Tips to combine SKII products in skincare routine


SK II skin care products stand out for their outstanding quality and high safety. However, we must know how to use SK II cosmetics correctly to bring the best effect. You can choose many products from the SKII collection, including cleansers, eye creams, essences, etc. This article will help you choose the right products and combine them correctly in your skincare routine.

Tips for combining SKII products in your skincare routine

1. What SKII products should you buy?

To choose the right SKII product, according to common buying psychology, you can choose skincare products according to two factors: the needs & the skin condition. 

a. Basic skin care: Makeup remover + Facial cleanser + miracle water + clear lotion + cream:

For a low-cost option, you can choose the SKII miracle water/essence and combine it with makeup remover, cleanser & lotion from other brands. It would be best to buy SK-II RNA Power Airy Milky Lotion to add to your skincare routine. And do not forget the Sunscreen; 

b. Skin whitening: Just like the basic skin care set bonus with an even skin whitening serum skin + Vitamin C (in the morning).

  • Whitening serum SK-II Aura is the essence of even skin tone.
  • SK-II Cell Whitening or RNA Power Skin
  • Vitamin C in the morning will help whiten skin and support better sun protection. Those who have never used Vitamin C before should choose the appropriate derivative. Currently, Vitamin C Drunk Elephant L-AA 15% and Vitamin C Peptides Obagi (Drunk Elephant whitens skin), Vitamin C + Arbutin Obagi.
  • Don’t forget to apply Sunscreen.

Order of skin care:

  • Evening: Makeup remover + Cleanser + Toner + Magic water + Serum + Moisturizers
  • Morning: Cleanser + Toner + (Miracle Water) + Vitamin C + (Emulsion/moisturizer cream) + Sunscreen
  • Only use SK-II Cell whitening cream at night!

c. Melasma & Freckles: Please read the article!

d. Anti-aging care: You use the same as skin whitening. But instead of Aura serum with SKII RNA Power Youth Serum and RNA Power cream (Radical New Age for dry skin; Airy Milky Lotion for oily & combination skin).

e. Intensive, high-class, special anti-aging care: You choose the LXP line, which is the yellow line. This line specializes in anti-aging, anti-sagging, and skin lifting. However, this line of serum and lotion has a rose scent so it will seem heavier than other SK-II lines. LXP line includes Magic water, serum, eye cream & lotion.

2. How to take the skin to get used to Pitera?

a. Recognition of Skin Allergy/ Irritated / Acne with SK-II:

Let the skin get used to the Pitera ingredient in SK-II. We need to know if the skin is in a state of irritation, allergy, or acne with SK-II. We summarize as follows:

  • If you are allergic, firstly, you should stop using the product. Then when the skin is restored to better, try again with a smaller amount.
  • If irritation or acne push: please adjust the way of use & dosage.
  • Particularly for SK-II products, if you are irritated, you will get it right first.

As for pushing acne, depending on skin condition, the acne outbreak can happen in 1-2 weeks or 1, 2 months, or a little longer. The reason is that your skin background already has a lot of acne and clogged pores. The less hidden acne, the faster the process of pushing acne, and vice versa. Therefore, cleaning pores will eliminate the skin when using an SKII. Gradually, after being cleaned, the nutrients will be deeply absorbed, and your skin will be strong and glowing after day by day. No matter how much you put them on, the skin won’t get any better if you don’t clean them up. Be patient for a while, and the skin will become more beautiful; everything has its price.

In short, allergies/irritation or acne breakouts with SK-ii are normal; you don’t need to panic. In the case of using genuine SK-II, domestic standards, the possibility of allergies is extremely low, so there is no need to worry. 

These are all normal reactions to the Pitera ingredient. The skin is like any other body organ; we need to train it to get used to a new environment. Calmness & patience will pay off for you.


There are two main ways for you to help your skin get acquainted with the SKII products:

  • You should use SK-II miracle water first because compared to Pitera, the miracle water/essence will be lower. Therefore, the possibility of reactivity will be less.

However, many people use the SKII miracle water alone, and it’s okay, but you cannot see the obvious effect, so it’s easy to get discouraged. Therefore, we suggest you choose the mini SK-II set to try first, which may include: miracle water, cream, and facial cleanser; you can also buy a mini serum (only Aura has the mini size). And if it’s good for your skin, you can start adding SK-II mini size 30ml. It’s still okay; use it up and invest in full-size. 

See more: What to do when Acne /Irritation/ Allergies/ breakout with skin cosmetics?

3. SK-II skincare routine guidline

The order if only SK-II products are used is as follows:

  • Evening: Makeup Removal – Cleanser – Toner (Miracle water) Serum – Eye Cream – Moisturizer 
  • In the morning: Face wash – Miracle water – Vitamin C – Serum Eye Cream – Moisturizer – Sunscreen.

4. How long does it take for SK-II to be effective?

The time for skin cosmetics to take effect depends on many factors, including skin conditions. For example, there are cases where the skin has improved after 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, and 4-5 months. 

If the product takes effect in just a short time, you should carefully review the product. The more advanced the product, the slower the effect will happen. As high-end products will often nourish the skin deeply, it takes more time but helps you have healthy skin from the inside. The skin will improve if you keep consistent with a product. 

Do you need to use all SKII skincare products to see your skin improve?

If you want a low-cost option, the SKII miracle water is the first item you should consider adding to your skincare routine, followed by the serum and moisturizer. For the eye area, you can choose SK-II eye cream or any eye cream based on the purpose of use. You can choose other cheap brands instead of SKII if you thoroughly research the ingredients and ensure they meet your needs and suit your skin condition. Those who want to find luxury products can try SKII sunscreen by its high quality and perfect for all skin conditions, fast absorbing and good finish, long-lasting sun protection, a thin and light texture. Those with a tight budget can choose cheaper sunscreen brands like La Roche Posay sunscreens, Heliocare, etc. Another product is a cleanser; SKII, Astalift & Bigligique cleansers are three products that received good recommendations from users worldwide.

5. Can you use SK-II for acne-prone skin?

Firstly, SKII is not a specialized acne treatment product. However, many people suffering from acne can try SKII products. SK-II is famous for its Pitera ingredient, mainly in 2 products of treatment essence and miracle essence. The Pitera, the main ingredient of SKII product, includes Vitamins, Amino Acids, Peptides, Minerals, and Sodium Hyaluronate;… Vitamin A derivatives; typically, many other things like Retinol, and those ingredients will push acne. That’s why some people have acne when using SKII; their skin becomes stronger and more glowing. But those who have pimples should not use them. If you want to use SK-II, you should finish dealing with acne skin and then use SKII later.

You should try the SK-II red set if your skin is thin, weak, and afraid of irritation; the Anti-aging serums include SK-II RNA Power Youth serum and SK-ii RNA Power cream. Radical New Age (for dry skin) / RNA Airy Milky Lotion (oily skin, combination skin). This duo will care for your skin epidermis healthier. You can use treatment and miracle essence afterward when you feel your skin is strong.