Bio Oil Specialist Skincare Review 2021


Bio oil skincare oil is a healthcare product that has been given the same effect for the pregnant mother in preventing stretch marks, reducing scars, and improving uneven skin tone. To better understand the product, listen to Beauty Up share about its uses, ingredients for having a more relevant view of this product!

What is Bio oil skin care oil?

Bio-oil specialist skincare is a skincare product extracted from natural essential oils and is known as a versatile essential oil. Bio-oil is an organic product that is trusted by women around the world with a lot of advantages such as removing bruises, stretch marks, regenerating deep, sagging skin, and preventing skin aging.

The ingredients of Bio-oil Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio oil is extracted from many numerous ingredients and some vitamins are as follows: Purcellin oil, Lavender oil, Calendula oil, Rosemary oil, Chamomile oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, … There are components from lavender oil, Roman chamomile oil, rosemary oil. And some additives make up the oil system and flavors.

The special ingredient is Purcellin oil which is embossed on the back of the product. This is a manufacturer’s secret recipe that emphasizes the effectiveness that this ingredient brings.

Who should use Bio oil multiuse skincare oil?

Bio oil skincare oil used for many ages and pregnant mothers who are the recommended subject to use bio oil multiuse skincare oil to prevent post-birth stretch marks. You can use Bio oil if you want to improve your stretch of skin. Uneven skin tone or multiple scars, including new and permanent scars.

The product can be used for both face and body but if your face is oily skin and there are many acne. Then it is not recommended to take this product for facial, as it can cause your acne condition worse because oil causes clogged pores.

If you want to use it for scars or bruises on the face, you should take a cotton pad soaked in oil and swab to the skin to improve the situation, not to apply directly.

How does Bio oil specialist skincare work?

Bio oil’s effects are so well-known and so many people take praise for it too much. Bio oil is particularly famous for its ability to solve problems of scars and stretch marks.

  • For scars: bio oil is able to blur new scars and perennial scars.
  • For stretch marks: Bio oil helps to minimize and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or stretch marks due to weight gain too fast at puberty or pregnancy. Bio oil also supports the blurring of old stretch marks.

Bio oil is also used as a moisturizer for face and body skin. With the use of:

  • Prevent skin aging: reduce skin wrinkles on the face and body, help smooth skin.
  • Preventing skin dehydration: Bio oil essential oil provides moisture, water supply to the skin, fixing dry skin conditions due to the effects of weather and chemical agents.
  • Treatment of sunburned skin: Soothes the skin from burns due to excessive exposure to the sun.

Using bio oil daily will help to make your skin smooth and soft. Maximize the situation of dry, cracked skin in the winter, premature aging skin as well as stretch marks in the pregnant mother.

How to apply the bio oil multiuse skincare oil?

Pregnant women are recommended to use essential oils Bio oil starting from the 2nd trimester and use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from appearing. Massage gently onto scars or prone to stretch marks such as the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs which are regularly dated 2 times in the morning and evening before bedtime.

Note, for scars you are only allowed to apply bio oil to the healed scars, absolutely do not apply to the open wounds that will suffer from skin infections.

How much bio oil multiuse skincare oil?

The price of bio-oil specialist skincare varies slightly depending on the place of sale. You can refer to the bio-oil price according to the capacity below:

Does Bio oil multiuse skincare oil have side effects?

Postporn stretch marks are always a concern of mothers during pregnancy, but they are also worried about the use of stretch marks products will affect the health of mothers and babies. It must be confirmed that Bio oil is safe and benign, especially good for pregnant mothers.

So mom is in a good mood and peace of mind using mother bio oil! Mom does not worry about stretching but the baby is healthy and normal. Use bio oil essential oil during pregnancy to keep skin beautiful and smooth like never before having given birth to a mother. In the world, there are not any cases of birth defects due to using bio oil.


Bio oil specialist skincare for acne scars is also a famous way for girls around the world. But please note that Bio oil is not a medicine, not a function of replacing medicine. The article is only about a review, BeauUp does not sell any products on this website.


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