3CE Lily Maymac Reviews & Swatches


Besides to the eye-catching, elegant gold cover packaging design, these 3 shades of 3CE new lipstick is really worth it.

Overview about 3CE Lily Maymac

In the middle of November 2017, 3CE lipstick created a fever all over Asia when launched the beautiful gold lipstick set, combined with the Australian hot girl Lily Maymac. This new 3CE set had received high appreciated as the best finish lipstick and packaging design. After one year from the successful of 3ce lily Maymac lipstick, 3CE continue to release the second version of this golden lipstick line, promising that it is not less inferior to the “predecessor”.

Like last year, the lily Maymac 3ce version of this year is fully with a satin finish, not glossy. Besides that, they are own with all hot color shades. In this 3ce x lily maymac version will have the 226 (Brunch Time) is dirty pink oranges, 227 (Benchmark) are dirty oranges and 228 (Red Seventies) are reddish-orange.

226 (Brunch Time) – dirty pink-orange lipstick

226 is the lightest colors of the 3CE lily Maymac lipstick new version. However, it is not the same as the color of 119 (Hold On) lipstick – which was launched the year before. This lipstick’s color is not too pale when applying on the lips. It is a mix of nude earth, orange, and a little pink. So even though you don’t wear any makeup, you can try this lipstick without worrying that the face will be pale and depressed.

This is also the appropriate lipstick for everyday use, suitable for both student and busy office girls.

227 (Benchmark) – dirty orange

This year, dirty orange and burnt orange may be a hot trend. Understand this, 3CE quickly released 227 for this year’s festival season. It can be said, that this version of 3CE lily Maymac is really an interesting lipstick. Basically, it is a traditional dirty orange but because it is a little red, it looks new and more interesting.

This 227 color is actually not difficult to use, so you can use it every day. When you need to look more sexy or attractive to hang out or take a party at the end of the year, you shouldn’t forget this lipstick of 3ce x lily Maymac.

228 (Red Seventies) – dirty red

The 228 RED SEVENTIES is really the redder version of the 3CE 227 lipstick. The red tones are browner and not too old but still enough for you to stand out from the crowd. In other words, it is a red lipstick that can please everyone.

Every day going to school, you can choose the 228 version of 3ce lily Maymac lipstick to make your lips more attractive and sexy even when go to the party or hang out with your friends. Note when hitting the full lips, you should use liner on your lips carefully to create a full lips effect.

3ce Lily Maymac swatch



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