Review 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer [Updated 2021]


Soft Lip Lacquer, the creamy including a little of matte lipstick is a short description of the latest 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer lipstick collection that 3CE has just added to its popular liquid lipstick lines. After the success of the Velvet Lip Tint cream collection, 3CE recently launched a brand new cream named 3CE Lip Lacquer Lipstick. Continually launching new lipstick collections just in half-year, Korean cosmetic brand 3CE makes the beauty lover get crazy by being too much excited. See our 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer review in today’s article.

Introduce 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer

3CE was created by Stylenanda Korean company – a famous fashion brand and always leads every fashion trend in Korea. After 2 years of research and a deep understanding of the cosmetic market, Stylenanda has officially launched the products 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) line. 3CE lipstick collection is loved by everyone because of its mid-range price and diverse designs suitable for all ages.

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According to the introduction from this brand, the 3CE Lip Lacquer is not a lip gloss, nor a dry matte lipstick, but an upgraded version of a traditional matte lipstick: medium matte, with a soft creamy and do not dry your lips.

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Reviews

The packaging and design

The design of 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer has changed significantly compared to the previous Velvet Lip Tint collection with the same lid with the lip color on the inside and the lower body made of clear plastic, which looks more “soft” than the paper cover by Velvet Lip Tint.

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Unlike the traditional 3CE brush tip, the Soft Lip Lacquer brush head is designed to be large and diagonal, making it easier to take the lipstick and easier to apply on lips. This helps the Lip lacquer 3ce review as the smart lipstick of all time.

3CE Lip Lacquer Price

Despite having a shorter body than the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint, 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Lipstick has contained up to 6g of the product (Velvet Lip Tint is 4g) but the price is still equal to 15,000 won per lipstick.

Soft Lip Lacquer 3CE color palette

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer including 10 lipstick colors:

  • Midnight Bottle purple-pink
  • Almost Mauve purple cold
  • Perk Up reddish pink
  • Change Mode – Cool Red
  • Null Set – Redbrick
  • Explicit – Pink coral
  • Shawty bright pink neon
  • Tawny Red-orange earth
  • Peach Tea – 3ce lip lacquer orange nude
  • Neutral Avenue – pink nude.
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Review 3CE Lip Lacquer Null Set – Red Brick

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Review Tawny Red – Dirty Orange Soil

3CE Lip Lacquer Explicit (coral pink)

Add an incredibly easy color shade from Soft Lip Lacquer. Explicit is a combination of two grams of pink and orange, with more pink shade to make it fit to any skin tones.

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Peach Tea – Orange nude lipstick

Peach Tea’s nude orange tones are not too fluffy but still suit the lighter skin than dark skin. This lipstick is also suitable for daily use and when combined with peach face makeup will be very beautiful.

Swatch 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Change Mode – Cool Red Lipstick

Those who are passionate about red lipstick will find it hard to control the desire to buy this Change Mode color because the red color is too arrogant and religious. However, objectively commented that this color is not much different from the cool red lip colors that had been launched before 3CE.

3CE Lip Lacquer Review Perk Up – Rosy Red

If you love red lipstick but don’t want your lips to look too bright, you could choose the Perk Up of 3CE Lip Lacquer collection. The reddish-pink color is an easy-to-use lipstick that can be used daily.

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Neutral Avenue (nude pink)

Neutral Avenue is the lightest color in the 3CE Lip Lacquer Set. Perhaps, no need to say more, this nude pink is quite difficult to use and requires you to apply makeup very carefully.

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3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Shawty Swatch

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Midnight Bottle – Purple-Pink

[3ce] Soft Lip Lacquer #Almost Mauve – Cool Purple

Final words

We hope that the 3CE Soft Lip Lacquer Review above can help you choose your right lipstick colors. Do not forget to share how you think about this new collection from the 3CE.