6 Japanese Skin Care Sets You Should Try One Time in Your life


Finding suitable skincare products is not easy. And if you can choose the correct skincare set, you can save time for your daily skincare routine. If you are a fan of Japanese Cosmetics, try these 6 Japanese Skincare sets. It is not about saving money, but choosing your best skin care product is the right way.

6 Best-Seller Japanese Skin Care Sets

1. SKII Japanese Skin Care Sets

Japan’s SKII brand is one of the high-end cosmetic lines loved by many people worldwide. It is so famous for its exclusive technology and the most outstanding anti-aging in the world.

This Japanese Skin Care Sets from SK-II includes 20g cleanser, 30ml rosewater, 30ml magic water, 15g anti-aging cream. The main ingredient is an anti-aging cream that helps our facial skin become smooth, bright, limiting dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, etc…

2. Japanese Hatomugi Skin care Set

Hatomugi brand is one of the cult cosmetic brands of Japan; this is a sub-brand of the cult Japanese Kumano Cosme. The Hatomugi Skincare set includes a facial cleanser, day body lotion, night body lotion, lotion, skin cream, and shower gel, especially with a perfect bottle of rose water. With the main ingredient of willow seed to help moisturize and whiten the skin, this product is used at all ages. The ingredients are benign; the pH is suitable for the skin, with high anti-aging effects.

3. Japanese Melano CC Skincare Set

This CC Melano set includes five products: Foam cleanser, toner, serum, mineral spray, mask. These are all the top-selling products of CC Melano. This product set is quite effective, especially helping to tighten pores, fade acne scars. Thanks to the high vitamin C content in the products, it brings a lot to your facial skin.

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4. Blue Shiseido Aqualabel Skin Care Set

Born in 1872., Shiseido brand is one of the oldest brands in the world. In particular, this Japanese facial care product set includes Cleansing oil, cleanser, toner, skin whitening serum, and night cream. Using all facial care products of this brand, you will reduce pigmentation, freckles, whiten, and healthy skin naturally and safely.

5. MUJI’s Skin Care Sets

MUJI is one of the oldest brands in Japan, launched in 1980 by Ryouhin Keikaku company. MUJI brand has a lot of facial care products suitable for many different skin types such as skin. Sensitive helps anti-aging and stimulates skin whitening. Muji’s skincare product set includes: Light toner, moisturizing milk, Muji cream/gel, whitening line for sensitive skin,…and many skincare products from this brand are highly effective anymore.

6. Hada Labo Facial Care Set

Another famous brand of Rohto company is Hada Labo; this brand is also very famous in Japan and Asian countries. Hada Labo’s Skincare Set including cleanser, toner, lotion, day cream, and night cream.

  • Set of blue whitening care for the age of 16.
  • The red set helps anti-aging care for the period from 25.
  • The white set helps to moisturize and hydrate dry skin.

So these are the six best Japanese facial care sets being trusted by women. Therefore, if you are satisfied with a product set, quickly buy it and experience it. We hope the above information will be helpful for you!