Top best orange lipstick for summer 2021!


Orange lipstick can be the best shade for girls to try when summer comes. Even though it is not an easy-to-wear lipstick for everyone. Therefore, if you want to add orange in your makeup bags, you need to choose very carefully. The following article will show you details about how bright orange lipstick looks suits the style as well as recommend 13 beautiful orange lipsticks that are currently running the best!

Which style is orange lipstick suitable for?

Orange lipsticks are loved because they bring a fresh and youthful appearance. This lipstick is especially suitable for girls who are pursuing a cute or classic style.

Nude orange lipstick brings mysterious beauty and elegance. It is suitable for Asian makeup, especially the Korean style. You only need a light makeup layer with a little orange lipstick to make your face look more bright. 

However, the orange hue color is not suitable for everyone. This lipstick is usually only for girls who own white skin. For those who have slightly dark skin, you should consider it before applying this lipstick shade.

In addition, you can combine orange color with other lipstick colors to create variety. If you like the simplicity, lightness and femininity, just add a layer of reddy orange lipstick and spread the lips around. In case you love Korean style, just apply a little orange cheeks lightly brushed on the cheeks combined with a layer of fresh orange lip pleasing lips.

How to apply beautiful orange lipstick to all skin types?

White skin uses red orange lipstick

This is the perfect color combination between orange and red. For those with white skin, wearing original orange shades of lipstick could make your skin look pale and like you getting sick. But with red-orange lipstick, your lips will become stand out and full of vitality.

Dark skin uses dark orange lipstick

If you have an undertone-colored olive skin, you should use a deep orange tone like the color of ripe chili. This tone will not expose you to blemishes. The original orange lipstick will be best for dark skin, this color could help your face get more vitality and youthful appearance. You can use this lipstick in combination with any makeup.

Bright skin is bright orange or orange red lipstick

If your skin is bright white and evenly colored, you can use bright orange lipstick, bright pink or light orange. But this lipstick tone is gentle but still capable of making her face more luminous, quite suitable for girls in a gentle, feminine makeup style.

Top beautiful orange lipsticks that every woman wants to own

1. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Lipstick, 3.7g

L’oreal is a famous French cosmetic brand that is very familiar to women around the world. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte lipstick 3.7g color 205 Orange power is one of the most beautiful lipstick colors of this brand!

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Own a smooth lipstick texture, moisturizing ingredients so when applied this lipstick on the lips, girls can feel the perfect color and shade. The glowing matte finish also brings your lips more plump.

Not to mention the design of the lipstick looks very nice with a luxurious, delicate black shell! If you want to find a beautiful orange lipstick, you should check out this product!

2. Colourpop Lippie Stix Lipstick in Ziggie 

Colourpop is a famous and familiar lipstick brand for women. Ziggie is one of the best-selling lip colors of Colourpop Lippie Stix lipstick.

Colourpop Lippie lipstick is so nice and gentle design with plastic paper packaging. The top of lipstick is painted similar to the lipstick color. You can easily distinguish lipstick colors immediately. The top of the lipstick is gently slanted, quite large, so when you apply lipstick, be careful not to smear it.

The lipstick texture is soft, smooth, and easy to blend with an orange-brown color and will move a bit depending on the skin tone. Ziggie is a reddish-orange lipstick that is very easy to wear without any makeup, especially if you have white skin.

3. Tom Ford Ultra Rich Lip Color Lipstick in 03 Les Mepris

Tom Ford Ultra is one of the high-end lipstick that every girl desires to own one time in their life. The price of Tom Ford lipstick is expensive but it equals the quality and design of the high-end product. If you are looking for a beautiful orange lipstick, this is the perfect choice for you!

Tom Ford owns the design of the most luxurious product while the lipstick texture is soft and smooth. Bright orange tones Tom Ford Ultra – Rich Lip Color will be suitable for girls who like natural light makeup.

Although it is a solid lipstick, this lipstick rich nutrients that could make your lips always be plumped throughout the day, avoiding dry lips. Color fastness of Tom Ford Ultra lipstick – Rich Lip Color extremely long up to 6 hours. If you eat the main meal, the lipstick can last up to 4 hours. 

4. MAC Lipmix in Orange

Besides Tom Ford Ultra, MAC is also one of the luxury brand cosmetics products that are loved by many girls. MAC Lipmix in Orange is designed as an eye-catching color jar. This MAC Lip Stain bring the smooth and easy to swatch texture for summer. You just need to take out a little of lipstick and apply it on your lips.

The reddy orange lipstick of MAC Lipmix in Orange will be suitable for girls pursuing a sophisticated and modern style. However, if you are in love with younger style, you can still use this liquid lipstick. You just need to brush your lips and flatten the border so your face will not look older than your real age.

The hardiness and grip of MAC Lipmix in Orange reach its perfection, even if you eat or drink all day, the lipstick color will not wash out. The only downside of this MAC orange red lipstick is that the lipstick is quite thick and heavy. If you do not properly brush your lips will get sticky powder!

5. MAC Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger lipstick is a hot and outstanding MAC reddy orange lipstick. The matte, glossy lip gloss still has the ability to smooth lips, helping your lips feel much more plump.

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This burnt orange lipstick from MAC Matte collection also brings soft lips without any drying feeling. MAC Orange Lipstick in Lady Danger is dedicated to the girls who love retro style but no less modern, seductive.

