[Review] Bite Beauty Agave Lip balm


BITE Beauty is a famous brand that most girls have always wanted to try one time. This lipstick was supposed to bring a plumping lip. The composition of the Agave Lip Mask is highly appreciated by many users by completely handcrafted with high levels of Agave nectar and Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, and fruit extracts. If you are a fan of BITE Beauty, do not forget to try this Bite Agave Lip Mask. Let’s see this BITE Beauty Agave lip balm review in the content below.

BITE Beauty has long impressed most of their brand’s lovers by operating criteria: “WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR LIPS SHOULD BE AS GOOD AS WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH”. Thanks to this slogan that its products are able to compete with a lot of leading cosmetic brands in terms of “Organic makeup product”. And of course, a solid image in the hearts of consumers is also built based on this criterion and BITE Beauty’s products cannot be better.

About Bite Lip Balm

This is a good and quite popular lip mask product of BITE Beauty recently. Agave Lip Mask comes in tube form and weighs 15g with the price of about $26. According to the brand, this BITE lip mask can be used as both a sleeping mask and a daily moisturizer to create a plumping effect on the lips.

The highlight of this product is that it has many colors for different uses – lip sleeping mask or daily balm. Specifically, this lip mask has all 5 colors: Lavender (Pale Pink) – Maple (Sheer Bronze) – Champagne (Rose Gold Pearl) – Smashed (Sheer candy apple red) – Natural (Clear).

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Bright colors should be used for the purpose of making lip masks to help nurture the lips during the day, and difficult colors like Lavender, Maple or transparent like Natural will be prioritized to be used as lip sleeping masks. In addition to the difference in color, these 5 Bite Beauty Agave Lip balm have the same ingredients and the satin finish that looks smooth when applied to the lips. Agave Lip Mask has a very thick texture, like a jam, with a pretty sweet honey smell when applying on the lips. By the thick texture, you can feel your lips soft for a long time.

You will clearly feel the difference after just 1 night of use, the skin of the lips is much softer, the dead skin layers also slowly peel off gently, and can use a little lip scrub to remove. Those who usually use matte lipstick and have drying lips can feel their lips become smoother after only about 3 days of using this lip mask as a sleeping mask.

Final words

  • Quite expensive – $24, but it’s worth.
  • Available in 5 colors for daily use as a lip balm or a lip sleeping mask.
  • Received a series of positive lip mask reviews on Online Shop.
  • Crafted entirely by hand with a wide range of high-moisturizing ingredients
  • The texture is dense like jam, and it has a sweet taste too.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing on the lips, can clearly feel the difference after 1 night of use.

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