Summertime makeup tips you need to know


Hot weather makes your skin produce more oil. Moreover, enlarged pores will create an uncomfortable hiss, especially when wearing makeup. The skin is also more prone to acne breakouts on these hot sunny days. The following summertime makeup tips will help you choose the right product for the hot seasons, make you feel comfortable, and, more importantly, the makeup will last longer.

How to choose cosmetics and makeup tips for summer?

  • Cleansing skin before applying makeup is a must.
  • Choose a shade that matches your skin tone or is one tone lighter (for oily or dull skin with foundation makeup)
  • The foundation makeup is soft and light. Choose a powder with SPF.
  • Do not draw bold eyebrows.
  • Choose light eye tones, green, moss green, sky blue tones. Avoid using hot tones like pink, brown, orange, copper.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Choose a light lipstick colour to create a fresh and cool feeling.
  • Always carry greaseproof paper.
  • If your foundation doesn’t have sun protection, apply sunscreen underneath your makeup for optimal skin protection in the summer.

Summertime makeup tips you need to know

Step 1: Setting Spray class

The makeup setting spray is a powerful weapon to help makeup last longer and not melt in hot weather. It would help if you used this solution last to allow cosmetics to penetrate the skin better. But in addition to that, when sprayed on clean skin, the setting spray also creates a smooth, dry film to support the foundation to the skin more firmly and is more difficult to slip off. Therefore, the first step is to spray the setting evenly over the entire face (but don’t forget to moisturize the skin before that).

Step 2: Primer

Once the setting spray has dried, the next step is to apply a primer. Use the primer evenly all over the face, paying attention to the T-zone (nose, the middle and the chin). Primer helps skin control oil and effectively covers pores, giving you smoother skin and “eating” more foundation.

Note that you should only use a little primer, remember to be thin and smooth!

Step 3: Foundation

Continue to apply a little foundation that matches your skin tone. You should apply makeup in a way that goes down from the hairline instead of applying makeup from under the chin to the forehead, carefully brushing the corners of the nose and lower eyelids.

To create a smooth foundation that stays dry on a hot day, use a waterproof/sweatproof long-wear powder or foundation. When using a brush, blend in short, crossing strokes. This will help your foundation not show streaks when you sweat a lot.

Remember that the essential part of this makeup look is to apply the foundation very carefully but very thinly. The skin should look flawless, flawless, but also natural.

Step 4: Concealer

If you need to use concealer, choose waterproof to ensure it doesn’t slip off when exposed to sweat, and apply concealer with a sponge for maximum coverage while remaining best natural.

Note that the colour of the concealer must match your skin tone.

Step 5: Powder

After you have finished applying the foundation, do not forget to apply a thin layer of powder to the skin to fix the foundation.

Lightly apply powder over the entire face using a medium brush or puff. Brush gently on the whole face. If you have many imperfections, use a compact powder, but use pearl powder for very smooth and light skin if you have pretty skin.

Step 6: Blush

To create a fresh pink colour for your cheeks, use a water-based blush instead of a powder/cream because water-based blush absorbs quickly, dries quickly, is not greasy or cakey, but is durable.

Step 7: Draw eyebrows.

It would help if you chose pencils with wax or eyebrow wax ingredients with eyebrows because they stick more firmly and are more difficult to wash out than powder/eyebrow powder. Many eyebrow pencils and waxes are waterproof, and that’s what you need to fight sweat.

Summer rule: use light brown, avoid sepia, black

Step 8: Eye makeup

Eyelids also secrete a lot of oil in hot weather, so don’t forget to apply a specialized eye primer on your eyelids. This will help your eyelids dry more, and from there, eyeliner or mascara is also more challenging to smudge/drift.

If your eyelids are super oily, you can apply a layer of nude eyeshadow on top of the previous primer to prevent oil more thoroughly. To make big eyes bright without mascara, you need to apply dark brown or black eyeliner on the upper eyelid. They will create the illusion of deep eyes and thicker eyelashes.

In this weather, it’s better to keep your eye makeup simple, don’t apply too many layers of eyeshadow. At that time, eyeliner with gel eyeliner with waterproof ingredients is a simple but more effective solution in bringing a sharp and deep eye.

Step 9: Lips

To adorn your lips, use matte, tint or cream lipsticks because they last longer and also last longer than other lipsticks.

The current trend is to skip the lip contouring step. It is recommended to use a brush to take the lipstick. Light pink lipstick will be the most suitable choice for summer.

Summertime makeup tips: To prevent dry lips from dehydration, you should choose moisturizing lipsticks. Pay attention not to use bold, hot colours such as red, orange, brown, purple.

Final words

In summer makeup, the thing to note is that every layer must be skinny and natural, combined with the same colour scheme for summer. Hope these summertime makeup tips will help you have your best makeup on summer day!