Top 4 cosmetic brands guaranteed 100% hypoallergenic lipsticks


Allergy lipstick has long been a problem for most of the girls who love to wear colorful lipsticks. There is an ugly truth that even if we don’t want to, we have to admit: allergy is a common problem we could face when using lipsticks. However, allergy ingredients are not a required ingredient in lipsticks. In other words, your lipstick can still have beautiful colors, up to the standard color without the presence of the bad ingredients above. So where do we find hypoallergenic lipsticks? Let’s find out 4 typical natural cosmetic brands we suggest below.

Top 4 Hypoallergenic Lipstick Brands

Below are famous natural brands with 100% lead-free, guaranteed benign lip products that you can trust. They also have many beautiful dark lipstick colors.

1. Bite Beauty

Over the past time, Bite Beauty has emerged as a hot trend as organic lipsticks that are completely benign but possess the qualities of traditional lipsticks: trendy color palette, long-lasting, rich colors. The lipstick that makes the brand’s name, Amuse Bouche has up to 42 colors with all the most fashionable colors today. In this most famous collection, some dark colors rapidly become the most selling products of brands, such as bright red, deep red, wine red. , a beautiful example is not inferior to “old” lipstick brands such as MAC, Nars, etc

Bite Beauty Lipstick is not only made entirely by hand but also has mostly natural ingredients. That’s why the company, called Bite – means to bite or gnaw – refers to its lipsticks that are safe enough to be eaten.

It does not mention the luxurious designs of these organic lipstick brands that bring us a sense of expensive, luxurious different from most other natural cosmetic brands. It can be said that Bite Beauty’s lipsticks bring in the best of both worlds.

2. Tarte

Tarte is an extremely famous brand in both the beauty community and the natural cosmetics market in particular. While natural cosmetic brands are often quite poor in terms of products, Tarte is a different story when it owns many rich product lines that are not inferior to any professional brand.

Besides foundation and eye color, lipstick is also a highlighted product of Tarte. Always sticking to the principles of organic but professionalism, Tarte constantly launched a series of lip lines with a super eye-catching color palette and high quality. The two most popular lipsticks of Tarte are Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint (26 colors) and the most recent is Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick (24 colors). Many beauty bloggers have to admit that they feel Tarte’s organic lipstick is not inferior to any professional lipstick.


ILIA can be considered a “luxury” name among natural cosmetics brands. Not only famous for hypoallergenic, ILIA lipstick containing up to 85% organic ingredients. ILIA lipsticks also have an extremely luxurious design, focusing on quality from the outside to the inside.

ILIA currently has only one lipstick collection. But it is extremely high quality. This lipstick collection from ILIA has smooth, matte lip gloss that does not dry lips and does not contain any scandalous components such as lead, parabens, sulfates or mineral oils. The color palette of ILIA lipstick can satisfy both gentle girls and personality girls with basic but prominent colors, from pale like orange-pink, light pink to “eye-catching” like bright red, red wine.

4. 100% Pure

In addition to the name that sounded so “organic”, 100% Pure also has a way to make lipstick more natural: using colors extracted from fruits to make colors for lipstick. Therefore, the cosmetics of 100% Pure are also called “Fruit Dyed Makeup”. 100% Pure is also the highest lipstick that received the best review from the user on Amazon eCommerce site.

Both the matte lipstick to lip gloss of 100% Pure all have an extremely brilliant color palette with dozens of different colors, the lipstick quality is silky smooth, dark colors, sharp and extremely soft lips.

Final words

There still remain more cosmetic brands that promote the use of organic ingredients in their beauty products. But in this article, we hope you can find your best hypoallergenic lipsticks with suitable colors and tones.


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