Benton Honest Cleansing Foam Review


Benton must have been the hot name recently for women who interested in skin care. Because of its extremely benign ingredients in its products. If you are still ambiguous about this brand, I would like to introduce a little bit about the company before going into product reviews.


Benton is a domestic cosmetic brand in Korea, it can be said to be a family company founded by brothers Lee Jang Won and Lee Chae Won. Launched in 2011 with 5 products, the company has launched a total of 7 skincare products with 2 main product lines: Snail Bee and Aloe Vera.

Although there were only 7 products, each product made a great reputation thanks to its benign ingredients: no fragrance, no preservatives (parabens), no alcohol …

Before I bought this one, I also read a few reviews, and was extremely impressed with the extremely benign ingredients of the umm, reading the ingredients sheet only shook. Extracts from plants and vegetable oils such as tea tree oil, olive oil … water and glycerin (panacea in moisturizing and moisturizing), the name “HONEST” also somewhat emphasizes this point, and when actually purchased I was also impressed by the name Honest Cleansing Foam.

Because the ingredients are so benign and not paraben, this baby only has a shelf life of 1 year, and after opening the lid will be used for 6 months, sounds a bit inconvenient, isn’t it, but think again then 6 months maybe I couldn’t get a whole face wash ??? so ok I will buy a bed Besides, I think this is also a very special point of the product, right? Hihi so if you buy, remember to notice the date of use embossed on the edge of the bottle 1 bit.

The main white cardboard design with information printed on the bottle is considered by some other reviewers to be “simple but luxurious”, but in particular, there is no particular impression because it is so ordinary. nothing special in addition to my great composition. In general, this time I was able to buy it because of the packaging.

First impression and experience

Her cream is generally quite thick when pumped out, I only took out a tiny bit of bean size, but I feel her consistency so I do not take more, hoping to foam 1 rinse, and I was not wrong, the foam is extremely smooth and thick, like I’m using a sponge to massage the face, not using a facial cleanser, her herb smell at first I find it “weird” but after 2-3 seconds it was extremely interesting and relaxing feeling like doubling the idea, and also stabbed this smell after 1 use of the bed. After washing with water, the face skin is very smooth and smooth, without any whooping or drying.

Before I read it, I read that this girl has a good makeup remover effect, but I tried it and I didn’t specialize in makeup remover, because I only washed a few makeup products. Personally, I never consider a cleanser that can be used to remove makeup, so if you want to use it, don’t put too much of this problem too <3


This face cleaning foam can use with any kind of skin by the information which was printed directly on the body of this bottle “For All Skin Types”. So feel free to experience it. For acne-prone skin, it’s also carefree, because the composition of her 15 herbs also has the ability to soothe acne very well. See you in the next review.


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