How to use SK II Facial Treatment Essence?


How to use SKII magic water to bring the most effective is the wandering of many people. As suggested by the SKI brand, the method of use is simple, the users just need to pour the essence on their hands and apply it to the skin. In fact, for the product to penetrate deeply & evenly, you should use a makeup cotton pad, apply SK II Essence over the skin, then dab gently so the essence can better absorb.

What is SK II Essence?

SK II cosmetics is one of the most popular brands from Japan. The featured product of this brand is the SK II Facial Treatment Essence. 

Facial Treatment Essence has the essence texture, but also in liquid that makes it differ from toner and quickly absorbed as soon as it is applied on the skin, and doesn’t make greasy feeling like other skincare products. The main ingredient in the “miracle water” is Pitera – an essence in the fermentation process of Sake. This ingredient of SK II includes a full range of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals necessary to nurture the skin. Therefore, with just one bottle of “miracle water” you can almost solve most skin problems.

Application Guide – How to use SKII Facial Treatment Essence 

According to SKII Cosmetic brand, customers should use a cotton pad to absorb the SK II toner. Using cotton sounds more annoying and expensive than applying by hand. But use a cotton pad will bring a better effect on increasing absorption of Pitera on the skin.

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For a brief explanation, the graph shows the Pitera absorbance with different application methods:

  • The first column is the lowest absortion: when apply the SK II by hands
  • The middle column: use your hand and pat skin
  • The last column show the most absorbtion: use cotton pad when applying Pitera

Here is how to apply Pitera on the skin that recommended by the brand:

  • Clean your face for better absorption of the toner step.
  • Pour the SK II Pitera on a cotton pad to make it wet enough.
  • Start wiping cotton pad on your skin from the area that needs to treat, for example, oily skin should start with the T-zone
  • Apply in the same direction as the nose above on the picture, then use the cotton press lightly on the skin,  for 1 minute, for better absorption and effective work
  • Finish applying SK II toner by patting the skin as shown in the last picture
  • Regarding your ineffective use of SK II toner, according to the company’s recommendations, it will be more effective if you combine it with specialized creams, such as brightening, supporting the treatment of melasma, etc.

Process of skincare SKII includes the following 6 steps:

  • Cleansing with face cleanser
  • Lotion
  • Miracle water
  • Special serum
  • Moisturizing
  • Eye cream
  • Sunscreen

The Japanese mini SKII kit includes 4 or 5 or 6 items, depending on the needs of the user. You can choose for yourself a mini SKII set with suitable products. Currently, the shop has retail for each item and each SKII kit according to the individual needs.

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