6. Rouge Dior Couture Color Voluptuous Care Lipstick in 543 Rendez-Vous

It would be my mistake if not to mention the Rouge Dior Couture Color Voluptuous Care Lipstick in 543 Rendez-Vous. This is the most high end lipstick brand in the world. The lipstick design is simple but still exudes elegance with black and silver tones.

Dior 543 Rendez-Vous lipstick is the most noticeable and attractive color tone. Pure orange color does not mix with any tone, on lips quite standard. The lipstick has the perfect combination of texture and nourishment, up to 6 hours long lasting on your lips.

Lip color is suitable for girls with fair to normal skin. If you have darker skin, choose a dark orange lipstick to keep your skin look more bright.

7. Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Flame of Game

This is a popular affordable lipstick line, the best quality lipstick to pick up today. Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Flame of Game is the burnt orange lipstick that could suit many skin tones.

The lipstick texture is light and thin, evenly like not wearing any makeup on lips. However, the color lasting of this lipstick is not appreciated, fast lip drift if you eat greasy things can completely wash out!

8. Mac So Chaud Lipstick

Considered to be a hot color, MAC orange lipstick in So Chaud is one of traditional matte lipstick that has an attractive, bright shade. 

On summer days, MAC Chaud helps you to revitalize energy to unleash confidence in front of everyone. Whether it’s going to school, working or picnicking with friends, lipstick makes your face brighter, more vibrant, skin tones, bright orange red on your lips all day, you no longer have to worry about its long lasting ability.

On summer days, MAC Chaud helps you to revitalize energy to unleash confidence in front of everyone. Whether it’s going to school, working or picnicking with friends, lipstick makes your face brighter, more vibrant, skin tones, bright orange red on your lips all day, you no longer have to worry about its long lasting ability.

9. MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink Lipsticks in Fighter

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink Lipsticks are being sought by girls with a super matte lipstick and a range of lipstick colors ranging from gentle pink, attractive red to Western-style nude. The Maybelline in Fighter is a burn orange lipstick that has charming and durable lips throughout 16 hours. In particular, the lipstick cream texture absolutely does not smudge, not drifting, you can eat or swim without fear of washing out your lipstick.

The Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in Fighter owns the orange brown lipstick that suits normal to black skin that girl could use without any makeup. This will be the best orange lipstick for dark skin.

10. Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Lipstick in Red Pepper

This is one of the 5 Korean pencil lipsticks that you could easily wear without any makeup, this color still looks cool and whitening your skin. The lip palette of this lipstick line could make you feel a little bit embarrassed because Mamonde is very active in adding new colors for their lipstick collection. One of the best selling lipstick of this Mamonde Creamy Tint line is the Red Pepper, a dusty orange with a little red.

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The Mamonde pencil lipstick line has the similar design to other pencil lipstick on the market.  Ingredients lipstick has nutrients, so your lips will always be smooth, shiny. 

11. Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint Version 3 Lipstick in Sweet Boss

Bbia is a famous Korean cosmetic brand with quality products and affordable prices. BBIA Velvet Lip Tint version 3 BOSS SERIES, officially launched on October 27, 2017, is gradually gaining popularity in beauty lover around the world, especially Sweet Boss # 12 lipstick.

The design of this lipstick is simple but still brings elegance with the main color of the lipstick packaging being golden. The BBIA in 12-Sweet Boss (Red Orange) owns the  orange mixed with reddish brown, orange a little more fresh, so it is suitable for eye makeup style!

The lipstick has a slight rose scent, is not harsh, does not cause discomfort for users. This is a solid reddish-orange lipstick, easy to spread on the lips, keeping the good color. You can use the additional lip balm that comes with you, without fear of nasty lips or colorless lipstick.

Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint Version 3 with Sweet Boss has a soft lip that helps smooth lips significantly

12. A’pieu True Matt Fluid Lipstick in OR01 – Burnt Orange

A’pieu is a cosmetic brand from Korea. The lipstick has a rough, diagonal palm top, making it easier for users to create borders. Brush is very soft, has a certain degree of support, good manipulation.

The lipstick of A’pieu True Matt Fluid must be said to be extremely smooth. This lipstick up to beautiful and standard colors right from the first brush line. Moreover, the lipstick dries out quite quickly, leaving behind a super-matte matte lip that doesn’t reveal lips and does not dry out lips as well.

In particular, the ability to stick to this color is very good, lipstick does not make strings on cups, dishes when eating or drinking. However, because the lipstick has a long-lasting color, it is easy to cause dry lips or revealing lips for dry lips, with many dead skin. So you need to exfoliate regularly and moisturize your lips every day!

13. Clio Rouge Heel Velvet in # 6 Coral Avenue

Clio is known as a Korean cosmetic company that is appreciated for its excellent quality as well as simple product design but still super eye-catching. The beautiful coral orange color and velvety lipstick make this lipstick a lot sought after by girls.

Especially, # 6 Coral Avenue with super sweet and trendy coral orange color is definitely the perfect suggestion for girls in the last days of the year. Not as prominent as the pure red or orange red lipsticks, girls can use this coral orange lipstick to hit on a style full of lips or lips are extremely beautiful.

The quality of Clio Lipstick is not not inferior to high-end lipstick, while the price is extremely affordable. The Clio Rouge Heel Velvet lipstick from the famous Korean cosmetic brand Clio. From the simple but extremely luxurious lipstick packaging design, the quality of Clio Lipstick is good enough for girls to use if you want to try the new lipstick at the end of the month.

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