Review 3ce Inked Heart 116 Matte Mood Recipe Lipstick


Besides the popular “Lily Maymac” lipsticks, 3CE also has another impression matte lipstick collection with the extremely attractive colors palette, which is 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color. Especially the 3CE Inked Heart with earth orange is the trendy lipstick that every girl must-have. Let’s see 3CE inked heart review & swatch in this article.

About 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color

3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color is a special collection that 3CE created for autumn-winter 2016. The 3CE Mood Recipe still remained the familiar square packaging. However, the 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color has a super eye-catching with 5 colors similar to 5 lipstick packaging colors. This is also the first time 3CE has designed a lip shade that matches the inner lip color, similar to MAC’s Liptensity collection. It can be said that this is the most beautiful lipstick ever designed by 3CE.

Besides the super-beautiful packaging, the 5 shades of 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color is also the most important thing. Since it is specifically targeted for the cold season in 2016, all 5 lipstick colors are full of autumn and winter styles to bring the fullest of warmth, sophistication and very “western” look. 5 shades of 3CE Mood Recipe included peach orange, rose earth, earth orange, brick red and ripe plum. Except for the brightest peach color, the 4 shades remaining are very easy to use and do not need any makeup.

3CE Inked Heart – Earthy orange

With the hottest earthy orange lip color, this lipstick is definitely the most trendy lipstick in Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color’s collection. The 3CE 116 Inked Hear owns the earth orange shades with the ratio of orange more than brown, slightly inclined to nude oranges in warm tones. So it will tarnish the enamel. In case you want to look more attractive and beautiful, do not forget to apply some makeup to not appear outside with a bare face will be a bit lifeless.

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The 3ce Inked Heart dupe

And what if you love the color of 3CE 116 Inked Heart but do not want to choose this brand? These 3CE Inked Heart dupe will be good ideas.

Maybelline Toasted Brown

Maybelline Toasted Brown is a combination of brown and orange shades. This lipstick helps to enhance the appearance of white skin and helps you have dark skin with very deep and harmonious beauty.

Airy Ink Velvet

In case you love the color of 3CE Inked Heart and want to find others lipstick with the same tones and shades, why do not try the Airy Ink Velvet. Airy is a beauty brand more popular in Asian countries than Europe, that’s why you might not hear about it before. The high appreciation of Airy lipstick is the affordable price, trendy colors and smooth matte finish.

Nyx 04 Ruffle Trim

The lipstick of NYX Lingerie Lip is extremely thin and light. It looks like you did not apply anything, completely not mysterious, sticky lips. When dry, it will give the matte layer and extremely smooth lips. Even if you apply multi-layer lipstick, the lipstick is still colored, besides, the lipstick color will be more standard after about 3 minutes.

3CE lipsticks in inked heart and hit me up (116 & 220)

Belong to the famous lipstick of 3CE, the 3CE matte lipstick #116 inked heart and 3CE 220 Hit me up is very hard to choose. For girls who love the modern, trendy and glorious, then both of these shades are best for your appearance all of the days.

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Final words

Besides the Lily Maymac lipstick collection, 3CE also has another collection of matte lipstick that is equally impressive, which is named 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color. The nude lipstick collection 3CE x Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color, a product of the famous Korean cosmetic brand 3CE and hot lips recently made girls around the world “got crazy”. Through this article, we hope you have equipped yourself with the basic information and the most necessary about 3CE Mood Recipe Inked Heart lipstick. Share with friends to choose the lipstick color that suits your skin together!