FOREO Luna Mini 2, Mini 3, Luna 2, Luna 3: which FOREO Luna should I get?


If you are new to face cleansing devices, search and reading FOREO Luna Review is very important! Especially when you want to own a FOREO’s Luna device. This article will compare FOREO Luna models: Luna Mini 2 vs Mini 3 vs Luna 2 and Luna 3. By evaluating these four models in detail, we hope you can feel it easier to choose the suitable FOREO’s Luna Cleansing Brush. So which FOREO’s Luna should I get? Let’s check the full FOREO Luna review below.

Specifications of FOREO Luna Mini 2 | Mini 3 | Luna 2 | Luna 3

First, we can go through the table comparing the specifications of 4 FOREO facial cleansers.

FOREO Luna Mini 2FOREO Luna Mini 3FOREO Luna 2FOREO Luna 3
Dimensions (mm)75 x 80 x 28.580 x 78 x 38102.3 x 82.3 x 36.7102 x 82.5 x 39.2
MaterialABS resin and safety siliconABS resin and safety siliconABS resin and safety siliconABS resin and safety silicon
SkintypeAll skin types All skin typesOptional according to skin typeOptional according to skin type
Weight (g)6787135126
Li-ion battery420mAh 3.7V530mAh 3.7V530mAh 3.7V850mAh 3.7V
Charging time60 minutes60 minutes60 minutes ~120 minutes
Number of uses when full battery300 times 400 times450 times650 times
Waiting time90 days 90 days180 days90 days
Frequency (Hz)125100100100
Noise when in use50 dB max50 dB max50 dB max50 dB max
Anti-ageing massage
2 years warranty

Detailed FOREO compare products of Luna Mini 2, Mini 3, Luna 2, Luna 3

Now, we will compare four versions of the FOREO Facial Cleansing Brush: Luna mini 2 vs mini 3 vs Luna 2 and Luna 3. We will evaluate and analyze each item in detail. So you can easily see the pros and cons of each device, then you could draw a reasonable choice.


Luna Mini 2 and Luna Mini 3 have smaller round shapes, while Luna 2 and Luna 3 have an egg shape. Because it is larger, the full-size facial cleanser will be heavier than the mini cleansers. However, both of these versions can still easily be carried out.

The cross-section of bristles of Luna mini 3 is 30% larger than Luna mini 2. When the FOREO Luna 3’s bristles cross-section is 30% larger than Luna’s 2. A larger silicon area results in a more optimal cleaning effect. But the cleaning results did not differ too much.

Design Grade:

  • Luna mini 2: 0.5 points
  • Luna mini 3: 1 point
  • Luna 2: 0.5 points
  • Luna 3: 1 point


All 4 FOREO Facial Cleansers are made of Phthalate-free Silicone and ABS Plastic. The material is 35 times cleaner than conventional brush material. But because Luna mini 3 and Luna 3 were invented later, they were better improved. Specifically, the bristles of the two 3rd generations will be 30% longer and 25% softer than the 2nd generation.

When using, you can find that the silicon spike of mini 3 and Luna 3 is a little softer. But not too much difference, you do not need to worry too much if you miss the two old versions.

Material score:

  • Luna mini 2: 0.75 points
  • Luna mini 3: 1 point
  • Luna 2: 0.75 points
  • Luna 3: 1 point

Feeling when using

For people with small hands, the feeling when using both mini and full size is still okay. There is no problem whether it is a mini or full size. However, those with larger hands often prefer full-size lines. But these are just personal feelings.

The feeling point when using:

  • Luna mini 2: 1 point
  • Luna mini 3: 1 point
  • Luna 2: 1 point
  • Luna 3: 1 point


FOREO Luna Mini 2 has a total of 6 colors.

FOREO Luna Mini 3 comes in 5 colours

FOREO Luna 2 has 4 colours for women and one black for men

FOREO Luna 3 comes in 3 colours


  • Luna mini 2: 1 point
  • Luna mini 3: 1 point
  • Luna 2: 0.5 points
  • Luna 3: 0.5 points

Compatible with each skin type

FOREO Luna mini 2 and mini 3 cleansers are designed to suit all skin types, with no difference in different colors. The FOREO Luna 2 and Luna 3 face cleansers suit each skin type with each color. In addition, the shape of the brush bristles in each type is also different. Obviously, in full-size devices, there will be better optimization.

Luna 2: pink – normal skin, blue – supportive skin. Purple – sensitive skin, turquoise – oily skin.

Luna 3: pink – normal skin, blue – supportive skin. Purple – sensitive skin

Compatibility score for each skin type

  • Luna mini 2: 0.5 points
  • Luna mini 3: 0.5 points
  • Luna 2: 1 point
  • Luna 3: 0.75 points


All four products have the following main uses:

  • Clean skin when combined with a cleanser.
  • Exfoliate the skin during use.
  • It helps remove up to 99.5% of dust and excess oil on the skin (manufacturer’s announcement)

In addition, Luna 2 and Luna 3 also supplement the anti-aging massage function for the facial skin. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, makes skin more elastic. This is a unique function that only some models are equipped with. This is a good function for the skin, but you can not see its immediate use as the cleansing function. It takes persistence for a long time, similar to using cosmetic skincare.

