MAC Twig Lipstick Review & Swatches


Hello all girls! MAC lipsticks have always been loved by the affordable price and various lipstick shades and colors, the quality is not inferior to any expensive high-end lipstick! And today, we will introduce to you one of the most famous of the MAC lipsticks – that extremely attractive and impressive – MAC Matte Lipstick Twig.


MAC Twig is described as a soft muted brownish pink by this brand. The brownish color has become trendy in the last 3 years, and MAC Twig Brownish Pink is also considered as one of the first lipstick for this color trend.

Pink lip base color is mixed with a little orange with a little bit of brown to make people feel much more elegant and mature. It doesn’t mean that 20 to 25 years old girls cannot wear this lipstick. Just care about make-up and clothing when applying these color shades of MAC.


MAC matte lipstick Twig was known as a lovely color for every girl to use. The Twig by MAC was highly complimented as a lipstick that has a solid texture, viscous, which is extremely smooth on the lips by the conditioning layer.

Everything you can do with MAC Twig is just applying it into your lips, waiting for the balm absorbed absolutely. And your lips will become full of vitality. According to most popular girls, once they use MAC Twig lipstick, they don’t want to give up with this lipstick at all.

Completely protect and care for the lips, not afraid of peeling, dry lips – MAC Twig can bring a naturally smooth and modernity for all-day night style. When using this lipstick, there is no need to use lip liner but you still can get the perfect lip frame.


The plus point of this lipstick which includes lip balm gently nourishes the lips. About 4 hours after applying the lipstick is the best color, less than the Matte or Retro Matte product line.