Easy Tip To Make Your Sunscreen Work With Your Makeup


UV rays are the main reason for premature aging. So if you want to get rid of freckles and wrinkles, work hard on your sunscreen applying regularly. And when you use sunscreen many times a day, you will probably feel really annoyed. But we need to reapply sunscreen after two to three hours for maximum protection. And what if you are putting on make-up? Applying wet sunscreen on foundation, smudging the powder on your face, really makes you feel uncomfortable.

In fact, the best protection is that you regularly use sunscreen at least twice daily. Therefore, there are always sunscreens born so that when applied, it does not affect the makeup. Today’s article will show you how to apply sunscreen all day long but do not wash out your makeup.

1. Choose a foundation with SPF

The easiest way to ensure that your skin is protected from the UV rays is to choose a foundation that contains the right amount of sunscreen SPF. But it’s very hard to find a traditional foundation that will make you feel comfortable that still contains at least SPF 30.

This is why you always need BB in your life. The BB Cream is the best makeup product to replace traditional foundation but still has protection up to SPF 50. They are also extremely convenient for you to carry around at all times. Missha M Magic Cushion can also be a great choice for you because it absorbs sweat and sebum, helps moisturize the skin and keep makeup longer.

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2. Use a powder sunscreen product

If you don’t want to use a foundation that contains SPF, you can try powder sunscreen. These powder formulations have extremely effective sun protection and have good coverage.

Colorescience Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Broad Spectrum

We suggest you Colorescience Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Broad Spectrum with SPF 50 and effective waterproof features, which is a perfect choice for you in the summer to help you get rid of the worry of anti-sun cream. The sun will be washed away by sweat.

3. Use spray sunscreen

Spray sunscreens are the best innovation of sunscreen modern products. Because they both protect the skin from the sun and feature mineral sprays after makeup.

You can refer to a few sunscreen sprays such as 3CE Boosting Sun Mist and Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70. This product will help moisturize and soothe the skin from sun damage.


If you are looking for a sunscreen product that works as a mineral spray, then try 3CE Boosting Sun Mist. It helps you keep makeup for a long time without excess oil. Have you used 3ce boosting sun mist before? Do not forget to leave your thoughts below the post and tell me about your favorite sunscreen today.