Check out trendy Japanese lip balms 2021


Check out the popular Japanese lip balms cosmetic brands with natural ingredients that moisturize and treat dry lips.

What is the lip balm?

Lip balm is a color or colorless lipstick with ingredients containing many natural nutrients such as beeswax, carnauba wax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum, and other ingredients. The main effect is to moisturize the lips, soothe the lips, prevent the harmful effects of UV rays, lipstick, and external agents that damage the lips.

Is lip balm essential?

Unlike skin, our lips are thinner and more sensitive. It only has 3 to 5 layers of cells, while the skin has 16 main layers of cells, so the skin of the lips is easily irritated and influenced by the environment such as sun, dirt, or agents such as cigarette smoke, lipstick, etc. Factors from the body also affect the lips. Therefore, besides adding nutrients from the inside, an external lip balm will help your lips be best protected.

Benefits of using lip balm daily

Most lip balms will provide vitamin E, making your lips fresh and rosy naturally. It helps you feel more confident and active. In addition, some lip balms also have sun protection for lips. Therefore, using lip balm is an indispensable step in the lip care process. Besides, lip balm also has many other uses such as:

  • Fix eyebrows instead of eyebrow gel when applying makeup.
  • Soothe swollen eyes, dark circles.
  • Lengthen lashes instead of mascara

How to choose a good lip bam?

To choose a good lip balm for you, always remember these things: Say no to dangerous ingredients and Make friends with natural ingredients. When selecting any cosmetic, please pay attention to its ingredients. If your lip balm contains mineral oil (also known as liquid paraffin, white oil, or liquid petroleum), say goodbye to it immediately.

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In addition, some poor-quality lip balms containing lead, paraben, manganese, Retinyl palmitate, aluminum, etc., will be very harmful to your health. Instead, you should choose natural-friendly lipsticks that are extracted from nature and rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, aloe, honey, almond oil, beeswax, olive oil.

In addition, you should also use a lip balm that contains SPF. A lip balm with an SPF of at least 15 will keep your lips smooth and protected from harmful effects. Japan is a paradise of good, quality cosmetics and not to mention lip care products. If you are looking to buy a genuine made in japan lip balm, then look for one of the lip balm product lines below!

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Best Japanese Lip Balms without color that you should try

1. DHC Lip Balm

DHC lip balm is a rare lipstick with medicated ingredients, effective in treating dark lips, making lips naturally rosy. Perfect moisturizing ingredients from DHC make lips soft, smooth for a long time, especially not greasy.

  • Made in Japan
  • Producer: DHC
  • Packing: 1.5g ingots
  • Purpose of use: Reduce dark lips, make lips pink naturally. Moisturizing
  • Colorless lipstick lipstick
  • DHC lipstick has been the number 1 product of Cosme magazine for many years. Rated as Japan’s No. 1 lip balm by the Japanese
  • No fragrance, no parabens, preservatives or mineral oil ingredients.
  • Especially not cause greasy or sticky lips. The lipstick penetrates well into the lips, leaving the lips smooth and comfortable.

2. Menturm Medicated Stick Lip Balm

Omi balm has the English name Omi Brotherhood Menturm medicated stick with menthol, a unique mint ingredient, creating a slightly excellent feeling when applied to the lips.

  • Producer: Omi
  • Packing: 4g stick
  • Purpose of use: Soften lips and resolve the chapped lips.

What’s good about OMi lip balm?

  • Completely non-greasy when applied. Humidity is very moderate. After using a layer of Menturm balm, it will blend into the skin of the lips, completely comfortable.
  • Omi Japanese lip balm can be used as a highly effective makeup primer, helping the lipstick layer become more beautiful and durable. Create a protective layer on the inside of the lips to prevent darkening of the lips
  • Omi balm is highly rated by many women for its pleasant and relaxing minty scent.
  • Simple ingredients, no alcohol, no lead, no parabens, or no mineral oils are also favorite points of women. Mature Japanese lip balm is safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers and does not cause dark lips when used. In particular, a Menturm lip balm is extremely cheap, only 1/3 of other lip balms.
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3. Japanese Shiseido water in lip balm

Shiseido’s favorite lip balm helps prevent dry, chapped lips, providing nutrients for soft lips for hours. Shiseido Water in Lip, when applied to the lips, will give you an instant feeling of cool and soft lips, not sticky like other lip balms, look like your lips are soft and rosy naturally. Colorless, odorless, rich in moisturizing nutrients to keep lips fresh and smooth for longer, with SPF 18+, PA +. It can be used as a lip foundation to protect the lips.

