Eat clean – New trend for a healthy and perfect body


It would be quite strange to say that food also follows the “trend”. Actually, along with the healthy eating clean method around these days, meals from nuts are appearing on the dining table of many people and families around the world. Let’s check which kind of clean food you should add to meals for a healthy lifestyle.

1. Brown rice is no longer just for diet people

Brown rice is often known as a dish for dieters thanks to its twice the fiber content of regular rice, which helps the body digest more slowly and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time. The silk bran layer outside the brown rice grain accounts for more than 90% of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and is rich in fiber. That’s why recently when there were higher requirements for the health of each meal, many people chose this grain as the main source of starch for the meal instead of regular white rice.

2. Nut milk gradually replaces animal milk

Many recent reputable studies show that animal milk is not really as good as we think: cow’s milk contains high cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity, the possibility of infection chemicals, and high pollution… When beliefs about the ubiquitous animal milk in the diet began to shake, people immediately thought of nut milk as an ideal substitute. Nut milk ensures the supply of nutrients, prevents cancer, supports the prevention of cardiovascular disease, helps digestion…

3. Breakfast cereal bowls take over social media

The image of eye-catching cereal bowls highly coverage on social networking sites recently is also a testament to the interest in the eat clean method. A bowl of cereal with nutritious nuts is both delicious and healthy, but does not take much time to prepare, is the ideal breakfast dish for busy people.

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4. Healthy nut snacks

Fast food and processed snacks are convenient, but often not good for health. Meeting the criteria of snacking must also be healthy, snacks from nuts are born more and more and are extremely diverse in processing.

5. Nuts for salads

In addition to green vegetables, nuts are also gaining popularity for healthy salads. Salads that combine vegetables and beans are both a “divine” dish for those who need to lose weight, purify the body, and provide a source of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Nutritious, healthy, and diverse in processing, foods made from nuts are a wise choice for those who follow the clean method in particular and a healthy lifestyle in general.

The information in the article is for reference only, please contact your doctor, pharmacist, or medical professional for specific advice.