All about the classic Rouge Allure Chanel Lipstick


Each high-end cosmetic brand has its own iconic lipstick collection. For Chanel, it was definitely the Rouge Allure0 Chanel lipstick.

In 2006, Chanel launched the first Rouge Allure lipstick collection with a satin texture that was smooth, sexy and broke every concept of color. Right from the first Chanel lipstick color layer, Rouge Allure quickly revealed its very own charm: smooth, outstanding, and attractive. It has been more than a decade since that day, the Rouge Allure lipstick line currently owns 6 versions. Each lipstick line marks an important turning point in the brand’s technological and creative development history.

The common feature of Rouge Allure, which is also the value that the experts at Chanel are most proud of is the high color gradation. Although formulated from different formulas and textures, Rouge Allure lipstick always gives a strong visual impression. Each lipstick highlights the woman’s individuality. The Rouge Allure Lipstick collection is a multifaceted lens: elegant, sweet at times; while hiding many aspirations, passions, and full of mysteries. The large lipstick collection creates opportunities for beauty believers to play freely with colors, experiment with many styles to find the best item for them. Which Rouge Allure lipstick color is the perfect choice for you? Let explore 6 classic lipstick versions in this Chanel lipstick review article below.


The collection marks the new era of Chanel lipstick with a sophisticated lipstick design, glossy blacklip shell, and trendy gold-plated body with a surprisingly attractive click on the lid. Reconstituted, Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure comes in versions with super-fine textures thanks to super-pigmentation ingredients, light satin gloss, radiant color, and long-lasting color retention.


Smooth lipstick, no heavy lips or peeling thanks to the addition of nourishing ingredients with herb extract (Sappan Wood), green tea and almond oil.


Rouge Allure Velvet is a transition of Rouge Allure with a radiant effect and a velvety smooth texture.


All the advantages of Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure are preserved, but Rouge Allure Velvet brings boldness in color to a new level. Since this milestone, Chanel increasingly explored the territory of sepia shades and matte texture. The Chanel lipstick colors blend into the lips, creating a thin layer of smooth, durable, and rich in ink.


Rouge Allure Gloss is the perfect combination of lip gloss with the intense color of Chanel matte lipsticks, giving a mesmerizing shine and shine effect but not quickly drifting or smudging.

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On the other hand, a distinct advantage of Rouge Allure Gloss is the luxurious, convenient and optimal ingot design for lipstick preservation.


Rouge Allure Ink is the first Chanel Matte Lipstick collection. Since before the debut, the lipstick line has created a “storm” in the beauty world. Rouge Allure Ink is loved for its high coloration, mild creamy texture without drying or revealing the lips.

In the collection of Le Mat de Chanel in mid-2018, four new Rouge Allure Ink lipsticks were officially launched, bringing the total number of 29 colors.


In the Fall – Winter 2018 this year, Chanel continues to introduce a new generation of matte lipsticks called Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême with a limited edition matte black lipstick. This collection can be considered the sublimation of Rouge Allure Velvet with an extremely durable texture, immediately revealed in the name of Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême.

The lipstick line possesses the most matte texture in the Rouge Allure line, but Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême does not cause dry lips, on the contrary, it also feels extremely comfortable and light. The lipstick collection possesses a spectrum of colors with vibrant reddish-orange shades and warm earth tones.

As the name, this Chanel matte lipstick version extremely brings the most fashionable colors. Not dry out the lips, reveals a texture, or making feeling heavy, this Chanel lipstick rouge allure version is completely smooth and the ability to color correctly thanks to the perfect nutritional ingredients such as vitamin E, rice flour, Matcha green tea …

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Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme still retains the traditional design of the Chanel lipstick with an elegant and luxurious design. Instead of the glossy shell like the other versions, this time, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme has a matte black finish that is extremely luxurious and limited to fingerprints on the lipstick.


Along with Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême, Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is the youngest member of the Rouge Allure lipstick family. This Rouge Allure version expresses endless creativity and modern and novel use of Chanel image depiction technology. Possessing a completely new, youthful, and convenient design with a cushion-shaped lip tip, Rouge Allure Liquid Powder can be adjusted to color gradation, which is very suitable for matte or lip type. The unique lip tip design not only helps shape the lips clearly and quickly but also spreads easily on the lips.

Besides, with its matte texture and still moisture, Rouge Allure Chanel Liquid Lipstick can bring the effect of “second skin” to natural beautiful lips. This is definitely the perfect choice for active and mobile girls.