3CE Daffodil lipstick [Review and swatches]


Belonging to the newly released 3CE lipstick velvet line, 3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil possesses the fashionable red tones, a lipstick color that is being sought by many girls. With youthful packaging design highlighting with trademark and smooth finish, 3CE daffodil promises to bring a new trend of creamy lipstick. 3CE Daffodil is the best lipstick for sexy, confidence girls. Let’s see more about this orange lipstick in the 3CE Daffodil Review below.

3CE Daffodil has a soft, fresh earth red. If you are looking for an easy-to-use red lipstick, it is not too intense, 3CE velvet lipstick daffodil is the right choice.

Overview about the 3CE Velvet Lips Tin Package

[Review] 3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil (Earth Red)

Color tone of Daffodil (red soil)

The perfect combination of red lipstick and earth. Daffodil offers a gentle and feminine appearance. This lipstick color is especially suitable for dark skin and love pink lipstick but feels inappropriate. Because the earthy red lipstick on the lips will make you look more outstanding and toned than the pink lipstick.

3CE Lip Daffodil is a best choice of every orange colors and shades

Daffodil is also a suitable lipstick color for your daily use, when you go to a party. However, at night parties you should not choose Daffodil because they will not make you stand out.

Red soil lipstick is suitable for all skin colors, many different makeup styles but will be suitable for girls who love gentle lip colors.

Lipstick finish

The gentle and charming, 3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil is red, but not too red, which is the color you should choose. The highlight of this lip color is also at the level of leather, the lipstick for the cold season. So feminine lipstick color but actually quite fit with dark skin and love pink lipstick color but feel not best fit or suitable.

3ce velvet lip tint swatches daffodil on Asia skin tones.

The color of earth red lipstick when it comes to lips will make you look much more prominent and respect the skin than earth pink lipstick. Daffodil is a lipstick that girls like to party, especially outdoor parties or picnics should not be ignored. However, 3CE Daffodil lip tint is not really suitable for night party girls because this color will not make you too prominent.

About Design & Packaging

The packaging of daffodil 3ce Velvet Lip Tint

Compact, convenient design with a long, solid hand-holding body, a design that mimics the skin color according to lipstick color. Impression is still a very impressive combination of food, luxurious and easy to carry around everywhere.

Hidden tag of 3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil

If you want to check the origin, you should also check the barcode and anti-counterfeit stamps, 7 colors reflective (square stamps) and affixed at the corner of the paper box. On the lipstick body when first used, there are a seal-like all previous 3CE lines.

3ce velvet lip tint swatches daffodil

The bottom line

Truly this Daffodil 3ce review lip tint has completely stolen my heart. If I have to evaluate this 3CE lip tint Daffodil lipstick on a 10-point scale, I temporarily evaluate it as follows:

  • Lip color: 9.9
  • Lipstick: 9
  • Design: 8
  • Price: 9

3CE Velvet Lip Tint Daffodil reddish-brown suitable for all skin colors and many kinds of makeup style, from a dynamic outfit or party girls, even the trendy girls should also try this baby right away. Hope our 3ce velvet lip tint daffodil review article help you to choose right color lipstick for youself.



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