7 recommended General Motors Diet healthy plan


Are you worried about your weight and want to lose weight? If you don’t have much time to practice, dieting is a way to help you regain your weight quickly. So how to ensure a healthy body while dieting. Check out 7 General Motors Diet menus in the following article.

Does the General motors diet work?

The General Motor Diet is meant to be a 7-day diet. Initially, the menu was designed for employees working at auto factories of General Motors, Inc., USA. Due to its good effect, this formula is applied by dietitians all over the world for dieting.

The General Motor Diet is highly appreciated in shrinking human weight. Because this diet can provide your body with the calories needed for daily activities but at a low level. From there, the excess fat in your body is burned, weight loss without causing many complications.

General motors 7 days diet chart

General Motors diet plan for 7 days

When applying this diet, you mainly eat fruits and vegetables. Follow the diet menu below for 7 days, you can lose 4 – 7kg.

General motors diet day 1: Eat fruit

At the beginning of the diet, you should only eat fruits but not bananas. You can eat in the morning, lunch, dinner or whenever you feel hungry. Some fruits you should eat on the first day are avocado, papaya, orange, watermelon, grapefruit, grapes, kiwi … Besides, you combine with drinking 8-12 glasses of water.

General motors diet day 2 menu: Eat green vegetables

By the second day, you should switch to eating greens, any kind of vegetables are okay. To avoid the boring day of eating green vegetables, you can prepare them in a boiled manner, mixed vegetables, salads … You can also combine eating green vegetables with some fruits such as beans, cucumbers, beets, carrots, cauliflower…

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General motors diet day 3: Eat a combination of fruits and vegetables

On this combination day, you need to avoid potatoes and bananas. The remaining fruits and vegetables are all edible, so choose the ones you like. On the 3rd day of dieting, you will definitely feel hungry more than 2 days ago. By this time your body is ready to perform the process of burning fat. If hunger strikes, you can fight the fire by drinking water.

General motors diet 4th day: Eat milk and bananas

On this day, you are eating bananas combined with milk. However, you should only use unsweetened milk. Your 4th day menu is 3 glasses of milk and 8 bananas. Distribute the food throughout the day so your body doesn’t feel tired and hungry.

Maybe you see a lot of bananas on the menu. Because the amount of sodium and potassium in your body is deficient by eating 3 days ago. Such quantities will provide a sufficient amount of the necessary body substances.

Day 5: Eat rice, meat and tomatoes

At this stage, your body needs protein to function. You can choose beef or chicken served with rice and tomatoes. The amount of tomatoes on the 5th day is 6 fruits. According to nutrition experts, you should use chicken breast and it will not be much fat. On the other hand, chicken breast also provides protein, iron necessary for the body.

During the day, you should only eat 500g of boiled or grilled chicken breast with tomatoes. The fiber in tomatoes will promote the digestion of your food quickly. You should also increase the amount of water up to 15 glasses for the body to be cleansed and purified.

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General motors diet 6th day: Chicken breast and greens

At this stage, your body may have fully adapted to losing weight. You combine 500 grams of chicken breast with any of the following you want. You need green vegetables that should not be fried or fried, only steamed, boiled.

General motors diet 7th day: Eat brown rice with greens and juice

Using cooked rice with brown rice does not increase your body’s excess starch, instead, it contains a lot of essential nutrients. For juices, you should use pineapple or orange as well. Note when making juice, you should not mix on the road. In addition, you also need to avoid foods like bananas, mangoes, cherries, pears, bread…

The bottom line

Above are a few suggestions about the General Motors Diet menu. Do it today to get yourself a desired physique, healthy. To increase the effectiveness for weight loss, you should combine some simple exercise exercises.