to the skin during a long day.

Surfactants, Glycerin, Glycol, … and some other substances in makeup remover have the effect of cleansing, softening, and moisturizing the skin. These active ingredients help to penetrate deep into each pore, combined with makeup remover cotton to bring dirt out of the skin. Make-up, lipstick, powder, foundation, eyeshadow, etc. are also thoroughly cleaned.

3. The effective way to fight skin aging is to moisturize the skin regularly

Dry and dehydrated skin causes an uncomfortable burning sensation. Not only that, but the lack of moisture can also make the skin more oily, easily causing bacteria accumulation, acne. Therefore, providing enough moisture makes your skin soft and smooth. The connection between cells takes place better when the skin is adequately hydrated. As a result, aging is also significantly reduced.

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Depending on the skin type, you can choose the right moisturizer. With dry skin, you should use gentle moisturizers, with high water content to increase moisture and soften skin. Meanwhile, those with oily skin should prioritize choosing gel-based products to help absorb quickly and avoid greasiness.

4. Anti-aging for the skin with a scientific diet

A scientific diet is the most effective way to fight skin aging from yours inside. Reasonable nutrition will help the body produce the necessary nutrients for the skin. In particular, for those who regularly eat a diet rich in green vegetables and fruits, their skin will be much fresher and healthier.

5. Exercise every day

Most experts and doctors recommend that you have regular exercise every day. This way not only makes the body healthy, increases resistance but is also very good for the secretion of hormones. In addition, when exercising in the morning, you have the opportunity to be exposed to early sunlight, which helps the body absorb vitamin D, avoid skin diseases and increase the body’s resistance.

6. Limit wrinkle-forming expressions for anti-aging

Limiting wrinkle-generating expressions sound be strange, but it is an extremely effective anti-aging facial method. Because, in the process of skin starting to age, the elastic cells on the skin are no longer as sensitive as before. When you express too many strong shades on your face such as smiling, crying, frowning… the skin will wrinkle and return to normal for a long time. This will contribute to the formation of wrinkles on the face.

7. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is extremely harmful to our health. The use of beer and alcohol is the cause of hormonal disorders and hormone production. And we all know that female hormones are directly related to the beauty of the skin.

8. Just drink enough water to fight aging

Drinking water is also an effective way to help balance electrolyte levels in the body. Moreover, to have vibrant skin, they need the body to have the necessary amount of water. On average, a person needs to drink at least 2 liters of water every day for all body activities to take place in the most stable way.

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9. Not staying up late is the most effective way to fight skin aging

Similar to nerve cells, staying up late will make the cells on the facial skin under pressure, stretch to work. Especially in the area around the eyes and forehead. Everyone should have a reasonable rest regime, sleep on time so that the facial skin can rest and relax. This is the only way to prevent premature skin aging.

10. Use anti-aging skin care products

There are many anti-aging skin care products on the market today. Besides, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Polyphenols found in green tea, Retinoids, … are ingredients that are beneficial to the skin and are also substances with very good antioxidant effects. Keep it in mind and choose skin care products that contain these ingredients.

11. Anti-aging facial lifting massage

Currently, massage methods for anti-aging body skin in general and facial skin, in particular, are being applied by many women. Indeed, this method works very well. Gentle massage movements help the body relax and enhance blood circulation under the skin. As a result, aging is significantly reduced. During the facial lifting massage process at the spa, experts will combine the use of anti-aging products to increase efficiency. With proper technique, wrinkles will be improved. Moreover, when applying this method, women also have the opportunity to relax after a tiring working day.

You can completely do your own facial massage at home. After cleaning your face and hands, warm your hands with massage oil or grapefruit/coconut/olive oil. Apply and massage regularly with hand strokes, patting, counter-clockwise massage. These movements also help blood circulate, effectively lifting muscles.

12. Periodically exfoliate the skin

Dead cells are one of the most effective ways to prevent facial aging. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin. Sebum and dirt stick on the skin for a long time, only face wash can not remove them completely. If you don’t exfoliate, the next step in your skincare routine can be not effective. Because dead cells are like a coating that prevents nutrients from penetrating the skin.

13. Try anti-aging tips with positive thinking and saying no to stress

Stress, exhaustion, life, and work pressure make you think too much. This is the main cause of insomnia, which in turn leads to bad effects on the skin. Moreover, when stress makes you anxious, wrinkles will appear more.