Mac Whirl lipstick review & swatch


Mac Whirl Lipstick own a neutral brown with warm undertones with a matte but not dry finish. The lipstick texture is very light and smooth, not heavy when applying to the lips. The lipstick color lasts for 5 hours without losing moisture on the lips. If you are still wondering why Mac Lipstick in Whirl is so hot, let’s see it in the Whirl Mac review article below.

Depending on the skin tone and the pH of your lips, the color of the MAC Matte Lipstick Whirl can be variable. Whirl can turn pinker or browner when applied to the lips. So it’s hard to say what color Whirl is. However, regardless of the color tone, there is one thing that makes Whirl extremely popular with women because the lipstick color is extremely fit with many skin tones.

MAC Whirl 626 Lipstick Best Dark Brown Matte

As the number one cosmetic brand in the world, MAC Cosmetics has long become an unforgettable beauty symbol in the hearts of women. With outstanding quality, affordable prices, and countless attractive choices, each MAC lipstick collection was immediately sold-out and became an explosive fever in the global cosmetics market. In particular, MAC Matte is praised as the famous classic ultra-smooth, lightweight, and long-lasting lipstick from the North American beauty brand. Converging elegance, charm, and personality, Mac lipstick Whirl from the Matte line is the brightest name that every girl should own on their lips.

Sexy lips with the world famous MAC Whirl lipstick

MAC Whirl is one of the best shades to try in the MAC Matte line. This lipstick debuted in the spring collection “Mac Strength Collection” and was voted the best lipstick of 2014 by Beaty Award on Total Beauty. Possessing a sweet and attractive earthy pink color, MAC Matte Lipstick Whirl belongs to the top of its best-selling lipstick colors with impressive sales figures every year.

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Outstanding advantages of MAC Matte Lipstick Whirl

MAC Whirl lipstick has a smooth matte finish, super impressive color

If you love lightning matte lipsticks, long-lasting color, then surely MAC Whirl will be the number one makeup item for you. With its longevity and perfect color, Whirl Mac also super soft and smooth when applied to the lips. Besides, the texture of this MAC 626 does not cause the lips to be dry after wearing a long day.

With MAC Whirl, you can enjoy eating and drinking without worrying about the color fading away at the end of the day. The MAC 626 also passed difficult tests such as not sticking to the cup when drinking water or fading on a tissue. With an average color retention time of about 6 to 8 hours, MAC Whirl deserves to be an unrivaled matte lipstick in the cosmetic market today.

MAC Whirl Lipstick finish

The personality and trendy earthy brown color of MAC Whirl lipstick

Besides the hot lipstick colors, the trendy and attractive brown tones are also especially loved by women in recent years. Bringing elegance, charm, and sexy, choosing MAC 626 lipstick color brings girls confidence when going out for the party. MAC lipstick Whirl is super flattering and easy to wear eventually without make-up. Or you can combine this lipstick tone with any makeup style if you want a modern and attractive look. The MAC Whirl lipstick on dark skin seems as the pioneering lipstick color for the MLBB trend.

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MAC Whirl impresses with luxurious and sophisticated bullet design

Honoring the elegance, sophistication but equally impressive, the famous bullet-shaped design seems to have become the hallmark of MAC lipsticks. MAC lipstick Whirl owns a mysterious, ghostly black color design. The lipstick has an extremely lovely design, easy to carry.

MAC Whirl lipstick design

Instructions for use MAC Whirl lipstick

  • During use, you should store the lipstick in a cool, dry place, avoid sunlight as well as humid and high-temperature areas.
  • Keeping the habit of regular exfoliation helps lips smooth. In addition, before makeup, you can use a little lip balm to protect and soften the lips.
  • When using, you just need to directly apply lipstick on your lips and apply makeup.

Mac Whirl lipstick on dark skin

For girls with honey or dark skin, choosing lipstick is even more difficult, just choosing the wrong one will make the skin even darker. But Mac Whirl lipstick on dark skin is the most popular shade of lipstick for honey and brown skin recently. See Mac Whirl on dark skin swatch below.

Some dupes for Mac Whirl lipstick

Girls who love MAC lipstick can save much money because there so many dupes one with affordable prices but the same quality. Below are the perfect dupes for MAC Whirl lipstick

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