Hadalabo Moisturizer cream for oily skin review

Hadalabo Moisturizer cream

Oily skin is the skin that would be most a lot of dehydrated, so you should choose the appropriate moisturizer them. One of the most popular moisturizers is Hadalabo. This is also a company that specializes in specialized skincare products from Japan, especially in the line of Hadalabo rose water products in the top 4 types of delicious tonic toners suitable for lotion mask.

There are plenty of moisturizers on the market today, however, aren’t all moisturizers safe for all skin types? Besides, not all creams are the right choice for oily skin, if used incorrectly will make the skin condition worse, even make the sebaceous gland work more strongly.

Hadalabo Perfect Cream – moisturizer suitable for oily skin

Hadalabo is one of the brands from Japan, in Rohto company of Vietnam has a similar product line, but in my opinion, oily women should choose HadalaboHadalabo Perfect Cream made in Vietnam because the cream has The texture is more suited to the oily skin of indigenous people.

Hadalabo Perfect Cream is a moisturizer that is quite suitable for oily skin

One of the first factors we care about when choosing skincare is the ingredient list. Is the ingredient safe? Is it suitable for oily skin? For Hadalabo Perfect Cream moisturizer, she can be completely assured. The ingredients in Hadalabo moisturizer are quite diverse with many special and relatively benign moisturizing formulas such as:

Vitamin C helps the skin become soft and fresh, brightens the skin and whitens, this is also a familiar ingredient in skin care products and especially suitable for oily girls.

  • The active ingredient arbutin in the cream helps promote skin regeneration as well as inhibits the production of melanin – a pigment that causes the skin to be dull or dark spots. Thereby the cream also works very well with oily skin in protecting the skin from external factors such as ultraviolet rays, smog and pollution.
  • Vitamin B3, like vitamin C, vitamin B3 is very popular with oily products for oily skin to put into the ingredients table, vitamin B3 in the cream helps nourish the skin from deep inside.
  • In the cream, there are ingredients HA and AHA – this is considered a “panacea” in the moisturizer to help skin hydrated and elastic. Thanks to that, the ability to moisturize is also extremely excellent, especially HA essence suitable for all skin types, moisturize oily skin without worry of excess nutrients, causing the secret, hissing in moisturizers usually, common, normal.
  • Nano active ingredients help protect the skin from the harmful agents of UVA and UVB.

With a relatively familiar ingredient table for a skin cream in general and oily moisturizers in particular such as vitamin C, vitamin B3 and substances with god-like uses in moisturizing such as HA and AHA, this is really Is one of the very reliable moisturizers and is suitable for oily skin.

Standard cream texture for oily skin

Besides the important factors such as benign ingredients and relatively suitable for oily skin, the cream is also what makes her interested. How can we moisturize skin with sticky creams that do not create a feeling of ventilation, especially with oily skin? Regular moisturizers have a pretty good level of moisturizer, but the creams sometimes get a thick and pretty dry pumpkin. However, for Hadalabo Perfect Cream moisturizer, the opposite is true, the cream is extremely soft, smooth when applied, it feels very fresh, and very light, creating a feeling of “applying like not applying ‘always.

The cream is relatively thin and smooth

Hadalabo Perfect Cream is a creamy moisturizer with a transparent white color, fast absorbent cream that enhances the ability to moisturize, avoiding leaving excess oil on the face for oily skin. Despite being a creamy form, the cream of this moisturizer is quite airy for the skin surface, not as thick and secretive as other moisturizers, with a transparent soft cream layer that is specifically formulated for oily skin.

Especially, the cream can help immediately balance the moisture on the skin without losing the natural oil on the face. Because the coolness of this cream is quite good, so instead of applying it, you can choose the method of applying the cream on the face to help each part of the skin to be absorbed the best. The cream is refreshing and soft, like jelly will give her a “relax” feeling from the first use.


Fragile skin in general and oily skin in particular should always be selected for the appropriate care methods. So oily women do not be subjective but overlook the daily moisturizing of the skin. Skin with adequate water supply also limits the excess oil on the face. The use of alternative moisturizers such as Hadalabo Perfect Cream is quite appropriate, but it depends on the location of each person. Anyway this is also a product with many advantages and quite good value worthy of her experience and use oily skin.


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