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With trendy color palettes as well as the long-lasting when applying on face, 3CE eyeshadow rapidly becomes a “hot item” that every girl wants to own. If you want to know more about this attractive product, please follow the details of the 3CE eyeshadow palette in our review article of Beauup.com below.

Top famous 3CE eyeshadow up to 2020

Every 3CE product brings a youthful color with a new style, please see all of the 3CE eye palettes that review below. Start going to find out what eye palette 3CE is “hot”, as well as why so many women do not stop “hunting” it?

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Actually, up to the middle of 2020 3CE has launched more than 12 collections of their eyeshadow products. Please check out some basics of their 3CE eye switch colors as below.

The 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette

1. The 3CE Mood Recipe Eyeshadow Palette

The 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette has 5 colors classification, include:

  1. Overtake
  2. Pilot Twist
  3. Smoother
  4. All Nighter
  5. Dry Bouquet
  6. Beach Muse

In this collection, the All nighter and Beach Muse was launched independently while the Dry Bouquet, Pilot Twist, Smoother belong to the 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Pallette. The 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette in one line in the 3CE Mood On & On collection has just been launched on October 30, 2017, with gentle tones in a vintage style that is very suitable for the make-up style. Each eyeshadow palette contains up to 9 diverse color boxes, easy to use, you can combine together as you like to create the most impressive and unique eye colors.

The 9-color eyeshadow palette in the Mood Recipe 2017 Collection includes 3 options with different color schemes named Overtake, Plot Twist and Smoother respectively. The price for a board is 38,000 won.

3CE also has a clear division for these 3 eyeshadow palettes. If the 3CE Overtake palette is inclined to light, sparkling light tones, 3CE Plot Twist includes deep emulsion colors while 3CE Smoother is gentle with warm matte colors. The quality of chalk is also considered to be smooth, easy to spread, up to the standard color, good grip ability without using eyeliner.

2. The 3CE Mini Multi Eye Color Palette

3CE has just launched a set of 7 pretty mini eyes named 3CE Mini Multi Eye Color Palette. Each board includes 4 colors with a pretty baby size that fits neatly in the palm of the hand, very convenient for the pocket. Each board costs 24,000 won.

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3. Stylenanda 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Pro Multi Eye Color Palette

25 eye colors in the Pro Multi Eye Color Palette collection will bring the best convenience for girls in the makeup. The number of eye colors varies from matte to easily combined to create eye-catching eyes from daily makeup to school to parties.

Triple Shadow

The small rounded boxes of 3CE Triple Shadow Eyeshadow promise to be the hottest product of the year. With a 3-color box that goes from dark to light, you will stand out when you use it every day or at parties. The small and lovely size with various colors combined with sparkling emulsion to make the eyes more attractive and sharper.

The composition of 3CE Triple Shadow Eyeshadow is completely safe for the eyes. Including sensitive skin around the eye area, beautiful color with long-lasting makeup.

Maison Kitsune Multi Color Palette

3CE Maison Kitsune Multi Color Palette has two versions: Warming Wear (peach-brown-light orange) and Freezing Step (peach-orange) in general, which are suitable for the natural, sweet makeup style of young Asians.

3CE Eyes Crayon

The product is designed in a convenient pencil shape, the packaging has a luxurious black color. Overall, the 3CE Eyes Crayon is convenient for makeup, as well as easy to take with you whenever you go out.

This 3CE eyeshadow crayon product comes in 8 shades of face powder, from hot to cool tones. 1. Bad times, 2. Burn Out, 3. Bebop, 4. Iconic, 5. Cookie, 6. Cheese, 7. Pure Land, 8. Pleasure. This 3CE eye palette is suitable for girls with gentle styles, or personalities can be used.

3CE Under Eye Flash Review


The 3CE eyeshadow palette really knows how to pamper girls who want to be beautiful, although it is a bit high priced and tightens your budget a bit. But in general, the uses that this product offers are too miraculous is indisputable. This will be the perfect choice for your eyes that look more radiant and more attractive.


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