  • Luna 2: Massage 5 points on the face for 1 minute in use.
  • Luna 3: massage four skin areas, massage time in 10 minutes (more intensive and careful care)

All four models can clean the skin exceptionally well, and it isn’t easy to recognize the difference between these versions. However, since mini 3 and Luna 3 have softer bristles, you can find them more comfortable when using them.

Use point

  • Luna mini 2: 0.75 points
  • Luna mini 3: 0.75 points
  • Luna 2: 1 point
  • Luna 3: 1 point

Battery life

You can see the FOREO Luna review in the notice board above to see each product’s battery capacity and standby time. Here I repeat the number of uses after the full charge of each device:

  • Luna mini 2: 300 times
  • Luna mini 3: 400 times
  • Luna 2: 450 times
  • Luna 3: 650 times

After using it for a while, if you feel the device is no longer vibrating intensely after using it for a while, you should always charge it immediately to have the best cleaning effect. Do not wait until the battery is exhausted to charge.

Battery life point

  • Luna mini 2: 0.25 points
  • Luna mini 3: 0.5 points
  • Luna 2: 0.75 points
  • Luna 3: 1 point

Where production

Although FOREO is a Swedish brand, they have factories located in China. To be able to reach consumers with the most reasonable cost. We don’t have to worry about this. Besides the FOREO factory in China, if FOREO has any other factories, I don’t know.

Origin point

  • Luna mini 2: 1 point
  • Luna mini 3: 1 point
  • Luna 2: 1 point
  • Luna 3: 1 point


The new series is equipped with more technology, softer silicon, and a bigger battery. So, of course, the price will also be more expensive.

Money price point

  • Luna mini 2 – 139 USD: 1 point
  • Luna mini 3 – 159 USD: 0.75 points
  • Luna 2 – $ 169 USD: 0.5 point
  • Luna 3 – 199 USD: 0.25 points

Warranty Policy

All four products are warranted for two years. You will get 1 for 1 in the first two years if there is a manufacturer’s fault. The company is very confident in the quality of the products they make. You can see instructions on how to register a FOREO Facial Cleanser warranty that you have shared.

Warranty time point

  • Luna mini 2: 1 point
  • Luna mini 3: 1 point
  • Luna 2: 1 point
  • Luna 3: 1 point

Overview of scores

After comparing through 10 different categories, the total score of the 4 models is as follows:

  • Luna mini 2: 7.75 points
  • Luna mini 3: 8.5 points (in terms of price and utility, Tiny likes her the most)
  • Luna 2: 8 points
  • Luna 3: 8.5 points

You can see that Luna mini 3 and Luna 3 have 8.5 points. Slightly better than the 2nd version. Luna 2 followed closely after losing only 0.5 points. Finally, there is Luna mini 2 with 7.75 points. This score does not say everything, but you can use it to measure 4 FOREO products.

In short: which type of FOREO cleanser should I buy?

After seeing the FOREO Luna review and measure other versions in different aspects. So the conclusion is which version to buy? Depending on the real needs of each person, you should consider which model to choose!

Who should use Luna Mini 2?

FOREO Luna Mini 2 is the cheapest product – only $139. This is the top choice economically if you are looking for a good face cleanser, simple to use, the lowest price of all four versions. If you want to maximize savings, then this is the best option for you!

Who should use Luna Mini 3?

If you like new technology, prefer the upgrades of FOREO Luna Mini 3 (larger silicon cross-section, softer brush bristles). Then for $159, you can pick this kid home. This is a good choice for anyone who likes the compact mini-series but wants to experience the latest and best of FOREO. But note that you need to download the app to your phone to activate it and set up the parameters before use.

Who should use Luna 2?

Do you hate the inconvenience of using the FOREO app but still want a higher-end device than the mini 2? So the FOREO Luna 2 is a good candidate for you. This device is easy to fully controlled by buttons on the body, incorporating an anti-aging massage function. With the price of $169USD, it is always in the top best seller of the FOREO family.

Who should use Luna 3?

With the price of $199USD, the Luna 3 is the choice for those who are willing to spend and want to experience the best model of FOREO. Want to take care of your skin with the newest and softest silicone material? Want to enjoy an advanced anti-aging massage for up to 10 minutes? If you have identified your own needs, you can boldly invest in this product.

But note that you need to download the app to your phone to activate it and set up the parameters before using the phone.

Where can I buy FOREO Luna Face Cleansers?

Buy at the original website:

With orders above $50USD, FOREO will free ship products globally. There is a 1-for-1 warranty for the first two years. You can order directly from the manufacturer via the link below. If you do not know how to buy goods from abroad, you can review the instructions to order the FOREO Face Cleansers.

Be careful of fake FOREO. Currently, on the market, the most counterfeited model is the FOREO Luna mini 2. You can review the instructions to distinguish the fake FOREO facial cleansers that we have shared.

Final words

We hope that the FOREO Luna review about Luna mini 2 vs mini 3 vs Luna 3 and Luna 3 can give you more information about four versions of FOREO Facial Cleanser. After reading, you can easily find a product that best suits your needs. If you find this helpful article, please share it with those who need to see it. We will continue to write about exciting beauty devices in future posts!