SmashBox Lipstick Review – The lipstick of makeup experts


Smashbox high-end brand gives a strong impression with most of the girl around the girl thanks to the perfect quality and extremely wide variety of shades. There are days when you are lazy to makeup, you just need to apply a little lipstick and you are confident enough to step out. Let’s discover which Smashbox Liquid and lipsticks are loved by famous beauty bloggers!

About the Smashbox brand

Smashbox is a cosmetics company specializing in makeup for the studio was established in L.A. in 1996. From 2000 to the present, it belongs to the Estée Lauder Group. Smashbox make-up products are researched to create perfect make-up that can last for hours. With Smashbox, whether you apply makeup at a studio, photo site, or in real life, you will have the beautiful shades and colors that you want.

Smashbox’s makeup products, especially lipstick, are no stranger to every beauty follower and beauty blogger around the world. Smashbox lipstick impresses by its smooth finished, beautiful lipstick color, and eye-catching design.

A detailed review of Smashbox Lipstick

Design and packaging

The design of the Smashbox lipstick is quite simple but very impressive. Its latest line of matte cream lipsticks has a square design, firm hands, and transparent body convenient for choosing the user’s color. Like many other popular lipstick brands, black is still the main color to make an elegant look without being cheesy.

The quality

With advanced and modern lipstick-making technology, Smashbox lipstick possesses perfectly thin and smooth finish lipstick. The lipstick finish of Smashbox does not dry your lips. Even if our lips are in a dry condition, you can assure that just one layer of lip balm and applying Smashbox lipstick is enough. Smashbox finish lipstick when applying on the lips does not make any feeling heavy or uncomfortable.

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Smashbox lipstick on the lips has the ability to color quite well. Since the lipstick is not too liquid, you will usually only need to take the lipstick once and finish it evenly on your lips to get the color of the lipstick you like with a very smooth and smooth layer.

According to the company’s introduction, the lipstick has a long-lasting up to 8 hours. And indeed, the reviews of the beauty bloggers all say that the lipstick has the ability to stick to the “divine” color. Moreover, in the Smashbox lipstick, one thing that many girls enjoy is that the lipstick does not stick to the cup or straw when you eat and drink. However, when you re-apply the lipstick, you should wipe off the old lipstick to have a new lipstick with even more color.

Smashbox lipstick the latest color palette updated

Smashbox Always On Liquid Matte lipstick palette

Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick is the hottest matte lipstick line owns a complete color palette with pretty nude tones to dark tones. The wide color palettes with 20 different colors, including nude, pink, orange, purple, coral, red,… could be suitable for many girls with many tones.

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip Color Palette

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip Color Palette has a pretty western color palette, which is very suitable for strong, personality, and rebellious make-up styles. The blending of different colors creates a palette of 7 distinct lip colors.

Smashbox Light It Up Lipstick palette

This collection of Smashbox Light It Up lipsticks has an extremely dazzling palette. 6 colors in this palette are completely non-overlapping and create 6 completely different styles. Owning this whole collection, you can be assured of the right lipstick color with any make-up style. Especially girls who regularly go to events will need this attractive color palette.

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Mini Lip Set Smashbox be Legendary Lipstick & Lip Mattifier

This is a set of a lipstick with a more strange design than the other lines of Smashbox. This lipstick set has a pretty white color design with eye-catching patterns on the body. This mini lipstick version has 6 lipsticks with full nude tones and dark tones for us to freely transform our style with different make-up styles. This lipstick set has received a lot of reviews because of its charismatic and impressive looks from the first meeting.

What color is the most beautiful Smashbox Lipstick?

Smashbox Out Loud Lipstick (Burning orange)

Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick Out Loud is always-out-of-stock lipstick with a trendy burning orange color. You will look extremely stylish with this lipstick, especially if the darker the better for fun night parties. The amount of orange pigmentation will be more pronounced if you apply more than one layer of lipstick. Like its star model, this is a deep orange color and it really goes up to a surprising standard color. A little warm orange will brighten your skin and also work to make your teeth look whiter.

Smashbox Baja Bound Lipstick (Coral Rose)

The pink color looks very gentle when it is not too dazzling, bright, and also warm and gentle enough. This is the lipstick color that completes a European-style make-up for girls who always want to try the nude make-up of Western girls. However, if you just want to be simple or lazy to makeup, a lip gloss still doesn’t make you look less attractive, on the contrary, it is very sweet and sexy also.

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Smashbox Driver’s Seat Lipstick (Warm Pink)

This is the lip color that many girls fall in love with from the first try. Lip color is a brick pink tone with a hint of orange, making the face look brighter. If you want a lip color that is both warm enough and still attractive and outstanding on gloomy autumn days, this lipstick shade could be the best choice. In particular, the lipstick color is suitable for young girls or girls over the age of 30.

Smashbox Bawse Lipstick (Traditional Red)

With this traditional red color, this lipstick can make your lips attractive and stands out from the crowd. The red color even helps you to tone the skin and make your teeth whiter. The soft, smooth lipstick leaves a perfect lipstick for lips that look both plump and attractive.

Smashbox Petal Metal Lipstick (metallic rose)

This rather strange lipstick color become the hot color trend at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Especially with a little shimmer in the Be Legendary lipstick line, this lipstick also helps the lips to catch a good shine, full and more prominent. As a pale pink color and still slightly nude, you should remember to make up carefully so that your face does not look as sick.

Smashbox’s cosmetic line is trusted by many beauties and professional makeup artists because the quality of these products really makes you satisfied and worth the money. If possible, choose a Smashbox lipstick to try!