Shiseido Water in Lip Lip Balm includes four scents.

  • Shiseido Water In Lip light pink: moisturizing formula with pure light pink color extracted from cherry blossom powder, keeps your lips hydrated and pink naturally.
  • Water in lip colorless: Colorless, Odorless, contains many moisturizing nutrients to help lips stay fresh and soft for longer.
  • Water in lip Blue Medicated UV Cut: colorless, odorless, containing SPA water and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and nourish lips. Resolve the dry, chapped lips, leaving a fresh, supple lip with cooling menthol.
  • White Medicated natural care: with mineral water ingredients, the delicate scent of pears and nutrients vitamins have moisturizing effects, prevent chapping, and keep the lips fresh.

4. Nivea Creme Care Lip Balm

This chapped wax is in the top 10 lip balm products on and is also Nivea’s best lip balm (in my opinion). In addition to the honey taste, there is also a similar but odourless cracked wax.

5. Shiseido’s Moilip Lip Balm

Shiseido Moilip lip balm is a product of the treatment line, specialized for chapped lips. This product is a great lip balm. A thin layer of Shiseido lip balm will moisturize and soften lips all day, helping the lipstick to last longer and last longer.

  • Lip balm is supplemented with Vitamin E and Vitamin B6, and other vitamins to help soften lips and treat chapped and dry lips exceptionally effectively.
  • The product is colourless, odourless, convenient tube form to use for men/women and children.
  • It can use as a lip primer before applying lipstick to protect lips and lipstick colour.
  • Colourless Japanese lip balms

Top best Japanese colored lip balms 2021

If you want to find a product that can nourish your lips and help your lips look rosy and fresh, try the products I recommend below.

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1. DHC Color Lip Cream

DHC Color Lip Cream has a Japanese colour that balances both deep moisturizing, softening and thickening of the lips, and at the same time covers the lips with a light colour lipstick that makes the lips more attractive. DHC lip balm with Japanese colour maximizes its strength in providing nutrients for soft and smooth lips, much more than other lip balms, not inferior to its colourless brother DHC lip balm.

  • Made in Japan
  • Producer: DHC
  • Packing: Ingots of 1.5g. Available in 3 colours Red (red), Pinky (pink) and Apricot (orange)
  • Intended use: Lip balm. Thicken and tighten lips. There are lipstick colours instead of makeup lipstick.

What’s good about DHC lip balm?

  • Lead-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free. Safe and healthy.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers can use it usually. It does not darken lips.
  • Colour up real and natural. Long-lasting colour
  • The moisturizing for the lips is perfect – a tradition of lip balms from DHC. Therefore, the lips are incredibly soft and smooth; the more you use it, the smoother it becomes
  • DHC colour lip cream does not cause dark lips, dry lips like regular makeup
  • Increase the thickness and charm of the lips

2. Rohto Mentholatum Lip Baby Crayon

This is Rohto’s new colour lip balm line last year when the lip crayon trend was hot. This lipstick comes in 3 colours: nude pink, baby pink and red. As soon as I came out, I immediately picked up the baby pink (innocent pink) and have used it ever since. Soft lips, cute pink again, so when I go out these days, I apply sunscreen and then apply this to be confident walking around.

3. Nivea Japan Rich Care & Color Lip Cream SPF20 PA++

This is Nivea’s new colour lip balm line, which is getting a lot of attention. I have not used this lip balm yet, but I saw it on and saw good reviews and was ranked 4th in the top 10 lip care products, so I recommend it.

4. Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge Japan

This is an option for those looking for lipstick that can moisturize your lips but still has a lovely light colour. This lipstick has 12 tones, priced 580 yen before tax. This is one of Canmake’s most loved Japanese lip balms.